Look what Mary Baker brought for show and tell! Do you remember Storybook Dolls? Arco Gas Station dolls? I do – I had many and wish my mom had not taken them to the second hand store years ago.

Connie is holding a new berry basket collection- I love it! I wish I could just grab a basket and start sewing – on our website now or we will custom pick a basket for you!

3 thoughts on “Tuesday

  1. Linda Everett

    Thanks for the reminder. I have two Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls. Had a few more but I think my sister has them.

  2. Launa

    Oh, seeing those storybook dolls bring back good memories! I had quite a few of those given to me and a few girl cousins who received mine. I also had a wonderful bride doll.

    I’ve sewn my four granddaughters so many sets of American Girl doll clothes from patterns a friend gave me and ideas from the Am. Girl magazines. Everything from wool coats, party dresses, slips, glittery formal outfits, baseball uniforms, shoes, doll quilts, etc. Fortunately the older two are in their 20’s now; a Marine Biologist and the recent college graduate is a Deputy Sheriff. The other two girls are out of the doll playing ages as well……one is studying for her driver’s license and the youngest is entering middle school in Aug. Am pleased to say the oldest “grand” now has some time for quilting!!

    Still waiting to see Mary’s finished red quilt from a few postings ago.

  3. Betty Klosterman

    When I was a kid, I’d sew for the Storybook dolls we got with $25 worth of receipts at the grocery store. What I wouldn’t have given to have a Barbie doll. I wanted to sew for something with a big girl shape. I was out of school when Barbie, but I made up for lost time! What fun.

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