Puppy Update, 6-7-22

Here are three exhausted puppies at my feet tonight.

Earlier tonite

Such tired little boys!

This afternoon was lawn mowing and I’m so glad I didn’t quit because it rained at supper time.

I recently hung some different pictures in my front room – I love old pictures and have many to rotate.

I changed the mantel for the patriotic holidays coming up. The framed piece on the right is needlepoint in a double frame with non-glare glass that I bought at the thrift store for $10! I can just hear you all groaning at my good luck – sorry!☺️

Tomorrow morning Nate is coming to help me clean out the barn. Will I ever get caught up around here?

I’ll take notes at Book Club tomorrow about good books others are reporting on – I’ve had a bummer 6 weeks with books – nothing fabulous and I really could use a good one right now. If anybody wants to chime in with a book title they enjoyed, feel free! I’ve decided Connie and I are no longer on the same thread with books and movies – the last few she gave me have not earned a mention in my records. She knows – I gave the books back to her – she just laughed.

68 thoughts on “Puppy Update, 6-7-22

  1. Doris

    Have you read The Winemakers Wife? I found it a great historical novel about WW2

    1. Tina W in oregon

      Doris – I really enjoyed that one too. A real surprise ending!

  2. Charlotte

    Loved the puppy pictures and the pictures pictures!
    As for books, see if you can find any by M.F.K. Fisher. If you haven’t read her books already she writes wonderfully about growing up (some of it on a farm) in rural California and also about food and cooking.

  3. Suzanne Golden

    Love the puppy pictures. Wished we would get some of your rainit is dry dry here.

  4. Anne Hollenbach

    The Girl Who Wrote in Silk, Kelli Estes, captured my undivided attention and my heart. Loved it so much!

  5. Catherine Riggleman

    I just finished Wish You We’re Here by Jodi Picoult. It was very good.

    I also enjoyed What Happened to the Bennetts?

  6. Diane, Squeak, Buddy

    Oh, Mary, those babies are adorable! I loved Hazel trying to get Becky’s attention earlier. I am sometimes behind others on reading and you have probably already read, Will’s Red Coat. I loved it! I am also into the Cat in the Stacks mystery series by Miranda James. They have a Maine Coon cat in them. Nothing earth shattering, but I enjoy the characters. Try them in order. I also just finished The Prisoner in the Castle by Susan Elia MacNeal. It is very good! It takes place in Scotland. I also liked Three Days in Paris. I have a Little Free Library in front of our house so lots of very different kinds of books come in😀

  7. Rhonda from Iowa

    Oh such sweet puppies! They’re so lucky to have you caring for them!

    I just finished a book I found charming, Remarkably Bright Creatures. It’s about a 70-year-old woman and her relationship with an octopus. I know, sounds crazy but I bought it.

  8. Linzey

    2 books both by Elizabeth Letts
    1. $80 Champion
    2. The Ride of Her Life

  9. Henners

    Books: A Gentleman in Moscow & The Lincoln Highway. Still reading Lincoln Highway but enjoying it a lot & both books are by author Amor Towles. Enjoyed Gentlemen in Moscow….sweet & funny novel & I’m enjoying his other book too. He has one more I’m sure I’ll read.

  10. Kathy Hanson

    The puppies are precious! And so lucky to be at your house! Love your pictures.
    Hope your barn cleaning goes well with this young man to help you!
    Much love,

  11. Vickie

    Susan Elia MacNeal was mentioned. She has 7 book series the starts with Mr. Churchills Secretary. These are very good. They are WWII but not as ‘heavy’ as Lilac Girls.

  12. Carolyn Boutilier

    thank you for fostering these puppies. they look nice and healthy. WE mowed today and early afternoon we had rain. Connie’s x stitch is beautiful. I am reading Christy by Catherine Marshall about a young teacher going to the Smoky Mountains in 1912. It was on New York Times Bestseller couple years back. It is 500 pages and I am only on the first 100 pages. I am trying to design a doll’s dress for an antique like doll I have called Izannah Walker. Not going well as I am not a seamstress. I can sew 2 pieces of fabric together to make a quilt and hook a rug. We have thunder storms for tomorrow. Good day to sew and read.
    Carolyn b Shenandoah Valley Va.

    1. RuthW in MD

      Christy by Catherine Marshall is a fabulous book! The author heard her mother’s stories of her life and put much of that family history in her book. Very poignant in places. A set of videotapes was made following the story as well. I am currently reading The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek by Kim Michele Richardson, set in Kentucky. I find it interesting, but hard going, and cannot read it after 7pm or it disturbs my sleep. It is a good book, though, and I am 2/3 through. I read certain Grace Livingston Hill’s religious fiction books over and over. The Enchanted Barn, Happiness Hill, Brentwood, The Honor Girl, The Chance of a Lifetime, The Gold Shoe, Maris, Marigold are my favorites for soft, comforting reading.

  13. Jean Ruger

    Left on Tenth by Delia Ephron
    It’s an amazing memoir that totally holds your interest.

  14. Robin Anderson

    I have that same eagle picture! Mine is in a round frame. It was a kit from a book club I belonged to and truly enjoyed making it. I guess I should it up for the patriotic
    Holidays. It lives in my computer/ baby room
    It throughly enjoy your blog!!!

  15. Mary Beth

    I just finished “Where the Crawdads Sing” by Delia Owens. Such a good book. I know it’s been out a while but that’s how I roll. 😊

    1. Teresa from Port Coquitlam, BC

      That was a really good book I agree. I read it a few years ago. I am having a bad time with my neck and reading aggravates it, so haven’t read anything since.

    2. Candy

      I see it’s coming out as a movie … this summer, I think. Great book!

  16. Jo in Wyoming

    Those puppies are adorable. I love how they drop and fall asleep.
    I hope Hazel gets a little extra attention when they are asleep. The princess needs her boosters!!!

  17. Sandy

    Hi Mary, it looks like a pi ture in a magazine (your mantle piece), l don’t have much decorating skill, but getting ideas from houses we are looking at.The puppies are adorable, A gentleman in Moscow is a good book, love Rosmunde Pilcher stories, English from the eighties. Take care everyone,best wishes from Sandy

  18. Karen Juergens

    I recommend “The Kitchen front” by Jennifer Ryan
    “The jane Austen society “
    “West with Giraffes “
    “Leave only footprints “

    I am just finishing “the Narrowboat summer “ and
    Learned a lot about travel on the multitude
    Of canals in England!
    I tend to read “cozy “ books interspersed with mystery

  19. DebMac

    Sandra Dallas has a new book out “Little Souls”. Historical fiction set during the 1918 flu epidemic. Interesting read. She had the idea before Covid. And if you like your history straight, Erik Larson “Splendid & the Vile”. Chatty book about Churchill’s first year as PM during WW2. “Dead Wake” and “The Devil in the White City” are also very good. At the moment, I’m reading Agatha Christie’s “Five Little Pigs”. We were watching the BBC production and could tell it was different from how the book would have been written so had to check it out.

  20. Barbara Moore

    I second the recommendation of WEST WITH GIRAFFES. It is based on a true story and it stayed with me for a long time, I enjoyed it so. Also all the ALL CREATURES GREAT AND SMALL books as they’re just wonderful.
    And, Australian author Tea Cooper writes wonderful fiction, all based in that continent. Look for THE WOMAN IN THE GREEN DRESS, THE GIRL IN THE PAINTING, and THE NATURALIST’S DAUGHTER for starters. I’ve read the first two and just bought the last one – on special at amazon kindl.
    Barb in Tucson

  21. Beth T.

    Oh, Mary–seeing your boys reminds me of when we had our seven puppies. We had never experienced that before, and it was the start of the happiest time of our life, raising the four we kept, along with their mom. I can’t let Johnny see your posts or we would be rescuing a puppy for sure and starting all over again–and we already have five dogs…and our youngest is 3 1/2, and I keep saying that he is meant to be the baby. I’m determined that every new dog will be his elder from now on in–I’m getting too old for puppies, because I don’t want anyone outliving me, and because I’m not as much fun as I used to be. But then I see your babies and I waver. John would push me right over the edge! 🙂

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Beth – I am quite tempted to keep one of these boys but I’m 74 and that puppy could outlive me! I’m looking for a senior dog to adopt not a puppy – although I must say these guys are already getting the hang of going outside to potty! Three puppies do pee, poop and play a lot! I really hate cleaning the kennel!

      1. Beth T.

        Pee, poop, and play–the three Ps of puppyhood! We adopted a senior dog five years ago, thinking we were going to give the frail, nearly-deaf, half-blind old gal “a few good months”. We truly just could not bear the idea of such a dear old dog spending one more night in a cage, and wanted her to have her last months be happy ones. The shelter vets thought she was likely twelve, and now five years later she is still hopping along–literally hopping while she runs outside from the barn to the back door. Some days she is a bit “tippy” and frail, but she runs the house on her timeline. We just completed a DNA test that is experimental but claims it will be able to come within six months estimating her age. So we’ll learn if she’s 17, but I can tell you she’s old, and one of the best things we have done was get her out of a shelter and into a family. Still…if I’d had to bet on how long she’d be hanging around, I would not have placed money on five years, though I’m delighted to have been proven wrong. Funny old life.

  22. Kathy in western NY

    I love your mantle! My happiest time of the day is right after dinner, I plug in my mantle lights and sit down to admire my mantle, tea or decaf coffee in hand. I decorate it any time I feel like it, but my red, white and blue theme stays from Memorial Day to Fourth of July, adding in pertinent items.
    I recently bought Tobacco Wives by Adele Myers, set in NC, seamstress who sews for wives of tobacco executives , what then was a big industry.
    The puppies paws in the air while sleeping had me at hello! So adorable.
    You and Connie are the sign of a true dedication to friendship. You can agree to disagree and still speak and accept and proceed on. We all don’t have to like the same things all the time. Can you both go testify to our government to show how talking decently to one another accomplishes more than they’ve ever known. You and Connie are good examples of strength and character.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy – that’s quite a compliment to Connie and me – thank you! Wouldn’t you think those men in Washington could get along? I absolutely hate politics and will NEVER bring it up on this blog!

  23. Marcia SW Ohio

    Love the puppy pictures. Lucky puppies to have you for great care.

  24. Joanne

    Love your mantel! The little puppies are so fortunate to be staying with you! So cute!

  25. Debbie R.

    The puppies are so cute. They are a lot of work but so lucky to be temporarily living on your farm.

    I just started reading The Storyteller by Jody Picolt. It was highly recommended by a friend of mine and the next day I went to the Goodwill store and found a hardback copy for $1.99. I love finding bargains like that when it is something you were looking for anyway.

    Debbie in DSM, IA

  26. Bobby

    I’m definitely not rolling my eyes about your thrift store find…it is beautiful and so beautifully worked. What a treasure. It makes me wonder about the maker…was she a war bride or have family in the military? Its a perfect addition to the mantle for patriotic holidays.
    Bobby in Md.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Bobby – every time I find one of these handmade treasures I feel sad that the maker’s family chose not to keep it but instead drop it off at the thrift store. I feel like I’m giving the maker praise when I buy it and treasure it. Knowing how much time goes into one of these detailed pieces of needlework I appreciate it more than they’ll ever know.

  27. Bonny

    The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien.
    Leaning Into the Wind edited by Linda hasselstrom, gaydell Collier, Nancy curtis

  28. Meredith in Cincinnati

    I loved Lightning Strike by Willam Kent Krueger. Well, all his books are fabulous…
    Those puppies are SO cute!

  29. Cathy Washburn

    Have you read “The Walk” by Richard Paul Evans? That’s the first book but there are five in all. I know you would enjoy them. It’s about a man who walks across the US after his wife passes away. He meets a lot of interesting people and learns a lot of lessons about life.

  30. Marilyn Miller

    I’m reading ‘The Four Winds’ by Kristin Hannah. Takes place during the Dust Bowl in the 30’s. The lead character, Elsa, is a strong, intelligent and resilient young Mother, determined to provide a better future for her daughter and son, against all odds.

  31. Sharon Lowy

    I love your mantle and your old pictures but the puppies are just the cutest!

  32. Dee in Ohio

    It looks like those puppies are growing while they are sleeping. I’m reading The Guest List. It is a murder mystery.

  33. Mary H

    I just read Violetta by Isabelle Allende and liked it. Now I am reading Long Road to Mercy and it’s a good mystery.

  34. Dorothy

    Those are 3 happy exhausted puppies! I will never again complain about the work I have to do around my house. Don’t have grass that takes all day to cut or barns to clean out. I just want my children to get their stuff out of my basement! Right now I’m enjoying my coffee in my sunroom watching the guys replace 100 yr old water pipes in our street. They just sprung a leak in front of our house. It was a geyser of water! My biggest concern are the old trees shading our street. Praying they don’t have to cut them down.

  35. Dorothy

    I’m reading The Lincoln Highway by Amor Towles. Loving it, he wrote A Gentleman in Moscow

  36. Catherine Richard

    Just finished the Murder of Mr Wickham (Claudia Gray), in which combined characters of Jane Austen novels attend a house party at which Wickham ends up dead.

  37. Nancy Schmalenberger

    “The Paris Library” is good & is based during WW II.
    “Have You Seen Luis Velez?” is a sweet story that my sister’s church group had read.
    “Where the Crawdads Sing” is good and was just made into a movie.

    Happy reading.

  38. Pat Smith

    You’re doing something right to have those puppies that exhausted at the end of the day! Wish I was younger—I’d love to adopt one as they look a little like labs. No wonder you are so tired. You get more done in a day that almost anybody I know. Love your display and yes, I’m groaning at your good luck at the thrift store.

  39. Diane from Colorado

    I LOVE your Our Flag picture!!!! My own patriotic display has grown significantly since my son went to West Point in 2010 and even more so since his 2018 deployment. I add a few things each year it seems. At Home had some fun things this year so they got some of my money!! Yesterday I did a 3D Uncle Sam on my Cricut and today I am embroidering new pillow covers. I’m glad it’s a long season from Memorial Day to Veteran’s Day!!!!

    The puppies are so cute!!! At least with three they have playmates to keep them occupied!!

  40. Mrs. Goodneedle

    Your patriotic display is GORGEOUS~ 10$? Yes, I’m groaning loudly!! I just read two books and posted those on my blog today: “Good Hope Road” by Lisa Wingate and “My Grandmother Asked Me To Tell You She’s Sorry” by Frederik Backman. I enjoyed them both. I’ll be looking for your list of book recommendations soon. The puppies are TOO, TOO cute! 🙂

  41. Tanya T. in Houston

    If you read and liked E. Lockhart’s WE WERE LIARS, check out her new one FAMILY OF LIARS about the same family, different generation. Twisty. Rich family has island off Massachusetts, perfect to escape the heat where I am! Billed as Young Adult, but adults may like it, too.

    Just finished The Magnificent Lives of Marjorie Merriwether Post and enjoyed it. I knew nothing about this Post Toastie heiress, her inventive father, or her fame as a Washington D.C. hostess with the mostest.

  42. Barbara

    The Ride of her life:the true story of a woman, her horse, and their last chance journey across America, by Elizabeth Letts. the personal librarian about the J.P. Morgan Library in New York city and based on fact. Also The Saints of Swollow Hill by Donna Everhart, about the “navel stores” and the gathering of the pine sap to make pitch and tar for sealing the early wooden ships. All 3 of these I found very interesting. the first book the lady was in her sixties when she decided to ride from Maine to California.

  43. Margie Braaksma

    The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek by Kim Michele Richardson and a new one I haven’t gotten yet The Book Woman’s Daughter

    1. Beryl BC

      I agree with The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek. I’ve just finished reading “The Giver of Stars” by Jojo Moyes. It is a similar story to The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek, and also very good. I questioned whether it would be as Jojo Moyes is English; I liked the book very much.. Both take place in Appalachia and are about the traveling librarians. The books were especially interesting to me and my family, as my husband’s family were from SE Kentucky. I will be watching for The Book Woman’s Daughter.

      The puppies are so cute.

  44. Paula

    I love the mantel and all of the flags. Love the big one draping over. Paula in KY Also, I have graduated to an air split with tennis shoes. I can get up the stairs and down and went down to my quilt shop yesterday for 2 hours. Planning to go back down on Friday for awhile

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Paula – that is certainly good news and I’ll bet you’re thrilled to get back to the real world again!

  45. Debra Reber

    The puppies are so cute! They look a lot like my Pointador (German short hair pointer/lab mix) . My dog is black with white on the tips of her feet, & white on her chest. We rescued her a little over a year ago. We don’t really know for sure that she’s a Pointador, that’s just what we suspect.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Debra – the shelter did indicate German Short Hair and ? Whatever they are, they are adorable?

  46. Jay

    You could try the Mary Russell series by Laurie R King. The first is The Beekeepe’s Apprentice.

  47. Carolyn Rector

    Took the book “Just Kids” by Patti Smith with me on vacation.I enjoyed it.

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