Wasn’t that fun? 10-26-22

I had a feeling you’d love Moe’s Halloween quilt show and here’s something else you should know – all of these quits were made since September 2021. Makes me feel like a slug – you, too?

It was so fun for me to post all her quilts because I knew how much you’d enjoy seeing them. So let that be an encouragement for all of you to send me pictures of your quilts – everybody loves a quilt show!

News about Dot – here’s the steps and over head sliding door that goes up to the haymow.

Sorry about the blurry picture. I always leave the sliding door open a bit so cats can get downstairs for food and water.

The guys stacked the hay all wrong for me last summer – I can’t get around it and I can’t reach the top of the pile. Ugh. Under the edge of those bales is where I found Dot.

I had seen her outside a couple months ago and was so glad she was back from wherever she’d gone only to have her disappear again. She is sitting on a huge nest of eggs so I took one outside and broke it.

A reader sent me this picture of the nest of eggs she discovered when the same sort of thing happened at her place.


Of course Three came with me. I left Dot there but I think I’ll have to take all the eggs so she’ll come downstairs again. I’m quite sure they aren’t fertilized. Mystery solved.

I got several questions about keeping eggs. A fresh egg has a covering on it called “bloom”. Fresh unwashed eggs can sit on the counter for 2 weeks and be fine. Once the “bloom” is washed off, eggs should be refrigerated. They will not stay fresh on the counter. The small end of the egg should point down in the egg carton which keeps the yoke positioned in the middle of the white. Just a few egg facts for you.

The corn in the field west of us earlier today.

Reader quilts:

Remember that old picture I bought called October Morn? I finally got to put it on my mantel this month.

Here’s my version of October morn:

Just a bit of fall clean up yet to do – how’s it going at your house? Ready for winter?

Thanks again, MOE, for your very entertaining Halloween quilt show – we all loved it!!!!

48 thoughts on “Wasn’t that fun? 10-26-22

  1. Jackie in NY

    Hi Mary – thanks for the info about eggs – so interesting. I always learn something from your blog! Love the reader quilts today – the blue and white stars! Love the cow quilt – so cute! And the sunflower quilt is beautiful!

  2. Betty Klosterman

    The eggs and cream bought the extras in town that we couldn’t raise ourselves. Sorry, Mary, but the chickens made for quick meals when unexpected company came. No refrigeration needed. Raised everything we could to save money. Chickens grew fast, ate bugs and were fertilizer spreaders. There was a big garden with lots of canning.
    Are other quilters like me? My mind is always at least 40 projects ahead of my fingers. That blue quilt with the white stars is on my list! I love it. Luckily, making quilts for Project Warmth is great. We get to make the quilt tops and then other ladies quilt them. Then they go to charity and it makes us all feel good. The nurses at the pediatric section of the hospital decide if a child needs a quilt. It just melts our hearts when the kid says “This is MY quilt? I can keep it?” A lot of them don’t have anything. Not even a bed. We give about 300-350 quilts away every year.
    Love all the “old age” comments, memory, scatter brained thinking. Yes, we need to laugh, a lot every day. It is good for the soul. Big smiles, too. Especially quilting mistakes? I just think that only God is perfect. The Amish always have a ‘mistake’ in every quilt for that reason.
    Take care, everybody. And don’t forget to laugh. Betty in Rapid City

  3. Li

    My goodness Mary. The image of so many eggs was mind blowing. Thanks for the walk through the barn.

  4. Linda from Georgia

    Got my book today. Ready to start on the sew along. Just need to pick some fabric.

  5. Tanya T in Houston

    Oh! I have a smaller copy of that painting! It used to hang in my parents’ house. I must find it and use it at this time of the year. Loved the egg facts! This things you teach us are amazing! Never hear those things on Jeopardy!!!

  6. Kris in WI

    Moe, I had to chuckle when I noticed the ghosts in the graveyard were enjoying your quilt show as much as we were. They were really dancing for joy! When my husband had to retire we called it A Gift of Time. He was still able to do most of the things he loved for years; taking pictures of old barns, barn quilts, bugs, birds, flowers, and enjoying all things outdoors. So glad we have those memories. Enjoy this time!

    Oh, what a sweet picture of Telly beside your fireplace. Now what is Hazel up to with her nose deep in the dirt…and Keeper right beside her, Telly watching over them both.

    Mary, I loved the pictures of the animals. How fortunate they are to have the room to roam and be outside, Wow, those combines and huge gravity boxes make short work of harvesting! They brought to mind all the “watching” we did when my son was little – building the “new” bank, fixing the road, tractors in parades (while my daughter was naming all the breeds of horses that pranced by), and fire trucks coming in for rural fire school. Where is a little boy when you need one? No, wait! I don’t need an excuse, do I! Have you seen the size of the trucks that haul the components for the big windmills? Ha, it must be the kid in me. 🙂

  7. MartyCae

    Such fun the last two days! Fall is so colorful – I love it!
    Busy time of year, my yard is still calling my name. I am NOT looking forward to snow however.
    My sewing machine is calling my name. I have to pretend not to hear it. No sewing until all chores done. Bah!

  8. Quilting Sister

    Oh, those nutty dogs!! They sure do have some fun, don’t they? Ha!

    And I know nothing about chickens, but am very glad to hear Dot returned home. I’m confused about what she was eating all this time … was she sneaking outside and going back in? Please explain, bcz she had to be eating something to produce all those eggs! 🙂

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Quilting Sister – that sliding door was open far enough for her to come down and eat and drink which is what I assume she did.

  9. Nancy Walker

    I just love to watch Tim’s harvester work in the fields! The progress in farm equipment over the years has been absolutely amazing!

  10. Sue in Oregon

    Mary…Does Rick wear support stockings? I had a wound on my lower leg above my ankle. They said to wear support hose every day. I did and it finally healed. It is still a light red there, but the skin is completely healed. I guess it has to do with circulation.
    I loved reading Moe’s retirement story. So many of us have enjoyed it to the max.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sue – he has every type of compression sock on the market, I think! And wears them every day, all day.

  11. Carla

    I feel like a dolt, but I gave the baby quilt I made for my grandson to my DIL before I even took a picture. I guess I’ll have to pass on the participation award this time around, haha! In my defense, it’s busy around here with fall prep and I’m trying to get ahead on Christmas. All of this would be easier if my dratted ankles would heal! I injured myself the end of August and I’m sooo done with it. Glad your chicken was found. So you ever candle your eggs just in case? I feel bad for your poor broody hen.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carla – your ankles, too? Rick’s won’t heal either. Do you have open wounds or bruising or what? And how are you treating them? I’m just looking for ideas to try with Rick. I’m going to bring Dot downstairs today and lock her in the infirmary so she cant escape until she gets over being broody. I’m going to dispose of all the eggs. I know she comes down to eat and I’ve had food and water up there but enough is enough.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carla – ask your dil to take a picture of the baby with the quilt and send it to me – I’d love to see the baby, too!

  12. Mary in Davenport Iowa

    Thanks for all the email’s . I was thinking about dot ,is it possible to buy or get fertile eggs for her. Also a few emails ago you were showing us the beautiful field corn and you said it’s not for human consumption. Is it okay ok for squirrels and other animal to eat. I love all the beautiful quilt’s. Moe you really did a great job on all the beautiful quilt’s .

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Mary in Davenport – yes, the corn I pick up in the field that has been missed by the combine is what I feed the squirrels in the winter. I keep it in a metal garbage can with the lid on tightly so it’s safe.

  13. Linda

    Moe certainly is an inspiration to us all and I think she was just what I needed to get up and get going again.
    Here in Ontario fall is just about over as most of the leaves are down and waiting to be raked up. The temperature is 4 c with a pretty good wind. The corn fields here in southern Ontario are looking just like the ones out your window. Sun is shining and it’s a good day to get things done. Thank you for your daily edits as I totally enjoy them. Keep up the good work.

  14. Nancy Wingo

    Thank the Lord for finding Dot. Such a beautiful bird. Just wanted to comment on all the beautiful quilts. I was excited seeing the all white background with grey ish cow. Love the vertical strips. Such a cute face too. Share more please. Love seeing them.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Nancy Wingo – I’ll be more than happy to share every quilt photo I receive – wish readers would send more.

  15. Joy in NW Iowa

    Good morning on the 27th! Had a teeny wit of a sprinkle. Yesterday I working in my happy place and cut some fabric for a new quilt, worked on some cards, made taco meat for a salad at noon. Hubby dug the potatoes yesterday. He had a decent crop. He brought me a basket of the ‘injured during digging’ potatoes to use first. Some are huge! Enough for a whole family!
    I had a kit for a baby blanket in my stash that I decided to use for the quilt along. Loved all the pictures. Love how your haymow door slides. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in a haymow. Loved to play with the kitties in the haymow when I was a kid. Perfect for kitties. Now all we have is cold steel sheds. Poor kitties. We had a nice barn here on our farm. We raised many pigs in there. But, sadly it isn’t there anymore. Have a good day!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Joy – I’ve tried very hard to preserve my barn and it’s really good except for the floor which is broken up concrete making tunnels available for those lousy rats. The haymow is a magical place even though mine is very dirty right now compared to when we were sewing up there. Now THAT was truly magical!

  16. Sally J.

    Wonderful quilts Moe!!! They inspire me to get going!!
    We moved from our condo to our house on the 13th. I’m totally overwhelmed with so much to do!!
    Of course working on getting my sewing room set up but not quite there yet!!
    Mary – Thanks for all the egg info! I love this blog!!!

  17. Mary

    I learned something new. I never new that the small end of an egg goes in the carton. When I buy them next time I will have to check that out too.

  18. Kathy in western NY

    Your mantle is perfect for fall and through Thanksgiving. Your home grown pumpkins and gourd are treasures. My mantle has fabric pumpkins….one from orange worn out chenille with a real stem tied with green homespun , a white sweater one. Oh and a bluish paper mache one I got years ago too. The dogs together look like little kids on an adventure. Finally feels like a fall day here so a pan of lasagna will give us plenty of leftovers.

  19. Kathy Hanson

    Oh my, did we ever love it! Wonderful quilts today as well. Ah yes, fall for sure. Jerry has been working really hard cleaning up all the plants, etc!!! What a job! Loved the picture of the cat, beautiful! Dogs looking happy and so good that you found Dot!!!

  20. Marcia-Ohio

    When I was a kid, my mom raised chickens. We had plenty to eat and cook with. She would have cardboard crates filled and take to the A&P grocery store to sell. We would collect the eggs, put on cardboard trays and take a few days to fill while the crate was sitting in the ‘breezeway’ which was on a cool cement floor. We would wipe them off just before taking them to A&P. They were never refrigerated at our house.

  21. Diane. Sqyeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    I love Moe’s comments about being retired and outside. I never thought about being inside all day! . I commuted into “farm” country to teach for 10 years, then taught at a campus style HS for 20 so I was watching the farmers and nature or often outside! Remember the old Calgon commercials, “Take me away, Calgon?” That is how it is when I read your blog and look at your pictures-ahhh😀. Thanks, Mary🎃😺. It’s going to be nice for Trick or Treat tonight—61*. PS. Autocorrect changed Calgon to Calvin😂. I am not looking fir Calvin to take me away😹😹

  22. MaureenHP

    Mary, I enjoy all the farm stuff. Had no idea a hen could lay so many eggs. Too bad it’s for nothing. The cow (! think) quilt is darling and the Sunflower quilt reminds me of when I lived in Kansas and to continue to pray for Ukraine. The lawn mower has been replaced by the snow blower, so I’m ready to be face winter and get a few UFOs done.

  23. Moe Baly

    Thank you Mary for the nice compliments about my Halloween quilts. I think I just love those colors! I do have over 20 great nieces/nephews so each will get one at some time. I’m newly retired so have been gutting parts of my house, working outside by having trees and bushes taken out, gardening, and sewing an hour or two a day. Just so you know this is all new to me, finishing a quilt within a year. My latest UFO finish has been 32 years in the making! After 50 years full time, sitting in a brick building, I’m discovering there’s weather! There’s nature! I had no idea! I love retirement!

    1. Susan Boyd in VA

      Moe: After reading your comment I went back and looked at all of your quilts. Retirement certainly agrees with you — you look so happy! I’m amazed you accomplished all of that sewing in 1 or 2 hours a day? I need to get my tail-end in gear! Beautiful work!

    2. Kathy in western NY

      I love your attitude as you share my husbands feelings. At the time Covid hit, he was working around large groups and our kids were home working and told him it was about time to retire. I had already been for 10 years even though I could work days I wished as they kept me on at the medical facility. That became less and less as I enjoyed my retirement too much and going to work was time away from fun. My husband wondered why it took him so long to know you can have more fun around our homes. He loved his job, was challenged and respected so by retiring finally he decided to have his dream garage built, have all his power tools in one spot so we say this was the only good thing to come out of Covid for us. It sounds like you have the enthusiasm for many years of more projects to show us and I look forward to them for inspiration as well.

    3. Joy in NW Iowa

      More, you must sew non stop! Beautiful work! I didn’t work for 50 years but my hubby worked for 47 while I took care of the hogs and cattle and our children. Then worked part rime for 17 years and decided to retire before going on vacation one year. I was tired of working like a dog to go on vacation and then coming home to another mountain of work to catch up! It was the best thing ever! I was able to visit my mom in the nursing home every day for her last four years. She was wise one day, she told me to bring some hand work along to work on when I came so I wouldn’t be itchy to leave. Good idea! I’ve always been meaning to print the pictures of the quilts I’ve made but….
      Loved seeing your work and so happy you love retirement! Like hubby says, now we have time to sit and enjoy a glass of iced tea!

      1. Cynthia from SW Minnesota

        Joy,Please do a quilt show for us sometime, you could do it in segments! It is fun to see others’ quilts, then it gives me motivation to get busy as well! Sewing day for me today, I am making Halloween pillowcases, my yard work in the gardens is completed so now I can work on inside projects!

    4. Donna Wyatt

      So happy for you! I retired in April, best thing I ever did. Have been making and gifting quilts since then. Not to the volume that you have, but it is a great way to create something for someone and enjoy seeing it come together.

      Enjoy every day of your retirement!

  24. Sandy

    Hi Mary, would like to know how many eggs Dot was sitting on, 15 is my guess. Good to see all the dogs having fun, Bella doesn’t like other dogs, not socialized when she was young. Just mad3 a pizza for dinner, with some coleslaw, time for the news on TV, take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  25. Cathy D

    Thanks for educating us on storing eggs. I did not know about pointing the small end down. There’s not much field work left to be done around my area. Everything is so brown and drab again. I’m almost eager for snow, just to freshen the landscape up a bit. I cannot believe I just said that!! I am not a fan of the white stuff unless it’s Christmas Eve.
    Time to switch my interest to indoor hobbies! I just ordered Midtown and Jake’s quilt patterns. I’m anxious to begin Midtown! Choosing fabrics is not my strong suit and I’m not sure how to change that.

  26. Diane in Colorado

    I have always stored my eggs point down—thanks to a Mom who grew up on a farm.

    Beautiful quilt show. I am in awe at the numbers of quilts Mow has cranked out!!

  27. Jo in Wyoming

    Another great post from Mary and all.
    I’ve said before, I’m not very techy. This whole week I’ve been challenged by the computer on my quilting longarm. I’ve had 3 cursers on the screen and am afraid to get a big quilt loaded and end up with trouble I can’t fix! So, I went to the store. The receipt wouldn’t print, so a manager had to walk me out!!! Could it be too much iron in my blood causing me to be magnetic? It’s making me crazy😵‍💫. If the car quits, I’ll have to return to horse and buggy.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo – I’m having some trouble with the longarm, too, but mine isn’t computerized so I’m assuming it’s operator error. Ugh.

  28. Susie Kepley

    I have a thing about watching combines in the field! ❤️❤️❤️ Glad Dot has been found and is doing what MaMa chickens do. 🐔🐣🐔

  29. Pamela Dempsey

    I enjoyed the Halloween 🎃 quilts, my favorite holiday! I’m glad you found your hen and I hope she’s not getting too stressed laying on those eggs forever! My daughter’s cockatiel layed a couple of eggs which can be dangerous for them. She bought some little fake ones so Priscilla was happy to lay on so many but then was getting so weak from not leaving them. Sarah persuaded her off with a treat and then quickly scooped them all away. Priscilla headed back and realized they were gone, turned her head a little and then went off to eat a meal finally. Poor thing was worn out. Birds can be a lot more work than I realized. They live in an apartment and she loves hens so I made her an appliquéd chicken quilt. Alfie, our rescue dog, has been with us a week today and doing better every day. He’s affectionate first thing in the morning, so sweet.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pamela – I loved the pictures of Alfie and now I know who’s getting the chicken quilt! Sweet!
      I’m taking the eggs away from Dot tomorrow!

  30. Chris in Alaska

    Thanks for the egg tips Mary ! Our neighbors have chickens ( yes, in Alaska) and occasionally we are gifted fresh eggs . My hubby loves hard boiled eggs in his lunch , but the yolks are never in the middle ! Why didn’t I think of storing them the other way ??

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Chris in Alaska – I’m just curious what a dozen eggs sell for in Alaska. Several years ago eggs were under a dollar a dozen – maybe .69 or so. Now large eggs are around $3+ a dozen!!!! My hens are saving me a ton of money.

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