Fabric is Gone

Just a short note to tell you the green polka dot fabric is all gone.  I took pictures of some quilts yesterday and will post them later today.  It’s so cool here in North Iowa that I have a sweater on!  What a change!

3 thoughts on “Fabric is Gone

  1. Susan Sundermeyer

    Yeah on cooler weather! Usually what you have in Iowa we get later in Ohio. Come on cooler weather!

  2. Ann Barlament

    It was definitely cooler here in Minneapolis this morning, grabbed the comforter to wrap round my shoulders. Need to pack my room as they are sending me upstairs. At least I’ll have a private room, most are shared.

  3. Nancy England-Poole

    Love your reports on the farm and weather. I’m cleaning my sewing room today and taking my machine in for service. Our weather is now in the 100-110’s so need to have things to do inside. Like the recent scrap quilt posts. Has given me some motivation now that I’m retired with a PILE of fabrics.!

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