Keeping up with “What’s New”

Everyday at Country Threads there’s something new that comes in the door.  This week has been amazing because everybody’s sewing.  Jan came back from the Gulf with a new tablerunner put together, Lori made a contemporary lap quilt called Tortilla Strips, Mary finished a really fun quilt called “I’m One Cat Shy of a Hoarder”, Connie made a stacked pincushion from Moda Candy and Mary E. made a 1600 quilt and pillow from Jelly Rolls.


These are all very nice and the pictures are great and inspiring, but let this next series of pictures inspire you.  Here’s Mary E putting the final hand stitches in the Double Jelly Roll pillow.  These are titled, “Nothing’s really easy…”:



And yet she finished the pillow! …and made two dogs happy.

You can get details on these brand new models and kits on our “What’s New” page on our website at .  Visit the “What’s New” page often.  That’s where we let you know what models we’ve finished, what kits we’ve just cut, what fabric has just arrived and what books and patterns have just been released.  There are additions to the “What’s New” page at least once per week and sometimes even more often.

2 thoughts on “Keeping up with “What’s New”

  1. Lael Koster

    i like the tortilla quilt, it’s pretty, well, all of them are as far as that goes, never have seen a quilt i didn’t really like (just like some better than others) there’s a quilt show in clear lake, april 13 & 14 (the 13th is my birthday) one in mankato, mn. too, april 20 & 21, not sure if we’ll make that one but will c.l. for sure. sure enjoy hearing and seeing what you’ve been up to and seeing the progress on your house, can’t wait to see it this summer. (denise and i were at your “open house” in 2004 or maybe 2005, can’t believe it’s been that long!)

  2. Lael Koster

    oh yeah, i like the tablecloth one too, and i love the pin cushion. looks like dogs think the pillows are for them.

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