Farm News

Maybe our drought is over – we’ve had more snow in March than in the past 2 years!  Wouldn’t it be nice to expect it to rain this spring….and it does?

Carpenters are finishing in both rooms – lots of trim, corners, baseboard, etc. and yes, for those who asked, I will definitely show you the rest of the piano room and the living room porch area.  Remodeling is a love-hate relationship with the contractor and his crew.

Since I can’t clean, I’ve been sewing like mad.  I remade a quilt from our old book “Hibernation” using lots of the fabric line “Comma” and I just love it.  Here it is in pieces on the floor.  Watch the blog for the picture of the finished quilt.

Remember the night blooming cereus plant that started to produce buds?  Here’s an updated picture of one of the buds that will get bigger before it opens.  I’ll take pictures when the flower appears – it’s really quite amazing!

Until next Thursday, watch the blog for updates!

Kindness is contagious!

Mary E.

3 thoughts on “Farm News

  1. Jane

    Love everything about your quilt, Mary. Looking forward to your beautiful flower. How wonderful to have snow and rain. I know the farmers sure need it. ~Jane in NV

  2. Pat O'Neill

    Thanks so much for sharing the remodeling and all the quilts that you do. 🙂 Your blog is amazing and I look forward to it on Thursday!!!! Keep up the good work!!

  3. Jess in Tyler

    Oh My! Wonderful Snow.
    We had a white Christmas but that was the only snow we saw this season.
    I Love the night-blooming cerus! I have one but it has never bloomed! I have seen one bloom though and they are gorgeous! And, smell so good!

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