PUPPIES! 6-6-22

Three puppies are fun but also so much work – I think they each poop about 15-20 times a day. Multiply that by three – I have paper towels and spray cleaner all around the house – good thing I rolled up all the rugs, huh? Holy cow – so many tiny little piles of brown poop and I’ve got a good nose so I always know when there’s a new pile in the house somewhere. Haha!!

Becky came by to meet them today – she would really like a dog, I think.

Hazel kept bringing little twigs for Becky to throw – little twigs don’t throw well and Hazel could not be persuaded to stop.

When the pups were worn out they went back to the kennel and then Hazel got Becky’s full attention! Becky and Connie are Hazel’s favorite visitors.

I’m not sure how I forgot to post this quilt – I told Karla when she sent it that I LOVED IT!

And this double binding is a flash from my past – I love it and haven’t done it for years. Why not?

This little sweetie pie was born at a reader’s daughter’s farm – oh, how I miss those days of having baby goats. Baby goats are as fun as puppies!

I take this picture every summer – I just love it! Yes, there’s a door in that wall – but pretty soon even the bottom of the door will be covered.

And this Korean lilac is in full bloom and the whole yard smells lovely.

It’s bedtime for the puppies – they sleep better in the kennel and I sleep better when they sleep in the kennel, too!

30 thoughts on “PUPPIES! 6-6-22

  1. Diane in Maryland

    The puppies are adorable! A cute picture of Becky with them. Poor little Hazel was jealous when Becky had those puppies!

    The quilts are beautiful. I love the one with the stars! Also love the picture of the lilac and the vine covered building. Is that building on your farm?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane in Maryland – that’s the north end of the quilt shop.

  2. Jo in Wyoming

    Another great post. I think Hazel’s nose is a little bent. She is cute after the spa day.
    She doesn’t like to share Becky with anyone.
    Poop, poop, padoop! Keeping you on your toes.

    I spent 2+1/2 hours today getting my drivers license renewed. Then the picture looks like a criminal. Brother!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo in Wyoming – yes, Hazel was put out but you must remember she’s a diva and pretty much demands her way most of the time! As it should be, right? Haha!!

  3. Joy in NW iowa

    Becky is an animal lover! I am too, but not in the market for a dog or cat. If I was along, I would want one for company. Thanks for the pictures!

  4. Charlotte Shira

    The puppies are adorable! I think the puppies want Becky too…the way they were looking up to her. Both quilts are beautiful. I’d love to know Karla’s pattern. I love the double binding too. I’ve done that a few times but I usually forget about it. It’s not hard to do.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Charlotte – I’ll draw it up for you when I make it – the drawing is right here on my desk. I’ve made it before but I think hers was a kit from Country Sampler in Spring Green, WI. Those gals put the kit together and that’s what caught my eye – sadly I would never have thought to use those colors together yet I love it.

  5. Jill Klop

    The puppies are adorable, but I think Hazel steals the show! She’s so cute!

  6. Susie Lenz

    It’s super fun to see the puppies. You sure stay busy on the farm! Hazel looks a bit jealous of the puppies. Enjoy this wonderful summer! I am finishing up some pillows for July 4th. I will send photos soon.

  7. Jean Elliott

    Oh that double binding quilt is beautiful. Do you know what the pattern is called or what book it’s in?

  8. Susan K in Texas

    What a post – puppies!, plants, and quilts! So much eye candy. I saw a lady walking Hazel’s twin the other day. I wonder if its a good rat catcher too.
    Both quilts are so pretty. I keep wanting to start a new project but am in the middle of two commission quilts. Every time I work on a quilt project I find new projects I want to work on.

  9. Susie Kepley

    I’ll take the baby goats over puppies any day. Baby goats poop in the yard puppies poop wherever!!! But those puppies sure are cute.

  10. Kathy in western NY

    Yup I agree those puppies are looking at Becky like I need this love from you every day. All this attention to them will make them the best socialized dogs in good homes. I hope no one takes one and sticks it in a kennel outside. You can always tell when a dog that has been around people inside being petted and brushed and part of daily living.
    Is your lilac common to the Midwest area? Ours here are all done blooming but I love their fragrant smell. The quilts are so stunning and I too forget to do the double binding.

  11. Quilting Sister

    The puppies are adorable … if you told the boy-girl ratio, I missed it, what are they? Enjoy those little rascals, they grow so fast! But Hazel is always the star … such a doll, I’d love to have a dog just like her.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Quilting Sister – these puppies are all boys – their two sisters went to another foster home.

  12. Joyce from NY

    Those puppies are so cute, but a handful I bet. You’re so good at taking care of them & Hazel!!

  13. Wonda Myers

    Thanks for the puppy pictures. We had corgi’s for years. No dogs now. They do require a lot of care. Love the quilts posted today.

  14. Sue in Oregon

    Karla…Your quilts are wonderful. That pop of bright pink in the double binding is perfect. I wonder what the first quilt (grey background) would look like with larger blocks? I love your small ones but there are so many!?!
    Mary, your photos today are such fun to look at. They always are, of course, but today’s are especially fun.

  15. Lorraine

    Thanks for sharing all of the pictures. Love the puppies. We never did get one after we had to put our last one down after 16 years. Too heart breaking for me. Loved the shed with the greenery and I think I can smell the beautiful aroma over here in Arizona!! Love the pictures of the quilts -especially love the one Karla made. I will look up the pattern info you provided in a previous comment.

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