ETC. 4-23-24

Here’s Connie’s spring yard cleanup. Looks very familiar, doesn’t it? But just wait till you see it again in about 3 months.

Reader photos:

Carolyn B. , Shenandoah Valley, VA, sent this and wondered if any of you recognized it. It’s cardboard and she found it in a box of old quilt pieces.

And a chick update – Hazel likes to go in the pen with them. I have trained every dog who has ever stayed with me in this manner – just let them go among the chickens so there will be no mystery. I usually start with a whistle if they’ve never seen chickens before.

Greta keeps Telly company

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    1. patti

      helen, send the pictures to mary herself at her email address under her picture on the blog site.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Helen – I was startled when I heard from a Helen Farrell – in Illinois! I have a friend, Helen Farrell, from Texas!! The pictures of your house were beautiful – I can’t make those patterns available however because of the size of the appliqué pieces. Copying them on 11×17 paper is too hard.

  1. patti

    well, obviously, my blocks are not 36 patch but 64 patch. that royal blue solid looks black in the picture. after taking the picture i can see i will have to pay attention when i get them finished so i can lay them out in the best manner. am thinking probably a thin white sash but that could change. nothing is set in stone until i sew it. today i was so tired i sat down to watch jeopardy and woke up two hours later. this is even though i usually get 7 hours sleep at nite. tonight i sat down with a donated bin of 2.5×4.5 bricks. pulled out blues to match with low volume or lights. when i had to raid my own batch of bricks, i decided to quit for the evening. it’s just so easy to sit and stitch pieces together. today is only blues with lights, etc. kathy, thanks for the name of the peanut cactus. it is beautiful. i would like a housekeeper also but dh swears he will do it – ha! he doesn’t want his privacy invaded. a housekeeper wouldn’t care. this may change because the floors are getting to me and i can’t do it. someone send the cleaning fairy my way. thanks. patti in florida

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Patti – I feel so much better when my house is clean. When you’re tired, you should let yourself rest, Patti! I know I’d feel better if I slept more. A once a month cleaning lady will not break anybody’s bank account or privacy. This is also going to make me feel better – and you, too! I know how those floors can get to a person.

      1. patti

        you are so right, mary. i have let things go as the health got worse. in some ways it made it harder to fight for what i wanted because i couldn’t do it myself. i need to fight for that now. i just can’t nag or complain. tonite it was hard to actually fix eggs for supper. i need to handle some of the clutter before i can get a cleaning person. the floors, bathrooms and kitchen would overjoy me. i will seriously consider it. thanks, mary. patti in florida

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Patti – this becomes a health issue. I, too, need to always pick up before she comes and I’m already thinking of changing her to every other week. Your health has been compromised and I would think your doctor would even recommend you get some help. If not you could be looking at the care center! A cleaning lady would certainly be easier.

  2. Jeanne in Co.

    Patti, I was surprised to hear that you actually do get seven hours of sleep a night. With all the quilts you get done, I didn’t expect that you slept at all. You are amazing and sure must sew a lot faster than I do. Your scrap quilts are wonderful. Do you ever come close to running out of scraps?
    Mary, the chickens are so cute. Hazel evidently enjoys them too. It’s unusual that she doesn’t try to chase them or at least bark at them. You have trained her well. It’s been five months since I lost my little shih Tzu and last week my daughter had to put her 17 year old male shih Tzu to sleep. It was really hard for both of us. Our house is way too quiet now. So I love seeing pictures of your dogs, especially Hazel and now watching how fast handsome Hank is growing, He is a hunk all right. He must live near your farm since you get to see him so often. Thanks to you and Hank’s Mom for sharing pictures of him so we can watch him grow into those big paws.
    Weather here in Co. has been sporadic, warm and sunny one day and then cloudy, damp and sometimes even rain on the next day. And did I mention wind too. We worked in the yard most of the day since we had the carpets cleaned this morning and all the furniture was in the garage until the carpets get dry. It was actually fun digging up the crab grass and the few dandelions that already were flowering. But my back didn’t much like it, so I saved some for the next nice day. Hope spring has reached everyone by now.
    Have a blessed week everyone. Jeanne in Co.

  3. patti

    jeanne in co., thanks for liking my quilts. it may seem like i get lots done but i’m so much slower than i was. i’m a type A personality and have always gone 100 mph all my life. was a workaholic, owned a quilt business then a retail quilt store along with the quilting. worked tons of hours. the copd hit me like a brick wall. i don’t usually go to sleep until 2 am or so. wake up around 9:30 or so. being retired i can do that. i work in lots of short increments. i love working with scraps. everything goes together. look what God puts together on this earth. it is we humans who try to control color. contrast is the secret. my scraps will never run out, it’s the yardage that never gets used. for years i cut fabric into my own squares, bricks, strips, etc. i love to make blocks. then eventually i have to make tops out them. the blocks are easy for me. my ‘mermaid’ quilt stil weighs on my mind. the companion prints so overpowered the mermaids that even tho i made a back and binding, i won’t quilt it. i’m not happy with it,, think i have a solution but not now. i’m resting and only working with what is close at hand. boy, i do run on don’t i, sorry, mary. i’m going back to resting. the floors make it harder for me to breathe when they are ignored. now i’m going to bed. patti in florida

  4. Sandy

    Hi Mary, l hope Patti gets herself a good cleaning lady, someone to do floors and dust would be a big help for her.A friend of mine is paying $35 per hour for her cleaner!
    I fell asleep this afternoon while Luna listened to a Chinese fairy tale on her tablet, the snoring sent her upstairs to Mummy! I think there is a sleep machine in my future!Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandy – haha! I snore, too – I wake up with my mouth so dry I can hardly swallow – I take water with me to bed every night. I have also used BreatheRight strips.

  5. Anita

    LOVE the quilt with the rabbit form quilted around the flower. So unique and eye catching.

    1. Sheryl Harrison

      The rabbit quilt is called Bunny Love by Bonnie Sullivan. You might be familiar with her designs. She designs woolie flannels fabrics and cute animal quilt patterns. The rabbit is appliqued.

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Sheryl – yes, I am familiar with her patterns. I still like the color of the bunny – hiding in plain sight. We used to carry her fabric.

  6. Susan K in Texas

    My husband balked at a cleaning woman too. When I spent days in pain after cleaning a small amount he agreed. After my last surgery when there were months I wasn’t supposed to do any cleaning, cooking, laundry, etc, he came to really appreciate the cleaning lady. She cleans only the downstairs so we both come upstairs while she cleans. She doesn’t invade our privacy – we put things away we don’t want her to see. It is so nice to be able to have a clean house without the pain from cleaning it.
    Find a local woman/man to clean instead of a service. Get to know them. They’ll do a better job than a service and the price is usually better. My lady has been cleaning our home for over 10 years.
    After the Covid break, my husband even was ready for her to come back as I made him help me clean if it was going to get done.

    Just because we’re women doesn’t mean we can’t make a decision that may make our husbands upset. If the husbands want something they just get it. If hubby wants to clean then more power to him if he’ll do it. If not, get a cleaning lady!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Susan – I’m hoping she works out for me – I will acquaint her this first time and then I’ll go work in the shop. I’ll never ask her to clean the sewing room and hopefully in time I can have her do the floors, too. Vacuuming and mopping are really hard on my back.

  7. Susan K in Texas

    Connie’s yard will be totally changed in just a few weeks as the weather warms. I’ll bet it will be beautiful.
    Telly and Greta are soaking up the suns warm rays while of course Hazel is checking everything out.
    Patti I love your scrappy blocks. I have lots of scrappy squares cut so should try something similar.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Susan – as Mary Ellen Hopkins always said – never underestimate the power of a square.

      1. Susan K in Texas

        I so hope she works out for you! Just taking some of the work is such a help!
        And yes vacuuming and mopping and sweeping get the back.

        I do like to piece with simple squares especially when I need an easy project.

  8. Lorraine

    Loved the picture of Patti’s quilt. Looks like Hazel is very curious about the chickens and loves to walk among them. So cute.

  9. Brenda of N Calif

    I am a little late on the comments, but please don’t clean your oven while your not home. Two years ago I turned on my oven to clean and my oven caught on fire. I live next door to the volunteer fire department but I just watched it until it burnt itself out. With the door locked you can’t even get to it to put the fire out with the extinguisher. I did get a new stove.
    I would love to have a cleaning person again! Just to do the floors and bathroom but I have been looking for 10 years now and can’t find one. Live in a very small town and we are too far from a big city for anyone to want to make the drive.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Brenda – good advice about the oven! That’s too bad you can’t find a cleaning lady – I live in a small community and I found two! And I’ll just have her do bathrooms and appliances for now.

  10. Rhoda Ebersole

    Mary that last picture with your
    Barn would make a good puzzle

    I think I sent my last envelope of articles to you

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Rhoda – thanks for all the articles – if there’s anything g big about Kate Martin could you just hold it till there’s more? LV Aces! I’ll be keeping track of them

  11. Launa

    35o up here this morning. Was out on upper deck sweeping a while. No sun now!
    Good tip about safely raising baby Chickens with a dog!
    May get some rain tomorrow.

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