Exhausted Sunday



Saturday we welcomed Betsy’s dog, Rowdy, a one year old border collie, to the farm. I failed to get a picture of Rowdy because he moved too fast! Bo, feeling like the resident male dog, and Faye being the little princess that she is, were both a bit put out having Rowdy join us but Biscuit and Sassy and of course Telly were ready to join in the fun racing around the yard. Since I have only one kennel, sleeping arrangements had to be improvised. Bo slept in the living room all week and Biscuit and Sassy are comfortable in their crates inside the kennel so that left Rowdy who had never visited before. I thought he could sleep in the screened porch but he protested so I slept on the porch couch with him on the floor next to me. For the person who asked if I put them in the barn the answer would be “no”; the barn is full of goats,chickens and geese. So you can see I really need another kennel and yard. I will never attempt to open a licensed kennel – I’m just a person who loves dogs and will “board” as many as I can in my house and 1-2 kennels for family and friends when they need to be gone from home. And I don’t like to leave home, so it’s perfect.

When I came out of the house this morning, these blooms welcomed me. Yup, my night blooming cereus has multiple blooms with more buds forming. It takes my breath away!

Before I left for church, Bruce and Cassie picked up Bo and by the time I got home again, Rowdy had left and Biscuit and Sassy’s dad, Ed, was here to get them. I had a 2 hour nap in my chair this afternoon! I needed it.

5 thoughts on “Exhausted Sunday

  1. Rose Mikulski

    I still see reality tv show, how fun would this be to watch, now I’m thinking Rick should do the narration/commentary. Have to start thinking of titles…

  2. Sue Davis

    Hi Mary,
    You have said you want to know what your readers are up to, well here you go!
    My girls and their husbands and between them my 5 grandchildren went on a eight day vacation to Belize. Our invite must have been lost in the mail! Gary and I got to babysit the grand dogs! We have 4 dogs and a cat of our own, so 4 extra dogs was different. All went well, good thing we have an acre plus, but it has been so hot here lately they could spent little time outside. So my week resembled yours full of love and fur.
    See you the first week of September.

  3. MjB in CA

    Your pictures are always so wonderful – both animals and plants. I have 2 rescues – a Westie and a cockapoo type and they keep me busy. I can’t imagine taking on so many dogs but they are the best companions there are and worth all the work and care. Bless you for all you do with the animals and all the love you give them.

  4. Launa

    Morning news reports a real high “cool down” to 98 degrees with the overcast and a possible rain drop or two. Our little grand-dog was restless most of the night so a snooze sounds really good, but my youngest granddaughter is coming to help me with a few tasks sometime this morning. Nice that she and her older sister want to earn spending money and I appreciate their help.
    Your Cereus is more beautiful than I remember from last year.
    I’m off to clean and oil Bernina so I can get back to some projects before August and another BOM row is posted.

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