PUPPIES! 6-5-22

Here’s what’s new at the farm! Foster puppies – 3 of them. Is there anything much cuter than a puppy? You knew I’d say that, didn’t you?

Nobody knows just “what” they are – maybe heeler and German Shorthair? The shelter said their mama died when they were 3 weeks old and another nursing mama accepted them – for awhile – but that’s over now and the shelter is full so they needed to go out to a foster home – that’s me this time.

THIS is what’s new with Connie – her finish of Brenda Gervais’ Grateful, Thankful and Blessed. It’s just beautiful and anyone can see why Connie loves it!

Reader quilts:

I can’t post quilts unless I have the photos – right?

Our chilly weather called for baking – banana bread this time. My batter is so yellow because of my free range eggs which have bright yellow yolks!

It’s a big recipe – loaves to put in the freezer.

This old wheelbarrow full of annuals is not mine – sadly – but found online.

Still sick of these cool days – you, too?

55 thoughts on “PUPPIES! 6-5-22

  1. Jacque

    How I envy your cool weather that you’re tired of! South Central Texas had the hottest May ever – and June isn’t looking any better. 100 today, 101 tomorrow, and 103 Tuesday – and no rain in sight. So be thankful for those cool temps!!

  2. Rita in Iowa

    The puppies are so cute, you’ll make a great foster mom.

    I just finished pairing up units for the 2 step quilt. Making it 96 x 98 inches. Over 2300 2.5 squares of lights and darks. Found in Scrap School book that you and Connie have the Sea Glass quilt in.

    Making the second pass in the flower beds for weeds. The first pass was in April in 40 degree weather so this is definitely better.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Puppies – all are boys! Girls went to another foster home.

  3. Betty Klosterman

    What a home for foster puppies! You will enjoy them and cry when they leave. What fun. God made little creatures cute for a reason!
    It has been kind of sprinkling off and on for awhile, but we really need more. Got my flowers planted on Friday, but don’t have very many. Our quilt show is over for this year and it was wonderful. It is hard to believe all this great talent is here. A great time was had by everybody. What inspiration. The vendors were great. So nice to visit with them and all the great things they brought.
    In the meantime, the tourists are here. What fun. Lots of them show up in our quilt shops. Yesterday and today was the Volksmarch up Crazy Horse. My cousin and I did it in 2008. Don’t think we could do it now. The view at the top was spectacular.
    Take care everybody. Betty in Rapid City

  4. Sheila in MA

    OMG!! Those puppies are just adorable. They have the best foster Mom, with a huge heart. The smile on your face says it all. Nothing like puppies to spark up a day. Love the wheelbarrow of flowers. Thanks for posting and as always the readers quilt. Connie’s sampler is very special.

    Enjoy the puppies and fingers crossed for a some warmer days.

  5. Linda Schaefer

    Puppies are too cute!! Would love to cuddle with them!! Oh my gosh Connie’s cross stitch is beautiful!! Just went to Attic Needleworks in Mesa, AZ last week while visiting my best friend to stock up on some much needed linen. Home for a day then off to my daughters house to dog sit her two boxers while they went to MN for a wedding. Hopefully I don’t have to go anywhere this week!! 😂

  6. Lynette in Orlando

    Mary — those puppies are PRECIOUS!!!!! I’m thanking God I’m in Florida or I’d be over in a heartbeat to adopt one……. (I do NOT need another dog……). I’m the old lady with the menagerie at my house…. LOL. Connie’s work is beautiful. Thank you for sharing with us. LOVE it!!!! Love seeing everyone’s work — beautiful!!!!

  7. Judy Jaques

    I am sorry Mary to disagree with you. I LOVE this cool weather.
    I really do hate hot humid Iowa weather.
    I have gotten so much outside work done. I also got my barn quilt painted and ready to hang on the she shed. I’ll send you a picture when I get it hung.
    This morning I started at 6.
    Dog yard weeded, and cleaned this morning. Flowers on back patio watered.
    The rest of the flower seeds planted.
    Hung up a shelf in the covered part of the patio, pulled more weeds on that patio.
    Made a fire in the fire pit to burn up the collected sticks.
    My green beans are sprouting in the above ground tank.
    While pulling the weeds I found dill growing ——so left some of that.
    I’m not sure how well I will be walking tomorrow ,after all the bending, but it is nice to get it all done before the rain.
    The puppies are so much fun ,but a lot of work. I know you will enjoy fostering.

  8. Debra Reber

    Those puppies are adorable! We rescued a German Shorthair/Lab mix puppy last spring. (At least that’s what we think it might be) It had been 20 years since we had a puppy ( all the recent dogs we rescued were at least 1 yr old.). I had forgotten how much work (I mean fun) that puppies are!!! We have had beautiful weather here in south central KY the last few days. Sunny, mid 80’s, slight breeze. Have fun with those pups!!

  9. Jo in Wyoming

    Puppies are sooo cute. They have found the best foster home. A great start to life.
    Connie’s cross stitching is incredible. At first I thought the wheelbarrow was hers!

    There are no “X’s” on the ads. I can’t click on them. 😢

  10. Maryjane

    How do you ever give up dogs after fostering? I’d get attached the first day and couldn’t give them up.
    I love the cool weather and dread the heat coming.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Maryjane – when I returned the 9 foster puppies I happened to be there when their new families came to pick them up and I was so thrilled to see how excited they were to hold their new puppy! And puppies are a lot of work so even though I begin to love them, I’ll be glad to clean up the kennel again. Haha!!

  11. Lois Ann Johnson

    I LOVE knowing that you are fostering some puppies! They are adorable and cuddly! Your banana bread looks so good! As cool as it has been here in northern Iowa, it is a good time to be baking. After it quit raining here this afternoon, I decided to take Bailey out in the car for a ride. She LOVES going in the car with me. We started that back during the days of the “shut-down” when we couldn’t go anywhere or do anything. I was going stir crazy so we would go for a ride. Of course, that was when fuel was much cheaper. Now, I really have to think about whether I want to do this! We usually end up at the Dairy Queen for a cone for me and a pup cup for Bailey. Is she spoiled, or what?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Lois Ann – isn’t that why we have dogs? To spoil them?

      1. Pat Smith

        Hi Lois Ann,
        Bailey is a smart dog who has figured out that the car always stops at the Dairy Queen! I’d be in your car too if I knew that!
        Love, Patty

  12. Lynn in Scottsdale

    Mary, have fun with those puppies!

    Thank you for your blog. I have been inside recovering from a health issue so the outside temperature hasn’t bothered me. I look out, and it is cheerfully sunny.

    Some of the ads have an X and some don’t.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Lynn in Scottsdale – whatever the health issue is, I hope you can recover soon!

  13. Pattie from PA

    So glad you decided to foster again. Yesterday I made the huge step I have been dreaming about. My plan was to buy another motor home after my husband died and strike out on my own with my 3 rescue poodles. We always talked about this and he assured me I would be fine . Several years ago we lived in an RV full time and traveled far and wide. Now I am going to do it on my own. In fact when we were on the road is when we came upon your quilt shop and I have never forgotten it.
    I am excited and scared at the same time . Hopefully I will be leaving in about a week To go pick it up in South Bend, Indiana.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pattie in PA – you’re a brave soul! What do you do if you have trouble on the road? Call for help I guess. Evidently your poodles like to ride – where are you headed when you start out? Will you sell your home? You MUST let us travel along with you!

      1. Kathy in western NY

        Patti – I am very excited for your new journey. What size motor home did you order? I give you oodles of credit as I have no desire to drive our 40’ one. Campgrounds, Mary, are so very helpful in finding folks to fix things and we have 2 insurance policies on ours for road mishaps.
        The puppies are adorable and they will keep you busy watching them.
        Nice pictures you shared with us!

      2. Pattie from PA

        At this point I have no plans to sell my home. I’m guessing my first trip will be to Carolina Poodle Rescue in SC. I would like to volunteer there for a couple of weeks and let my kids have a great time running around. I just have to be careful not to fall in love with a 4th pup!

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Pattie – oh, how fun will that be!!!??? Your dogs get to hang out there while you’re volunteering? Win win for everybody! Please tell us about this adventure!

  14. Sue in Oregon

    The puppies are adorable and I think they look like they have some Border Collie in them. If so, I want one. Just kidding. I am getting too old and the dog would outlive me, which isn’t fair to the dog. Just my opinion.
    That wheelbarrow! Wow! Isn’t it gorgeous?
    Another spectacular is Connie’s beautiful cross-stitch work.
    Great farm quilt, Jeanine. I love it.
    That must be a huge banana bread recipe. Mine makes one large loaf and I think I’m doin’ something. Looks great!
    And YES!! I am tired of rain, wind, and cool weather. We have dark days and you would think it’s still March.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sue in Oregon – yes, it’s a big recipe which is fine with me – I have three in reserve in the freezer!

    2. Jeanine from Iowa

      Sue in Oregon,
      Thank you for the compliment on my quilt. We gave it to a boy from our church that graduated from high school this year. His grandparents bought a Farmall H tractor from my husband and gave it to him for his graduation. He loved the quilt. And by the way, we were invited to some friends house on Memorial Day, and I made your Rhubarb Upside Down Cake. It was a hit…..8 out of 8 gave it a thumbs up! It was delicious. Thank you for the recipe.

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Jeanine – good to know the cake was well received!

  15. Margie

    Cute puppies! Love the cross stitch. Jo got me back into cross stitching and am enjoying it. Have fun with the puppies!

  16. Nicole Hanson

    Beautiful wheelbarrow of flowers! It’s going to be 109 in Tucson AZ next weekend! Way too hot too soon! My annuals will bite the dust. They just can’t get cool enough. Will have to buy more in late September! Even my butterfly bush died!
    Puppies are soooo cute and fat! Bless you for giving them love!

  17. Rosie Westerhols

    Oh, those puppies are ADORABLE❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. You are the perfect person to foster. I’m afraid I would be a foster fail. I would want to keep ALL of them, and that’s just not possible or practical. Enjoy them while you have them. Give them hugs and kisses from me🥰🥰🥰.

  18. Marj in Western Wisconsin

    Wonder if you can share that recipe with us. I love making quick breads. Went to our first draft pull of the year today. Total of 17 teams. It is amazing to see horses pull 11000 lbs. Of dead weight on a sled, 2.5 times their combined weight.

  19. Susan in Ohio

    The puppies are adorable, I’ll bet it will be hard to give them up.

  20. Jackie in NY

    Hi Mary – how nice of you to foster THREE puppies!! That’s got to be a handful! They sure are beautiful pups though. I wish we could adopt one but the time just isn’t right. We’re not home enough for a puppy. 😟
    Connie’s stitching is beautiful!

    Our weather here is a bit cooler than normal but I’m happy about it because I don’t like the heat!

  21. Kelli

    Love the puppies! All those wiggles warm the heart! We have such crazy weather here in N.E. Ohio I wore a coat to church this morning! Hang in there summer will arrive someday! Thanks for all your posts love reading about your life and family and friends – does a heart good!

  22. Sandy

    Hi Mary, love the puppies! And Connie’s cross stitch, l only do simple ones as make too many mistakes! That wheelbarrow is fabulous! Stella and Luna are at the beach while l rest and recover from covid! Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  23. Diane from Colorado

    Glad to see you are fostering again!! Puppies are super lucky to have gotten you as their foster Mom!!

    Connie’s cross stitch is gorgeous!

    What is it that makes your free range eggs have such bright yellow yolks?

  24. Pat Smith

    No worries about the cold here in central Florida! I dream of being in Vermont where we’ll be in a a few weeks where it’ll be more like northern Iowa. I love seeing the pictures of the puppies. We did a kitten foster some years ago. When it was time for our favorite to go to its new home, that home fell through. My daughter and I were cheering and he lived with us until he died many years later. If I was younger, I’d be on my way to Iowa to get one of those puppies. Alas, I don’t want one to outlive me which could happen now.

  25. Billie

    Love the puppies! You are so lucky to live where you do, so that you can have all kinds of critters! Your a great lady.

  26. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    Awww, puppies are so cute. Their littles tummies are adorable! You are definitely a kind foster parent to take those little guys.
    Connie must be very patient to make that stunning cross stitch. Your banana breads look so delicious.
    This Western New Yorker loves the cool weather. It gets too hot and humid in Ohio for me, but it has been very nice here this past week.
    Thanks for sharing with us.I love reading all of your blogs and the comments😃

  27. Ann in Virginia

    Those fur babies are precious.
    And Lady, you are so giving and loving to take them into your home. I’d take one if I was living close to you !!

  28. Jane

    Your puppy story was very familiar to our family. A family from Jim’s work had 9 puppies with no mother. Mother was hit by a truck when puppies were 3 weeks old. Our vet said to not separate puppies but family couldn’t keep bottle feeding the 9 pups. So we took 2. After a month we gave 1 of them to our son’s best friend. Those pups we took almost lived 16 years. We didn’t know what they were but assumed they were lab/collie/& maybe greyhound. Sometimes we thought there was a little Great Dane. Ours was 90 lbs with a killer tail!!

  29. Carmen

    Cute puppies!! I love that wheelbarrow. Why don’t my flowers ever look like that?! I just got mine planted because of our crazy midwest spring. Hopefully they will go crazy!

  30. Lora Jans

    Puppies are ssoooo cute! Do your pups like them? I am a foster flunkie, you must have a strong will. Bless you for fostering them!

  31. Kris in WI

    Oh, my — a pile of puppies to cuddle! Your pix of sleepy puppies is so sweet. Connie’s X stitch is wonderful. Jo got me back to stitching, too, but I’m not ready for linen just yet. I’ll be happy to get my Aida sampler done. Jeanine’s setting for the Farmall panel reminds me of seeing farm fields from the air. Great choice. I didn’t save my geraniums over the winter and after seeing the wheelbarrow full of color, my one geranium on the front step looks a little lonely. I’ll have to see what I can find to keep it company. We are expecting rain tonight and Monday. I think I can mow on Tuesday, then more rain on Wednesday, but I’m not complaining — we still have drought conditions in southern WI. Thanks for the pictures, Mary. And thanks for keeping us posted on what’s up on the farm. Your news always makes my day.

  32. Susan K in Texas

    Cute puppies! I can’t wait to see more pictures and hear about their adventures. Connie’s cross stitch turned out nice.
    It rained last week – yay! This week it’s supposed to be close to 100 – yuck. I guess I will be in my sewing room. I finally got the 96 paper pieced blocks finished for the commission quilt. Now to sew them together and get it quilted.

  33. Charlotte

    What darling puppies!! I love puppy breath too. Can’t wait to hear more about the puppies. I love Connie’s cross stitch. I just got some bananas that are too ripe for my taste. Very picky about my bananas! I think I’ll make some banana bread. Thanks for the reminder. My flowers never look like that wheelbarrow.

  34. Joy in NW iowa

    Puppies are so cute! I’ll bet they can be playful and cuddly! Love the cross stitch and the quilts. My grandson picked out the international scene for his bed quilt a few years ago. Love it. And that wheelbarrow full of flowers is so pretty! If I had that it would always blow over in the Iowa wind! Yes, it’s cool but kind of normal. We seem to have that in June most years. Soon it will be hot and than wham harvest will be here before we know it. So just enjoy the present!

  35. Sharon in Oswego, Il

    Love those sweet puppies! I have the same cross-stitch pattern as Connie….maybe I will be motivated to finish it??? I, too, wish that wheelbarrow was mine—pretty to look at and soothing to your soul! 😉

  36. Dorothy

    Mary, those little furry puppies are so cute, surely they will be adopted quickly but fun and lots of work for you in the meantime! The banana bread looks delicious. I always have bananas in the freezer when the mood strikes me. Yesterday I made rhubarb strawberry crisp and it inspired me to buy a rhubarb plant for my backyard. Don’t know if I have enough sun back there but God willing next year will have my own crop.

  37. Dorothy

    Mary, those little furry puppies are so cute, surely they will be adopted quickly but fun and lots of work for you in the meantime! The banana bread looks delicious. I always have bananas in the freezer when the mood strikes me. Yesterday I made rhubarb strawberry crisp and decided to put some rhubarb in my tiny backyard. Not sure if there is enough sun back there for rhubarb but God willing next year will have a crop. Connie’s stitchery is beautiful and Jeanine I love your farm quilt. Will make someone special very happy.

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