Fabric Choices, 10-26-22

Here are three fabric collections for the Fresh Start quilt along:

Isn’t this fun? (I have to post often these days because I have so many pictures to show you! Sorry for clogging up your email!!!)

Our friend Moe from Illinois loves Halloween and over the years has amassed a collection of Halloween fabric that’s just incredible. She retired recently and set off on a Halloween quilt journey and here are the results. Enjoy!

You can close your mouth now! Haha!!! Thanks, MOE, for this incredible Halloween quilt show!

120 thoughts on “Fabric Choices, 10-26-22

  1. Julie DeBower

    Moe, I love your Halloween quilts! I also am obsessed with Halloween fabric, but after seeing your beautiful quilts I better get sewing!!! Thanks so much for sharing and Mary for posting the pictures!!

  2. Moe Baly

    Thank you Mary for featuring my quilts. Thank you to everyone for such nice comments too. I really enjoyed every minute of sewing. I wake up happy every day since retiring. I’m always so busy that I wonder how I had time for a job for 50 years! I’m high energy and hope I can keep going the next 20 years at least. I have a lot I want to accomplish with my sewing, gardening, written stories, poems, paper art, painting with acrylics, and so much more!

    1. Julie B from CF

      Hi Moe…
      Your quilts are fantastic and so fun!

      I am retired too and sew every day. My sewing room is my oasis in this crazy world. I made 57 quilts in 2021… my goal was to make a quilt a week and I could not buy any fabric from January to September. I tell my kids that I am going to live to be 137 so I can use all my fabric. I am up to 30 so far this year…I took the summer off and have started again now that the weather has cooled down.

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Julie – why don’t you show us all of those quilts? Or at least your favorites? You know how we all live a quilt show!

  3. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Wow, just wow! I am so glad Moe is enjoying retirement. Thanks for posting, Mary. 🥰

  4. Ann Hubbard

    that is quite the Halloween collection of quilts and they are all different besides. great work, Moe. We know you love Halloween for sure. ann

  5. Jan Hebert

    Hahaha! I DID have my mouth open! Moe, you are an amazing quilter! Wonderful quilts and so many! I’ve been retired for over ten years now, and I have no large quilts finished sadly. Thank you for sharing and Mary, we love hearing from you always! Jan in MA

  6. Nancy Poole

    WOW Awesome Amazing Quilt Show from Moe. I love to see everyone’s Halloween quilts this time of year.

  7. Virginia

    Love love love all the Halloween quilts that Moe made! Seeing pictures have certainly motivated me. Thank you for one info on eggs..never knew that you can leave them on the counter a bit or keep them in the fridge for them to “dry” out for displaying them.
    Is it tooo late to order a copy of your newest quilt book?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Virginia – yes, it’s too late to get the book from us but you can get it from Martingale , your local quilt shop or Amazon. Hope you’ll join the quilt along!

  8. Kim from TN

    Lovely fabric choices for the quilt along. I am amazed on the quilts from Moe, wowzah! I really love the one with tilted squares, how cool.

  9. Cindy Yoakum

    WOW! Moe is definitely a wonderful quilter. LOVE all the gorgeous fabrics and quilts. Thanks for posting Mary!

  10. MJ

    How did you know my mouth was open??? So amazing and inspiring. i want to do that with all my Christmas fabric. Thank you Moe and thank you Mary!

  11. Susan K in Texas

    Wow Moe! The Halloween quilts are wonderful! Thanks for sharing with us.
    Mary I’m glad you found Dot.
    I made a quilt with the second grouping of fabrics. It’s very beautiful fabric. There was a quilt along called Spring in Paris by Zen Chic. Of course I decided I wanted a larger quilt and altered the pattern. It’s in the “To Be Quilted” pile.

      1. Susan K in Texas

        No I’m still moving them. I’m almost finished. I saved the largest for last. I’ve been pulling out the babies and the really bent ones as I put the pots in the greenhouse.
        Big Mama and her daughter will go in the big greenhouse when we move the other plants.
        We’ve gotten some rain again (3”) and cooler weather but thank goodness we don’t have any freezes in the forecast. I’m happy for a lot of time to get them moved.

  12. Jackie in NY

    Wow! Just wow! Moe has quite the collection of Halloween quilts! I wonder what she’s going to do with all of them?

  13. Cathy D

    MOE!!! Holy cow lady, you really knocked out the Halloween quilts!!! Good for you!! What are you going to do with all of them? You are officially my new quilting idol!

  14. patti leal

    moe, what a fantastic job. i love halloween also and have only finished a few quilts. i guess it’s time soon to concentrate on that huge bin. thanks for sharing. patti in florida

  15. Jan Smith

    Those were great. Halloween is my favorite holiday. It was always a big deal in my family because it was my dad’s birthday.

  16. Jan Reliford

    What a great that was! That’s a LOT of Halloween quilts! So much fun. Mary you are the best and thank you for sharing and always inspiring us and taking the time to post others fabulous quilts too so we can all sit in awe! Hugs

  17. Marsha from Kansas

    I say WOW for Moe’s Halloween quilt collection, too!! She chose the perfect fabrics to showcase in each quilt. Here I was feeling good about getting one Halloween quilt cut out for my orange project this month. It is a Three One Yard quilt. It still needs to be sewn together. Mary, send as many emails as you wish. They are always so interesting and I love reading all the comments, too. You and Jo Kramer “keep it real” with your blogs. So glad you found Dot. I, too, was wondering how long she has managed to live “out in the wild” away from your care.

  18. Carlene Buck

    Hello Mary and Moe, I am a friend of Moe’s who also lives in Iowa after almost 30 years in Moe’s quilt guild in the Chicago suburbs. I especially love the twist and turn one and the one with all the skeletons. What a bonanza of Halloween quilts to show us. Carlene Buck, Clarinda, Iowa

    1. Moe Baly

      Hi Carlene!!! Remember when we were both Featured Artists in 2005 at guild? That was so much fun, I felt so fortunate to be featured with you. Most of the Halloween fabrics were Vicki’s. She passed away in 2003 so it was time to use some of it. I still have a ton leftover, I need to sort it and decide what to do. I didn’t show all my Halloween Quilts, only those I made since Sept 2021. I am loving Retirement!! I hope you are doing well. I wake up Happy everyday!

    1. Sara

      Wow. So much creativity in the Halloween quilts. Love the collection.
      So many different fabrics used

  19. Cathy Platzer

    Mary, How did you know my mouth was open. Those were wonderful. What great ideas for all that novelty fabric I’ve collected.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Cathy – yes, I agree! MOE gave us all lots of inspiration on how to use those fun fabrics that we can’t resist.

  20. Cathie

    Wow! Wonder how long it took her to do all those beautiful quilts……..! Loved
    seeing them all.

  21. ANNETTE F.

    First of all, I would never say you have clogged up my e-mail. I thank you for all you share, including today’s Halloween Quilt Show. SIMPLY AMAZING!

  22. Julie B from Cedar Falls

    Oh wow..great Halloween quilts…I hate Halloween because our friends were murdered that night…but certainly do appreciate all the wonderful quilts Moe made.

    Keep those posts coming..I love every one of them.

    I am working on a quilt for my 3 yr old great nephew…he is getting a big boy bed. I will send a picture when it is done.

    My college age granddaughter asked me to make a quilt for her Christmas gift…she has been searching Pinterest and Etsy for fabrics.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Julie B – oh, how tragic! I don’t even want to ask more about it! I think you either love Halloween or just don’t really care. Connie absolutely loves it and I don’t have one Halloween decoration up in my whole house. You, on the other hand, have terrible memories connected to that night. I hope this didn’t happen in Cedar Falls.

      1. Julie b from cf

        It happened right across the field from our house. Do you remember the Mark murders in 1975? Do a google search and read about it. Awful.

  23. Rhoda Ebersole

    Her quilt show was very amazing.
    Would you please review what we are collecting for the quilt upcoming program???
    Good news about your chicken.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Rhoda – I got ahead of the program this morning – more info will be coming.

  24. Sandy in Eastern Washington

    Please clog our inboxes. Speaking for myself, I am so looking forward to seeing each individual’s group of fabrics. Fresh ideas and fresh eyes.
    Moe’s quilts made my day. Her use of fabrics and color, each quilt a different, creative pattern, the thoughtfulness of color placement in the design, even the use of embellishments with appliqué and ric rac all total an astonishing album. Truly a quilter who takes pride in her work. Thanks for sharing.
    So glad that you found Dot. She has kept herself and her eggs safe.
    Fall has definitely arrived. Our neighbor’s leaves are covering our lawn!!

  25. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    Mary, all three of your fabric selections are beautiful! I can’t wait to see them in progress😀. Moe, you have 11 Halloween quilts! Wow!! Love them🦹🧛😈💀🎃🎃. I was impressed with myself that I finished a panel Trick or Treat bag and a very small panel table runner. 🤣🤣🤣. Too funny! We are losing our beautiful weather and colorful leaves today. It is in the low 50’’s and rainy—yesterday was 76*. But, it will be in the mid 60’s the rest of the week😀.

  26. Debby

    I also collect Halloween fabric and now I know what I’ll do with some of it. Several patterns caught my eye, so I’ll cut strips/squares as I work with the fabric and use them aside for leader/enders! Thanks for the quilt show.

  27. Karen N.

    Wow! Amazing! Thank you Mary and Moe for sharing. Technology way beyond my ability but appreciate the time it takes. =:) Always look forward to your posts, Mary.

  28. Linda Carpenter

    Hey Mary, I’m considering Christmas fabric for the sew-along. What do you think? Maybe use different shades of green and red. I’m so glad you found DOT. How long was she missing? I wish I could have chickens, so I enjoy following your blog. And I love kitties and quilts.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda C – I believe Dot has been missing for a couple months at least but the door was partway open to the haymow so she could come down to eat and drink. I did see her outside late summer one time so that’s why I thought she was “back” when in fact she just came down for a break. Ha!

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda – I think Christmas might be very fun or maybe even red and white which you could use through Valentines Day and then again at Fourth of July.

  29. Connie R.

    Love the Halloween quilts. Wouldn’t the colors in her spider web pattern quilt look great with the Bullseye pattern. Great quilt show and color selections for the quilt along.

    1. Moe Baly

      Hi Connie R. I was actually thinking of making a Halloween Bullseye! That spider web quilt has over 45 spider and web fabrics in it. It’s quilted with a spider web pattern. I still have a lot of the stash left, it was mine and my friend Vicki’s, she passed away in 2003, so the fabric has been waiting for me to retire. I have over 25 great-nieces/nephews who will eventually each get one of these Halloween quilts so I need to make a few more anyway.

      1. Connie R.

        Moe, you have some lucky family members who will receive these fantastic quilts. Amazing how you made each one unique. Such a great job!

  30. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Wow! Mow what a show! My mouth really was hanging open by the end! Great job and fabulous quilts. That’s one lady who sure knows how to use her stash!

  31. Connie

    Mary, I am soooo tickled you found Dot! How long do you figure she’s been up there on her nest ? Will she come down eventually on her own or will you have to bring her down and remove her nest? What has she been eating all this time?
    I’m trying to come up with fabrics. I will send you a picture when I decide!

  32. Candy

    Holy “Moe-ly”! What a quilt show! I’ll have to dig through my stash to see how many Halloween fabrics I can find. I might have enough to make 1 quilt. Obviously, not in time for this year’s Halloween! Thanks for sharing. I love all your fabric picks Mary.

  33. Betty Klosterman

    Love Moe’s quilts. You didn’t say when she started making these quilts. I’m sure it took her several years? Clog my email any time you want. Especially like the Charlie Brown prints.
    I’ve never seen how a sew along goes, so this could be interesting. Love all the colors. It’ll be fun to watch. Full speed ahead, ladies!
    Betty in Rapid City

    1. Moe Baly

      Hi Betty, All the quilts you saw were made since Sept of 2021. I can’t believe it myself. I sewed a little each day, cut a little each day. I sent them out to be quilted, but I did bind each one by hand, my least favorite part of making a quilt, all have labels too. The Charlie Brown fabric is from the year 2000, so it’s been waiting….that’s my husband’s quilt, he’s a patient guy. I love being retired!

  34. Rita in Iowa

    Mary thanks for posting the quilts from Moe. She does love Halloween. Moe your quilts are amazing, keep up the amazing job.
    Iowa will have a few more decent days coming. Time to give the farmer to get their crops out.

    Still thinking about the quilt along.

  35. Dee Winter

    WOW! Moe you Rock! Thanks for sharing with us. Loved it. And you can be in my inbox anytime! I love your emails and enjoy the feel of home. Thanks for keeping me company.

  36. Kim D. Conner

    Simply amazing amount of Halloween quilts. Love all the fabric selections for the quilt a long.

  37. Susan Heffele/Big Bend Wisconsin

    I love every one of Moe’s Halloween quilts and am so jealous that she had the time and talent. I am working with hundreds of 4 1/2inch squares I cut out in the 70’s before we moved houses. I was working then and never got around to using them….I have been retired for 13 years and just now caught up on other projects…so NOW I can sew and sew and sew.
    Mary, keep posting. You could post 10 times a day and I would enjoy reading every one. I think I am even more jealous of EVERYTHING you do!

  38. Jan B from TN

    From someone who is not a fan of Halloween, all I can ya is WOW! to Moe from IL, my home state! Incredible Halloween quilts. Great job!👍👏🎃

  39. Donna Sproston

    Yes, my mouth was hanging open after Moe’s show. Very impressive. I am going with Christmas fabrics. That stash tub is overflowing.

  40. Meredith in Cincinnati

    More, you win the bag of Halloween candy! Your quilts are wonderful! This post was so much fun, Mary; thank you!

  41. Marcia

    Love, love, love the Halloween quilts. I, too, love Halloween and have a few quilts but these are wonderful. She has been very productive.

  42. Therese

    That is amazing! So happy she was able to sew up sew much of her stash.
    That is my dream! Don’t want my kids to say, what was she thinking, when they clean out my stuff one day.

  43. Kathy in western NY

    Send away anything as it’s my favorite emails to look for!!!
    Wow Moe is very talented and I loved this show. It’s a post I will be saving for inspiration. Now I wonder how much of her Halloween stash is still left or is she like me and just loves those colors to buy more of??? Thanks so much for sharing your creations with us.
    Have fun at Connie’s today and I will send my picture of fabrics as I am done washing and ironing the stash I pulled to play with.

    1. Moe Baly

      Hi Kathy, Most of the fabric was inherited, but I will admit, I did purchase a lot of it too. The colors are so happy. I still have a ton left. I need to sort to see what I want to keep and what other quilt patterns do I need to make. I have probably 6 or 8 other Halloween quilts I didn’t show. I was happy to be able to sew this year now that I’m retired. I’ve been finishing UFO’s too, one of them was 32 years old. I love Retirement!

  44. Marsha from MI

    Too funny! I don’t even buy Halloween fabric. I do love fall fabrics, though. She’s an amazing quilter. What a marathon!

    And I love the middle collection for the sewalong!

    1. Moe Baly

      Thanks Winnie! I think I need to sort the stash again to see what’s left. There’s so much more!

  45. Nilene Thompson-Finn

    You may “clog up” my inbox multiple times a day dear Mary!!! But it’s not a clog! It’s a missive from a trusted and admired quilting friend. I wish I could do this QAL and send you a pic of cute fabric, but I am a bit behind on my Christmas quilt gifts. October saw us (my husband Norm and myself) traveling more than usual. Last week we traveled to Pasadena for CalTech’s Homecoming. Norm graduated in the Class of 1972 and they were this year’s honored class. It was a very special and moving ceremony seeing him inducted into the Half Century Club. Very tearful. Back to quilting! Have a lovely day. 😍

  46. Linda from Georgia

    Wow! I am retired but can’t even touch that many quilts. Amazing!
    Looking forward to the sew along.

  47. Jan, Blue Earth

    Are there 5 or 6 different fabrics in the quilt-along block? I can only see 5, but I have made mistakes before! Lol

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jan – some blocks have a different background fabric between the star points – it’s optional.

  48. Eva Miller

    Moe ! What incredible Halloween quilts. You have inspired me to pull out some Halloween fabrics and start one.

  49. Kimberly Lusin

    Thank you for sharing some fabric bundles for the sew along. They gave me a better understanding of what I should choose. I’m shopping mostly from my stash. Can’t wait to get started on this. I so appreciate you and Connie doing this. By the way, Moe is a friend of mine and constantly delights us with her quilts, especially her Halloween quilts. Thank you for posting them for everyone to see.

  50. Sue in Oregon

    Everyone in her family gets a Halloween quilt!!! How fantastic is that? Plus, they are all very, very great quilts.
    Moe, you are an exceptional quilter. Thank you for sending your show to Mary so she could show us.
    Thanks for showing us your fabric selections, Mary. I think I like the first pastelish one best.

  51. Susan in PA

    Wow. Moe’s quilts are great. My middle child was born at 10:10 pm on Halloween and weighed in at 10 pounds. October is the 10th month too so Halloween and 10s are special to us.

  52. Carmen Montmarquet

    That’s exactly what I was doing, mouth open the whole time! Yikes, she has been busy but loved everyone of them! Thanks for sharing!

  53. Jo in Wyoming

    Moe loves Halloween!! That is an understatement. Thanks for the pictures.
    Mary, I love your fabric selections.

  54. Marian Stever

    Moe Baly wins the prize! The quilts are absolutely stunning. Terrific colors. Thanks Mary for posting her “show.”

  55. Karen Hamilton

    Wow, the Halloween quilts are fabulous! Great job, Moe!
    How’s the weather back in Iowa? We are in Mesa for the winter, although I am flying home for Thanksgiving.

    1. Rosemary, Garner IA

      We’ve got a few 50 & 60 degree days ahead of us…..we’ll take every one as Harvest wraps up in our area. We need a few more days like this…..We’ve had a taste of the 30 degree days and we’re not ready. Thankful for a little more fall…..What are fall temps in Mesa now?? I imagine pretty comfortable! Enjoy

  56. Vicki in Seattle

    Moe, what a wonderful group of Halloween quilts! Thanks for sharing them with us!🎃🎃🎃

    1. Marilyn

      The news about Dot is wonderful. Hope she doesn’t disappear again.
      The showing of Moes’s Halloween quilts was great. How long ago did she make all of them? Lots of color and patterns.

  57. Kathy Hanson

    Now that is an amazing number of beautiful seasonal quilts!! I wonder if she took any time to sleep! Fantastic!!!!!

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