Fair Week


I spent the afternoon at our local fair sewing with ladies who contributed their time and talents sewing blocks for next year’s raffle quilt. The Hancock County Fair queen and princess joined us and made a block, too–aren’t they both cute?
Sassy and Biscuit are here for the weekend, Bo is still here and Rowdy arrives tomorrow – full house!

3 thoughts on “Fair Week

  1. Rosemary

    Thanks for doing your part at the fair. I know the girls were excited to have your input and to have you there for the sew along. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to be there at that time, but I did get my raffle quilt material pack bought. It will make another beautiful quilt for next year’s raffle.

  2. Launa

    A perfect background for the “crowned pair” with the blue wreath showing in the picture. The Star block is a favorite of mine.
    I have a “shadow” for a while today as my granddaughter is here mowing and Mercy, the little lap size grand-dog, came along and headed right for the “dog treat” drawer.
    Heating up to 102 later today. Hope the slight breeze keeps us a tad cooler.

  3. MjBailey in CA

    What do you do with all the dogs at night? Do you bring them in the house or put them in a barn? I’m guessing they don’t all sleep on the bed with you – haha.

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