The Day Got Away From Me!

I said I was going to post those quilts yesterday but the day filled up so fast I couldn’t find the time.

I made this quilt for my friend Abby in Alaska who is having a baby in September.  She requested rainbow colors with the emphasis on purple.  How did I do?

The pattern came from the cover of this book.

Reed came to see the animals this morning.

The black kitten is his favorite.  Everybody except Mama came out to eat this morning.

Connie’s kitties are helping her sew today on her June quilt by Crazy Mom.

Hazel likes to clean out the peanut butter jar.

Reed picked out some plants to take home.

While he was checking out the mama goose

He noticed that another gosling had hatched.  That gosling joined up with another aunt and uncle who are leading him around the farm.  Here are the first three.  Hard to get closeup pictures of these guys because the goose guardians are so fierce.

And the surrogate goose mom is still on the nest of at least 6 eggs.

Here’s Hazel’s favorite cat, BC.

Last winter I made this quilt – you might remember it – but I never got a picture taken because it was so cold outside.  This scrap quilt is made entirely of men’s shirt.  I did use a polka dot on the back with shirts running down the middle but all the stripes and plaids are shirts.

I really enjoyed working on this quilt. I saved all the blue scraps for another project which I probably Will work on next winter.

This got to be a long post because I forgot yesterday and I’m likely to forget tomorrow because I’m practicing with Margaret for a funeral at our church on Thursday.

Hope you’re all having a great summer so far!

48 thoughts on “The Day Got Away From Me!

  1. Janice

    What a wonderful improv quilt! You sure nailed it with this quilt as to what a improv quilt is. It sure could be passed off as an antique quilt in both color and design. Just love it.

  2. Sandra Pierson

    Mary, what pattern did you use for your quilt made from men’s shirts?

    I just love it,


  3. Ann Barlament

    Your Alaska baby quilt reminds me of one I made for the financial worker, when I was going to school (1997). She would put the quilt in the middle of her living room and lay her daughter upon it. Her daughter would crawl to the edge of that brilliant quilt, turn her head when she reached carpet and go back the other direction. The child never left the quilt!! LOL

    Loving your shirt quilt and all those itty bitty triangles!!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Carol – Connie and I have read all her books and loved them!

  4. Rebecca H

    Your quilts are great. man can you produce them fast, wow. Thanks for the pics, I love looking at them and look forward to your blog

  5. Felicia Hamlin

    I just wish kitties will stay little forever. Connie’s kitties are enjoying the good life. Another gosling? Wonders never cease at the farm. The baby quilt is very pretty and so is the blue one. We have been nice and cool too. So Hazel likes that kitty, my Zena doesn’t like our cat, she is too jealous.

  6. Kathy

    Sounds like I’m not the only one who loved your men’s shirting quilt! It turned out great – and the rainbow baby quilt looks perfect! So enjoy your blog – I read every day like so many others who’ve commented today. Love all the things you share with us. Little Hazel is quite the gal! Not hard to fall in love with one like her! She seems to be adapting well to life on the farm. Thanks again for all the sharing you do!

  7. Marcella

    Mary so enjoying your pictures of the farm, your unique quilts and Hazel. Reed must be enjoyable to have helping you. He looks quite happy. This blog is better than a magazine. I have started a quilt this month. A quilt kit I bought from your shop – Best Friends was the pattern. I really enjoyed our trips to Garner . So I am so glad to hear your farm news. Have a great day tomorrow.

  8. Diane M

    Your blue quilt looks like a relaxing day at the lake. The colors are beautiful. I love the animal pictures. Reed is going to become a master gardener. I’ve been copying the directions from Temecula Quilts for her Marvelous Mini. New patterns are available every Monday for twelve weeks. I’m not sure when I’ll get it started; I’m having a knee replacement on Monday. I think my time will be used for recovery and exercising. Our cool weather is wonderful.

  9. Kathy Hanson

    The kitties are all so cute! Hopefully mama will decide
    Come around soon. Looks like Connie’s have fit in well at her house. The geese are certainly protective and will take off after anyone trying to get close! Thanks for your lovely pictures. The quilts are beautiful. ‘Your blog just makes my day! The

  10. Jan Smith

    Such a fun post! Your string quilt in blues is one of your very best, I think. Love it!

  11. Janie

    I don’t know what I enjoyed more. The quilt pics or the animals! You hit the nail right on with the rainbow/purple!

  12. Ann Roth

    Loved all the pics. Kitties are so cute and friendly.
    Reid is a handsome young “lad”. How old is he?

  13. Pat O'Neill

    Love all the quilts but especially the baby quilt going to Alaska! Always enjoy your posts & the pictures! Bright spot in my emails!! Really enjoy antics of Hazel. Our daughter has a puppy which just turned 1 & she is a handful! All 70 lbs of her!! Keep up the good work!

  14. Jane b.

    Love the blue shirt quilt. How I wish hubby and I could live on a farm. But his asthma limits where we can live. Your postings brighten my day.

  15. Paula

    I love seeing Hazel riding the black cat. Love love the shirt quilt, it looks so comforting.
    Just really enjoy reading about your quilts and animals. I read everyday. Paula in KY

  16. Sue Davis

    Oh,, if I just lived a little closer I would take all three of those kittens. No kiddin! I miss our cat so much, and especially my little dog Artimus Gordon, misses his cat they were best of friends. Their game of hide and seek was their favorite. I will never have another inside-outside cat again. Only inside!!! My wonderful cat went out and never came home, it’s been two yrs now. I still hope to see those little ears at the back door. Something got her.
    Mary, my husband and I have had to make a very hard decision. It’s been coming for a while now but this Friday are lambs are headed back to their birth farm in Wooster OH. We will meet Scott in Texarkana and he will take them home. This is a very hard thing for me to do, I have never in all my 70 yrs given a family animal away. Scott and Kelly promised they would stay on their farm forever and not ever leave. This is for the best but that doesn’t make it any easier for us. Bye for now–Sue, Argyle Tx

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sue – oh what a heart wrenching decision. Are they just too much work? Shearing and all is a huge commitment, I know! I’m so sorry.

      1. Sue Davis

        My husband has scoliosis plus arthritis that has flared up. He is going to a pain dr and has some relief but there is a chance surgery will be needed. So the cleaning and all is up to me. Those bales of hay and waste are so heavy for me. Well I have complained enough. I love those guys, and I guess I keep them to clean and make too much work for myself. Scott and Kelly have a wonderful farm they will be in good hands. I will miss them calling to me and having them help me clean up, stepping on my feet, as they have to be first with everything. Thanks for listening.

        1. Diane

          Sue, I go to Amish country near Wooster. Want me to visit them? So sorry about this; it’s hard to lose them, I’m sure. They’ll be ok.

          1. Sue Davis

            They are going to be fine. I know. I have read the sheep will remember only for two weeks. They were raised on this farm. So their mom and dad sheep are there. But I will send you Kelly and Scott’s address. The name of their farm is Two by Two Acres. Kelly and Scott are wonderful people. And by the way Wooster is a beautiful town. Thank you, Sue Davis

  17. Teresa

    Mary, I’ve always enjoyed your quilts and I’m curious if you have an idea of how many quilts you’ve made to date?

  18. Pat Johnson

    Animals and quilts – it just doesn’t get any better than that. You lead a very blessed life.

  19. Mary R.

    Loving all your posts about the quilts and the animals. I am twenty minutes outside of New Orleans, Louisiana. All we’ve had for the last month is constant rain. Today we are under storm warnings because of a system out in the Gulf of Mexico. It’s not a tropical storm yet, but there are plenty of rain bands moving over the land that can cause severe flooding. Forecasters are calling for 17 inches of rain between today and Thursday. I’m glad my house is 4-1/2 feet above the street level!

  20. Jo Kramer

    I love this Mary…I may have to copy you. They say when someone copies it’s the highest compliment. Please believe that!!

  21. Sue

    I love that shirt quilt, Mary. The blues are just so summery. It looks like a beach cabin quilt to me. Love it. The new baby quilt it adorable, too. That is an interesting pattern for sure.
    Connies kittens look so comfortable and right at home. Cute. She took my fav which is the one closest to the camera.
    Geese scare me almost as much as snakes do. I have snakes in my garden this year and I am constantly on the watch for them out there. They are doing good, I know, but still…..Yikes!

  22. Brenda archambault

    Guess I should have added that I’m presently in north west Montana, probably directly east of Launa, where it was in the 80s yesterday, and I think we’re approaching 90 right now.

  23. Holly TH

    Oh my goodness, thank you for such a fun post! My favorites were Reed with the black kitten, Connie’s kitties stretched out on her ironing board, loving life, and that fabulous quilt made of shirts. That quilt is a real inspiration!

    I’m amazed at how tame the kittens have become. You did a great job with them!

  24. Dianne H.

    Love the colors in the baby quilt. So bright and fun. The men’s shirts quilt is wonderful. The little half-square triangles remind me of sailboats on a lake. You have such a talent for putting just the right colors and patterns together in your quilts. That is something I struggle with when I make a quilt from scratch – choosing the colors. I often buy kits for that very reason. Then all I have to do is cut and sew. I also like to use precuts.

  25. Marian

    Love all the quilts, kitties, geese, and of course Hazel. Reed is a handsome lad with his favorite kitty! Thanks for all the pictures. I look for your posts every day or whenever you have the time! No pressure!!!!!

  26. Carla Monnier

    I just started planning a quilt to use men’s shirt material. This was posted at a great time. I really like your pattern. Can you share any more detail (such as pattern piece size/how many pieces, etc.) or did you design as you worked? I am trying to plan out as much as possible before starting. Thanks for sharing-

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Carla – this quilt is definitely an improv design – no pattern – just start cutting and piecing. Your quilt will be one of a kind.

  27. Brenda archambault

    Wow, the Colored triangles really make the blue quilt pop. I hope Reed gets permission to bring Blackie home with him. Then you’ll only have two more that need good homes. I’m sill in awe at all you accomplish. If I were home in AZ, I’d have about 10 quilts finished this weekend. But …I am doing a cross stitch sampler of The dear Jane quilt and also have some blocks to appliqué, in between taking care of my ill son and teaching his kids how to do housework.

  28. Launa

    So enjoy the quilt pictures Mary as they inspire me to sew. Your shirt quilt with the rows of wee half square triangles is wonderful. Finished Taryn’s Baskets last eight blocks yesterday. Now to get them sewn with the alternate squares and finish. Happy to let you know it is 77 sunny degrees up here in Idaho’s panhandle today. More sunny days coming. I didn’t realize I could get a severe sun burn on my toes a few weeks ago where they were exposed thru my SAS sandals. I’m more careful now.
    I well remember my uncle’s geese and how they loved to chase after me when I’d spend time visiting their farm.
    Last night after dusk we were thrilled to see a sizeable herd of female elk and so many darling long legged babies on our front acreage. The babies were so entertaining running and jumping around under their moms’ watchful eyes. A good thing about living off the grid here. We don’t see any of the wee ones at the mineral block during the day.
    What a lovely baby quilt, Mary!!!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Launa – id love to see those babies playing! Glad it warmed up for you guys!

  29. Deborah K.

    I look forward to your posts especially the pictures of the animals. I’ve been following the kittens! The quilts are nice too, but what would quilting be without an animal or two helping!

  30. Diane

    Fantastic quilts. The shirt quilt is gorgeous and not much money in it , I imagine, but lots of time. You are so good with color choices!! Everyone comments on the great colors in my purse quilt:) That baby in Alaska will love his/her new quilt. Connie’s babies are getting big and so cute.
    Does Reed want the black one? Is he allowed? Does the bigger black kitty love Hazel??? He/she looks pretty tolerant. Thanks for sharing; you always bring a smile:)

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