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It is definitely mud season in North Iowa – this is a picture of my front yard where the carpenters are still working.  They are siding the house and every step they take, they are mired in mud!  The dogs love running through this mud, too, so there is no sense in me mopping the floor for a few days.

Connie took this sweet picture of me holding Ben at Barb’s funeral.  I love babies who let me hold them!

I’m binding this quilt from our old book “Hibernation” which we will have for sale during our Urban Farmhouse Renewal event April 12 and 13.  Kit should be available as well as many other new projects.  You will pop a balloon to see if your discount is between 10% and 30%.  We are also giving everyone an introduction “kit” for a pincushion.  We are planning to start a new “fabriholics” club with only contemporary fabrics which means you would get several pieces of our newest arrivals every month.  Since we are so enamored of Pinterest, we will take our inspiration from the quilts we see there and the only rule for this club is that it will always be under $20.00 – meaning you might get a magazine or a pattern with your fabric.  We are still working out these details which will be available during our April event.

I also just finished piecing the May charm school project which is shown here.  I am really tickled with the result and hope to make it again in a different color way.  It is a winner in my book!

The night blooming cereus is done for now.  There is another bloom that seems like it might bloom and 4 more tiny ones that are also sprouting.  This has been exciting for me – I hope I didn’t bore you too much with it.

My sad farm news is regarding the guineas which I let outside yesterday for the first time this spring.  Remember they went out once last winter and flew up into a tree?  I counted 12 the day before yesterday so I know they were all there but I discovered Telly with just a guinea head in her mouth Wednesday afternoon and I punished her severely.

Rick and I have tried to figure this out – where is the entire body, wings, feet, etc?  Maybe Telly didn’t actually kill it but just found the head?  Is that possible?  I’m going to walk through the grove to see if I can find the body.  She surely couldn’t have eaten all those feathers and feet so what really happened?  She lived here last summer and never killed a bird or even chased one that I’m aware of.  I’ll let you know if we solve this mystery.

I am moving in a bit every day, washing plants, hanging quilts, and enjoying the whole process.  I am relieved that the carpenters are now working outside and not in the same rooms with me.  I am downright thankful for that!

Happy Easter to you and yours!  He Is Risen!


9 thoughts on “Farm News

  1. Lynn Willis

    It is very possible that Telly just found the head. An owl or hawk might have easily done something like that, possibly a fox or coon. Love the quilts they are beautiful!
    Happy Easter to you! He is risen indeed!

  2. Dianne

    Two years ago our golden retreiver, Murphy, caught a rabbit and proceded to eat the whole thing. He ate the fur, the bones, and even the tail. There was nothing left. (Just in case you might think Murphy was starving … 🙂 … that was not the case. He is fed twice a day, everyday.) He has also dragged parts of deer carcasses out of the woods and eaten most of them. They are his treasures and no one can get near them. I find it all very disgusting, but it is their nature, I guess.

  3. quilter501

    Yes, he probably killed it. That is what my pets do to birds they catch…..pop off the head……then the bodies are readily and rapidly consumed by crows, ants, etc. The cycle of life….its unpleasant side. I know living up here in NW Washington state out in the country.

  4. Dee Winter

    Well, if he ate the whole thing, you will know soon! Watch for those telltale feathers because he can’t digest them. Not pleasant, but a reality. Probably something else got it and he found the head. You know how dogs are, they love treasures, especially ones that fit conveniently in their mouths. We have loved watching the house addition, my daughter in southern Iowa has been watching and we love the flower! Show us anytime! Happy Easter.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      I think Telly has been found innocent and I feel horrible that I punished her. Honestly we can find no evidence that she ate it all or left the wings, feet, etc. and we have looked. Those of you who suggested a hawk are most likely correct but this is a first for me. I am so sorry I punished her! On the other hand, she has no doubt that the chickens are off limits.

  5. Lee

    Mary, a friend had the same thing happen and she didn’t solve her mystery with evidence. But, like you she knew it wasn’t her dog. She is going to try again this spring. Having a small flock in the city, she figured her problem was an exposed roof and maybe a fox. Have a blessed Easter. Lee

  6. Marcella

    Happy Easter to all – a risen savior – how wonderful to have this belief. I have been enjoying all the farm news. The pictures of the cereus is another awakening of nature. Then there is Telly just being a dog. The quinea remains were probably a reward for you to see. Your home has taken on a new look. You will enjoy all the new usable space. The construction can be a real pain but it will get done I’m sure. I am doing the free blocks of the month quilt and enjoying this site. Thank you!

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