Our Visit, 6-2-22

Today Connie and I visited our friend Gloria who lives about an hour from us to tour her new quilt lodge – as well as her house which we have seen before but it’s always fun to see her seasonal decorating.

Gloria is a collector and a decorator and her home is full of wonderful antiques and collectibles. Look at this entry wall covered with game boards!

Angel, Gloria and Gaylen

Maybe you remember that Gloria and Gaylen adopted Angel from our local rescue and Angel hit the jackpot! I showed my picture at the sale holding Angel. Such a sweet little dog!

We had just the nicest visit today – we hope to go to Connie’s sometime this summer for a house tour there.

Here are my girls – so clean after their trip to the spa!

You’ll love this picture of Telly – drooling over the box of milkbones!!

Sometimes she just helps herself – and we let her! Haha!

Reader quilts-

Please, Mom? Yes, Telly, you can have a milkbone!

36 thoughts on “Our Visit, 6-2-22

  1. Sandy

    Hi Mary, Telly is so well behaved, don’t think Bella would stop at one treat! Have a great day everyone,best wishes from Sandy

  2. Marj in Western Wisconsin

    Telly is so good, waiting for permission. My beagles would devour the entire box before I could even stop them. We had to go to dishes specifically designed to slow their eating. It works sometimes, but not always.
    I am glad we are finally done with the wind you sent our way. Wow was it ever windy. Clear skies today and temps in the 70s, great day to get outside work done. My rhubarb seems to be doing better than last year, my Amish friend told me to put manure around it last fall and to keep manure in the area and that should work. She scoops the manure off her driveway and keeps hers growing like weeds. Going to keep an ice cream bucket and scooper in the back of my truck and pick up the manure on the road when I need some. Because we are a mainly Amish community, there is plenty on the roads to be had. Need to go watch some tennis now, haven’t had a chance all day. Taping the basketball games to watch later.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Marj – I have so much rhubarb I don’t have any use for – wish I could give it to you – glad you explained about being an Amish community because I did not understand manure on a driveway – 🫤

  3. Joy in NW Iowa

    Love the puppies hair cut! They look awesome. Our guys are replanting our soybeans. I did my supper feed and now I am about ready for bed! Another day flashing by.

  4. Diane, Squeak, Buddy in Central Ohio

    HI Mary, Ah, yes, Telly is one well behaved dog. I have to work with the dogs on my walking route to get them to learn how to take a treat without taking my fingers or thumb!! They are quick learners. I also taught them, “All gone” in Sign Language and most of them get it. One little girl hangs her head and walks away with it down after I tell her all gone. She’s adorable.
    I love Gloria’s house with all of the game boards and it’s great to see Angel, too:)
    Rita’s disappearing 9 patches are so pretty–lucky grandsons:)
    I hope your wind has died down, too. Ours is some better.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Is the tee shirt quilt one of the quilts you made for the graduating grandchildren? It’s really a nice way to honor activities and I need to assemble one for a grandson. Hope you escaped covid to attend everything.

      1. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

        HI Kathy–Yes, it is Molly’s. She is an athlete so she had lots of shirts. She was recruited by the boys on her soccer team to play flag football because she could throw a spiral and they couldn’t!! Funny. They played in the Ohio State horseshoe stadium twice and in Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati once. It was fun to watch. She also played basketball, threw the shot put and discus, and played golf. Now she is going to Muskingum College( where John and Anne Glenn went) and will play golf and archery there. I had fun making it and my quilter did a great job:)
        I wear my mask EVERYWHERE I go! I have a pin that says, “Don’t worry, I’m vaccinated”, but I don’t really care what people think. We have not had it so the masks and 4 vaccines must be working.
        Thanks for asking, Kathy. My sister and husband are back up in Bemus so we’ll be going up soon to visit. I love WNY!!

        1. Kathy in western NY

          Good to hear you escaped the exposure as I knew you had grandchildren graduations so happy the quilts got delivered in person by you. We still wear our masks inside stores and have all the shots allowed to help us so I feel safe. Molly sounds like quite an outstanding athlete and how enjoyable going to all those sporting events through the years.
          Yes WNY is one beautiful area with so much to do. If only we had half the energy we had in our 40’s & 50’s to go to all the festivals, wineries, breweries and outdoor concerts.

  5. Rosie Westerhold

    My husband also had a huge collection of gameboards. I think he had the same ones plus a few more. He had them on display in his office on the wall leading upstairs. After he passed, in January 2021, I put all the gameboards in the auction I had. Not sure if that was the right thing to do, but I just couldn’t keep EVERYTHING he collected. All of his collections were in our house, in his office building (which also houses my studio on the first floor), as well as in the 2-story, 2-stall garage which has more square footage than our house😳😳😳!!! As well as in a separate building 4 blocks away from the house. He had LOTS of collections.

    To make this quilt-related, I have been SLOWLY working on some BOMs which I acquired over the years. Funny, I found several I didn’t even remember receiving. And I had blocks assembled for 5 or 6 months. They were put aside for the next shiny, new thing, I guess. There’s not one I dislike so I’m working my way through the one I have started. I won’t even tell you how many I have that I HAVEN’T even started. YIKES! I think I need to get busy.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Rosie – I often wonder about my own collections. I’m visiting with an estate lawyer now and hope to set up a trust to handle it all. You certainly had a lot to deal with – what did your husband collect?

  6. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Telly and Hazel look great after their trip to the groomers. Your summer haircut is really cute, too, Mary. It sounds like your day out to visit Gloria was lots of fun.
    I love the DD finishes; those Disappearing 9-Patches are beautiful. I love that pattern. 🥰

  7. Carla

    Your sweet doggies look fabulous! Do you ever treat yourself to a spa day? With all you do I’m sure you deserve one! Your friend has a lovely home. I have exactly one old gameboard that I’ve thought about hanging, but one by itself just doesn’t seem right.

  8. Lynette in Orlando

    What a lovely post! Especially appreciated the pups 💕💕

  9. Linda

    Loved your blog today, I adore Telly and Hazel, they are so much fun to see just wish I could hug them.
    My dogs really lift my spirits after a long hard day and I’m having a lot of those lately. Hugs and kisses to the fur babies!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda – what kind of dogs do you have? My life would be so empty without my girls.

  10. Sue in PA

    Loved your post today, Mary! Will you be posting any pictures of Gloria’s new studio? I loved it when you posted pictures of her home with its Christmas decorations. So beautiful!
    The batik quilts were lovely. Lucky grandsons!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sue in PA – Gloria specifically asked that I not post pictures and I did not take any – everyone deserves their privacy. All I can say is that is was wonderful!

  11. Kathy in western NY

    I love seeing Angel so well loved still by Gloria. She rescued a cutie. And your girls look so fresh and clean from their spa visit. Telly is so well behaved and I am sure her former owner would love to see that picture of her waiting for a biscuit to know he gave her a good start in life. Then you gave her more love and a place to roam freely safe and sound. Both heartwarming affection for Telly and it shows.
    I have one antique Chinese checkers game board hanging as I love it’s vibrant colors.

  12. Beverly from O-H-I-O

    Telly & Hazel look so fresh after their day at the groomers. Lacy needs groomed bad as she is shedding but I can’t get her in until August! They are that busy. So I keep brushing her daily & have her on the cancellation list. Love a good rescue story and Angel is it! Beautiful ladies all around, human and canine !

  13. Jeanne H in Finger Lakes of New York

    After we’d bathe our shaggy dog – ideally about every 2 weeks to keep his grooming under control, I’d tell him “there’s nothing nicer in the whole world than a fresh clean puppy!” Clean dogs are so much nicer to cuddle and pet. Funny the cat sniffing Telly’s tail in the lower pic!

    Love Gloria’s display of game boards. I recognize the checkers and antique Chinese checker boards, but what are the ones top left, top right, and bottom center?

    1. Gloria from CC

      They are called Carrom board games. There are many different styles of this game.

      1. Jeanne H in Finger Lakes of New York

        Huh. Looked at a brief video online of carroms. While I’ve heard the term “carroming around”, I never knew it referred to a specific game. I thought it might be a general term referring to the movement of billiards at the break, or was just a slang term. Thanks!

  14. Ann in PA

    Your posts are always fun to read and see the photos of family (furry ones, too), friends & reader’s quilts. Gloria & Gaylen have a great collection of game boards. Thank you for a peek at their wonderful home. It’s heartwarming to read rescue stories that end like Angel’s. What a lucky pup! Telly and Hazel look so pretty after their Spa Day. The body language on Telly, and those BIG brown eyes, keeping a close watch on those dog bones is just so cute. What a good dog! Those awful drying winds came in our direction, but it finally gave way to some needed rain and a beautiful, sunny day in the 60’s today. Our property is full of sweet stubby-tailed fledglings being fed by adults- Robins, Brown Thrashers, Eastern Bluebirds, Gray Catbirds, and many others. I love this time of year!

  15. Kathy Hanson

    That Telly is so cute!!! They both are looking so beautiful after their Spa Day! You have such great visits – such fun to see the beautiful home! Went to Christopher and Banks yesterday to get some new duds since my closet was pretty empty. Weight change and either gave a friend my now too big clothes or donated a lot to Savers. So I now have choices again! Need to get back to making the donation quilt for the new Veterans Home that is being built in Preston Minnesota.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy Hanson – I really need to go shopping, too, but I need a bigger size – unlike you who needs a smaller size. Dang.

  16. Jo in Wyoming

    I remember when Gloria and Gaylen stayed up all night with Angel after her surgery…yes, she hit the jackpot.
    Your girls look beautiful. Spa’s work wonders.
    It is a fun post today.

  17. Rita in Iowa

    Ladies thanks for all the great comments on the Disappearing Nine Patches. The grandsons don’t know they are getting them. Will see them when we do our Up North trip together. Decided to make bags out of T-shirts to put them in, they were fishing shirts of my husband.
    Rita in Iowa

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Rita in Iowa – oh, I hope I didn’t spoil this surprise by posting them – I don’t suppose they’re interested in an old lady’s blog however!

      1. Rita In Iowa

        Not to worry Mary as they are not into quilting blogs. Although one of my daughters is a Interior Designer in Chicago area.

  18. Launa

    Enjoyed your pictures posted n the Milk Bones as well! Dr. Pol recommends one treat a day!
    Happy National Donut Day! We don’t have donuts very often…anyone remember Spudnuts? They were worth the walk in my hometown.
    In basketball 🏀 last night the Warriors lost…play again Sunday.
    Had one good sprinkle a few ago. Now sun is shining.
    Three does are visiting us out kitchen window.

  19. Bea knight

    Hi Mary
    How old is Telly??? I remember a picture you posted of Telly in the quilt shop when the postman came. Seems to me that was long ago…

    Thanks for the blog! I enjoy all pics and posts!
    Bea Knight in boca raton

  20. Jan Smith

    Isn’t it a free feeling to go on a road trip? My friend and I went on a similar jaunt a couple of weeks ago. It was wonderful to be out on a quilt related journey, enjoying spring weather.
    The girls look refreshed!

  21. Margaret in North Texas

    Mary,I wish I had some of your rhubarb. I like the pink variety, We cant grow here that I’m aware of. Do you mean you have more than you can use or don’t like? It freezes well.

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