Farm News

Remember those scraps on the floor that didn’t look like they belonged to me?  Here is the quilt from Sunday Morning Quilts (Find the book here on our website by following this link) – 2 sizes of blocks and totally from my fabric collection and in-stock bolts.  I can’t believe we actually have this many intense colors on hand….but we do!  This will take practice on my part to learn how to work with these colors but I’m up for the task!

All of the windows were removed for painting and covered with foam board so there is no light in my house – none.  It’s like living in a tomb!

The temps dipped quite low over the weekend making our house quite chilly.

We have tarps over the room openings but on a day when the wind is from the south/southwest, it’s really cold in here.  The painter should finish by Friday when the insulation guy is coming.

We have cleared the east 1/3 of the quilt shop so it can be repainted.  This is a major event for us – we hope we don’t have many customers in the next week.  I dare them to find what they’re looking for in the piles of fabric, kits and patterns.  The dog kennel will be finished by January 23 when my first boarder, Bentley Greiman, will stay here.

Leo Lund visited again and he and Telly play and play and play.  Izzy is miffed so she stands aside and just watches.  She’s jealous, I think.  We love having Leo visit – he gets lots of exercise and so do my dogs.  Tired dogs are happy dogs and bored dogs are destructive dogs.

And then there’s Izzy’s favorite pastime – digging!  This scene is replayed many times a week and I have shared similar pictures in the past.  Now it’s frozen snow and ice around her mouth and feet – she clicks when she walks across the floor!  Ha!

Connie is still under the weather – I hope I don’t get it.  Mary Baker is back at work but not 100% well yet.

And here is a classic picture of Steve, my contractor.  Notice how the bill of his cap is held up – a galvanized nail!  Too funny, huh?

Hope you’re all well and sewing up a storm.  Don’t forget to check the blog for Connie’s game and the free online sampler patterns.

Until next Thursday……


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