Exhausted! 6-8-22

Here are the puppies tonight – a repeat of last night.

If I could take my picture tonight I’d look just as exhausted, too – I started in the barn about 8:30 and Nate came at 9. I quit at 4:00 and Nate at 4:45 with a clean barn which is almost completely bedded – it smells like cedar wood shavings. Ahhhhh!

Yes, it was hard work but living on a hobby farm is the definition of hard work, I think. Doesn’t matter at this point – it’s done for another year. I’ll finish tomorrow and make Friday my day off!

At 4 my friend Ema came with her three kids to play with the puppies – here are Emmet, Gilbert and Harriet.

Emmet loved the puppies the most!

And now you know why we’re all so tired tonight! Haha!!

Let’s catch up with reader projects!

Never underestimate the power of a square!

Just one more…..

28 thoughts on “Exhausted! 6-8-22

  1. Jo in Wyoming

    The puppies and children are just too cute.
    Mary, you have the best readers, their quilting projects are truly inspirational.
    Nate is a great guy to help you. I’m sure it smells wonderful in the barn.
    Question…can/do you use the old bedding in the garden?

  2. Betty Klosterman

    I really like all the quilts, but the colors in the 9 patch really get my attention. The heart looks like Jen Klingwell? All the beautiful things the readers just inspire the rest of us.
    Thanks to Nate for helping to clean the barn. It is one of those things that has to be done. Hope he is around to help next time.
    And the kids and puppies! What fun for all. You have an ideal place to keep the pups in the shop. Not everybody has a kennel. How long will you have the pups? They are so darned cute.
    Our Quilt Show closed Saturday afternoon @ 4:00. The quilts were all taken down and delivered to the owners and gone by 5:00! It doesn’t sound possible, but it is every year. We’ve got a great bunch of ladies! Practice makes perfect?
    Summer is here. Take care and enjoy. Betty in Rapid City

  3. Katie

    The pups r Cute, nice you had lil friends play with them..
    Thank goodness your barn chore is done ..
    Lots of chores living in the country and having PETS
    Get rested on Friday..
    ThAnks for sharing the quilts, the heart shape one is a beauty..
    Katie 👵🏼
    Gilbert, Az.

  4. Lynette in Orlando

    Those puppies are precious! As are your little visitors! I bet you are exhausted after cleaning the barn – it definitely is hard work but I love how you say it is worth it. Most definitely! I love that smell of new shavings! Looks like your weather is finally cooperating and giving you a break. Hot hot hot here in Florida. Makes it challenging to get things done as I’m not as young as I once was and the heat seems to suck the life out of me. Battling lubber grasshoppers….. ugh they are disgusting destructive beasts. Doing my best to lessen the population 😵‍💫😵‍💫 Mary, have a good day! Thanks for sharing the beautiful quilts! 💕💕💕

  5. Kathy Hanson

    Such fun to have those delightful children there to play with the puppies! Certainly fun for them but for you too! A clean barn is always so wonderful, you are fortunate to have the help from that wonderful young man. Haven’t heard about rats lately, is it possible that they have all died finally? Certainly hope this is the end of them! Have a very restful Friday, you deserve a break!

  6. Sue H

    It is 100% obvious that the kids loved the puppies. I’m exhausted just following all the work you do. I hope you stick to the plan and take Friday off. The Readers’ quilts will wonderful this post!

  7. Kathy in western NY

    I am with Sue H’s comment that I am exhausted just thinking of all the work you did yesterday! I would be having the Tylenol with arthritis bottle for my bedtime snack! I am so glad Nate gave you a hand in making your barn fresh and cleaned up for another year.
    You do have the best readers showing beautiful quilts. The colorful nine patch squares shows such versatility. All the quilts are so nice to see this morning and happy children playing with puppies – such a peaceful way to begin the day reading your blog posts.

  8. Lois Ann Johnson

    I can’t decide who is cuter: the puppies or the children who came to visit the puppies! Loved seeing all of the lovely quilts and I am happy that you got your barn clean. I am going to clean my garage and, to me, that seems as insurmountable as the barn! But I have put it off for too long; no more excuses! I am loving this weather we’re having in Northern Iowa right now. I can’t remember when we have had such a cool spring.

  9. Mareen Nedved

    There is nothing better than the smell of wood shavings – well fresh cut hay or grass are right up there or light rain………ahhhh summer – and cute puppies are an addition a good day for sure

  10. Lisa

    Love the reader quilts, especially the big heart! I wish she’d shared the pattern name. Looks like a Jen Kingwell possibly! Your clean barn looks great, you deserve a day off.

  11. Lorraine

    Adorable puppies playing with the adorable children. I bet it is a great feeling to get the barn cleaned out and fresh bedding down. That was quite a chore and you definitely deserve to have a rest day on Friday. Loved the pictures of the quilts-they are all beautiful. Loved the first one and it is amazing how a 9-patch can be so pretty. Thank you for the show of puppies, kiddos and quilts.

  12. Launa

    So enjoyed the puppies, cute children and quilts…plus your neat barn with your hired helper!
    Enjoy your weather, Mary! Was 45o out up here in Idaho earlier! Hope for no rain today.

  13. Joyce from NY

    The kids are loving those puppies, so sweet! The quilts are beautiful & as some said inspirational! Rainy & foggy here this morning. My daughter helped me wash windows yesterday, now they are sparkling clean! Thinking of your rats, I have something I think a raccoon that keeps coming on my porch & raising havoc, eating my plants & making a mess, any suggestions on how to catch it!!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Joyce from NY – live animal trap and then drive him far away and release him

      1. Pat Williams

        Marshmallows work for bait inside the trap. We trapped 6 last fall and rehomed them but there still seems to be 1 around and he is a smart one. Somehow gets the marshmallows but doesn’t trip the trap. They sure can make a mess. Good luck! Pat in Iowa City

        1. Mary Says Sew!

          Try canned cat food as bait. And yes, be prepared to catch and release some kitties!

  14. Ann in PA

    How nice that you have a helper with all that barn work. I hope you can relax now that it’s done for now. I can almost smell the cedar, and those sweet puppies, too. Nothing cuter than children and puppies. Once again, the readers’ quilts are beautiful. I especially like the heart quilt. Thank you for sharing your wonderful life with us. xxoo

  15. Susan K in Texas

    The kids were probably as tired as the puppies! We saw our neighbors walking a little corgi puppy today. Oh it was so cute!! I’m so glad you got your barn ready for another summer. Beautiful quilts in the quilt show.

  16. NancyTD

    The barn looks nice all fresh. Puppies and kids had a great time. Quilt show was inspiring as always. We all do different things.
    Finished putting new mulch on my flower gardens and raspberry patch. Hadn’t done it for several years. Keep admiring it all. It really needed it—all 40 bags.
    Now the grand children are coming with their children. Each are coming a different week but right after each other.
    Gas was $4.79 today in Rochester.
    Just have a fun day for yourself tomorrow!

  17. Marian in Rochester

    I love the little kids, the puppies, your helper Nate, the clean barn, the heart quilt (exquisite), and these beautiful days. I know you must still be exhausted, Mary! Enjoy the weather because rain is coming AND the heat and humidity, too. Good for my tomato plants though. And enjoy the fruits of your labor. I am sure the animals love a clean barn! Thank you for keeping us up in the hinter land!!!!

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