Had to post this immediately – America For Me is NOT Linda Brannock’s pattern. It comes from this book by Jan Patek.

Here it is inside the back cover.

There will by no copying of this pattern since Jan is still in business.

My thanks to Rose M. for supplying these pictures and information. I found my book as well and there it is, copyright 1996.

Please do not ask for a free copy in light of this information. Go online and contact Jan.

Sorry to have started this inferno.

30 thoughts on “EXTRA,EXTRA, READ ALL ABOUT IT!!!

  1. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    Closed nine ads while your little inferno raged, ha ha! I’m sure people understand an innocent error. Heavens, who can remember everything when the quilt industry is so huge and vibrant and now has a pretty long “in our lifetime” history? I started sewing when I was in second grade, which means these poor hands, not to mention head, have been filled with needle and thread for sixty years. No wonder I can’t remember everything!

    PS… when you suggested that we identify ourselves more memorably so that when we win one of your lovely prizes, we could more easily be identified….. Our town planted Pin oaks up and down our street in the mid seventies. As soon as they got large enough to drop an annoying amount of leaves, most of our neighbors rudely chopped theirs down. We kept ours and people actually park in front of our house to admire it. Of course, these admirers are nowhere to be found when we bag, on the average, seventy construction bags with leaves!

    I now realize I should have called myself “Carol The Distracted Quilter”, a much more apt name.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Carol at Pin Oak – thanks for closing those ads “while the inferno raged”! You’re right, I simply cannot remember all those patterns and quilts – I can’t even remember those by Country Threads! Grrrr…..
      Love your tree story!

      1. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

        We do, we either just have to bag them to lug to the woods… thinking the deer rest in those piles. So not quite composting … more like “recycling” or regifting!”
        Sometimes we leave then at the curb for the town to mulch and bring to the town compost, but that service can be pretty unreliable.

  2. Mrs. Goodneedle

    Thanks for posting this; I will cool my jets on drafting the pattern. It is such a pretty quilt and I hope that Jan sells some back issues as a result.

  3. Nikki M in Tx

    No apology me necessary….honest mistakes & memory lapses happen.
    You are always careful & give credit where credit is due.

  4. Sandra Corrigan

    How do I contact Jan to buy a copy of this book.? I love the flag quilt pattern. Is there a similar flag pattern available? Thanks. I am busy with my ufo.It is aredwork that I started years ago.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sandra Corrigan – anybody reading this blog has access to a computer so go online and contact Jan. It’s not up to me!

  5. Jo in Wyoming

    Wow, thanks Mary. You saved me a ton of time looking for that “other” book.
    And yes, there is so much to remember, we “sometimes “ forget.

  6. Brenda archambault

    Mary, so very glad you have clarified the copyright issue. The designer has worked very hard to make accurate patterns and write instructions, as you certainly know, and it’s a shame that anyone with access to a copy machine thinks nothing of copying and sharing the original work. This applies to any patterns we may use including those for quilting, weaving and needlepoint/cross-stitching, knitting, and of course any other medium we may use.
    I once asked a Weaver if she was teaching my class, patterns, etc. I reminded her the material was copyrighted and to at least give me credit if she was copying it.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Brenda Archambault – you’re going to need to educate me – I am not familiar with your company name or patterns!

      1. Brenda archambault

        Mary, when I was involved as educational chair of a large weaving guild, I created classes using various weaving techniques. When I wrote a class, I always included a bibliography and any illustrations, directions, and so forth credited the source. It was irritating to have my work copied and taught elsewhere, without giving credit. As it was a non-profit organization, I never charged for time or instructions to the group. Of course I then discovered quilting! And that’s the rest of the story!! But it holds true that anything printed is automatically copyrighted to the author.

        1. CountryThreads Post author

          Brenda A – if you’re a weaver then you know that twining is simply basketweaving. Have you made a twined rug?

  7. Jane Dumler

    I checked Jan Patel’s web site and she does not list the book. Also check Amazon and it is listed as no longer in print. There is one copy available as used for $29.99. Might be easier to draft the pattern. Mary could you possibly give a block size. I;am guessing an 8 inch block on this one. Thanks,

  8. Kathy in western NY

    With many quilt shows in our area, there is always a table of goodies that the hosting guild sells. Many are older books and patterns so very cheap that quilters just have decided they no longer will make or need. I will keep an eye out for the book and let the blog readers know if I do obtain a copy. It’s so hard to remember who’s pattern belongs to who when we have been quilting as long as many of us have. Love the oak tree story Carol.

    1. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

      Thanks! We have landscapers at the house right now, and a neighbor asked what it would cost to cut his down! They can be a pain, so very large and shady, shading the front facing rooms maybe a bit too much, and the leaves… oh, the leaves… but it is beautiful specimen… had everyone kept theirs, our street would have been a glorious avenue of shade.

  9. Launa

    I bought Lady Liberty book right away because I wanted to use “ Her “ on the back of a vest I sewed for 4th of July! Still have the vest, but the book is gone! I still have some sewing related boxes unpacked from our move here in Idaho!
    Wow, thunder and lightning are here now. A downpour has hit!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Launa – as my tastes change I sometimes want different things from different books so I’m always hesitant to get rid of any. I hope I’m still alive in 20 years so I can hold the estate sale of my dreams – and attend it as well! It’s my perfect plan!

  10. Sandi

    Pat Sloan has a similar free quilt pattern on her web site. Hope this helps.

  11. Holly Woodyatt

    JJ Stitches in Sun Prairie Wi has some flag patterns on their web site if you cant find JJns book.

  12. Ann

    A used book store would be a good place to look. I have been amazed at some of the things I have seen at Half Price Books! There are online stores too — just saw a listing on eBay.
    Copyright is a tricky thing and does not stop with the death of the author. As a matter of fact, when I googled it, I learned that “works are protected for the author’s entire life plus 70 years”, with rights passed on to heirs since they are considered a personal property or assets. It can also apply to works published and unpublished.

  13. Pam in Waterloo

    When you are looking for old or out of print books, be sure to check the website abebooks.com. I have found so many books that way and they are not expensive. It’s an easy to use website. When you type in the name of author or book title, it immediately lets you know if they have any of the books that you are wanting. It starts with the least expensive ones and gets higher. Conditions of the books are listed as good, very good, like new, and fair. I order any of the books except fair. Good luck. I have this book of Jan’s. It has so many fun ideas. but do make note of this website abebookscom. I have used it often.

  14. Beth

    Thank you so much for the information regarding the pattern – I was very much admiring that quilt 🙂

  15. Diane Bauer

    I have several feelers out to quilter friends to see if anyone has this book or pattern that I can borrow or buy. If not, I will make use of one of the many free Quilts of Valor patterns on Pinterest. I didn’t know about Quilts of Valor until Justin deployed last year. If you are interested, check out their website http://www.qovf.org. The mission of the organization is “to cover service members and veterans touched by war with comforting and healing Quilts of Valor”. There are many quilters here in Colorado who piece beautiful tops and other quilters who provide the longarm quilting to finish the tops. Most states have a local branch if you are interested in doing anything like this!

  16. Emily


    I just bought my book by Jan Patek at this following website: https://stores.laptophoops.com/ I spoke to the owner, Mr. Harry Barnett, and he mentioned he could not understand why so many of his books were flying off the shelf this morning! I told him what has caused the rush on his books. Very nice fellow!
    Besides selling new and used books, he makes hoops laptop hoops for hand quilters and wool hooking. Take a look at his website.

    He has one book left. He takes Paypal.

    Take care

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Emily – poor guy! Too bad we couldn’t have warned him!

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