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So much hard work to do and I am killing myself trying to get it all done.  I’m still hauling rocks and yesterday I finished filling the big dumpster with construction debris that was left in my yard.  It was almost more than I could physically handle but the dumpster was rented for only 2 weeks and the first week was spent with 12 inches of snow on the ground so I couldn’t do it then.  I was glad it rained today because I am exhausted.


We are missing Leo tonight because he went to Sam’s parents’ home.  He has been a very good boy and has learned our routine in the 8 days he’s been here.  He is such a happy guy!  Bentley went home last Sunday night and Telly looked for him repeatedly the next day.

Tonight I plan to work on the Iowa Shop Hop quilt.  Here is a picture of the 2 blocks using the feature fabric and solids.  Find out more about the shop hop by visiting AISH and “liking” us on Facebook.

We are preparing for the Chicago show in June and Connie and I are sewing as fast as we can.  There are just not that many days between now and the show and next weekend we will be in Portland, OR for quilt market.  I think I will try staying up one hour longer each night to see if I could make some progress that way.

We are enjoying our new contemporary fabrics more than we ever thought we could!  It’s such fun to go to that part of the shop and pick bolts for a new quilt.  We have started a new club called “Inspired by Pinterest” because we are so in love with all the quilts we see on Pinterest.  They are all simple designs with gorgeous contemporary fabrics.  Maybe you’re interested?

Time to move on – tomorrow is a busy day in the shop because we’re going to be working on the next Goat Gazette.

Thanks for being interested in Country Threads!

Mary E.

12 thoughts on “Farm News

  1. carole

    Wow! what a lot of work! Pray tell, why didn’t your contractors clean up after themselves?????

  2. Sandy bessingpas

    Mary, don’t try to get it all done at once. I know what you mean by being overwhelmed. I had a fire here about a month ago during a blizzard and lost my chicken coop. The cleanup, tree cutting, planning a new coop, finding a place for the chicks in the meantime, jumping through hoops to get a building permit plus all the regular spring yard work gets mind boggling, but I try to remember o ne thing at a time and nothing is so important that it all needs to be done at once. Take the time to remember and enjoy the little blessings each day brings.

  3. Janet D.

    Mary, prepare yourself to find nails in your yard for the next 15 years. (ask me how I know!)

  4. Kay Fielder

    Mary, I worry about your health, you are under too much stress, and I’m afraid it’s going to catch up with you !!
    Please slow down………..Kay F.

  5. Mary Ann

    When can I order some of that Iowa fabric? My sister lives in Cedar Rapids and I would love to make her a tote bag.

  6. Lynn Willis

    Goodness, I’m tired just reading this! I’m with Kay on this make sure your health comes first. We sure do appreciate reading Country Threads, always so interesting!

  7. Deedee

    Wow! You have a lot of energy, I’m tired after reading what you have been doing. Your hard work will pay off.

  8. Marilyn

    we are such an amazing women I wish I could be closer to come help you will keep you in prayer thank you I am having problems pulling up block of month for April please help

  9. LMK

    a chilly, rainy day, too bad , esp. on a holiday weekend. like the one lady said, take it easy, get so much done in a day, more as each day comes, you need to take care of yourself too. by the way…. how is rick coming along???? hopefully good and soon be back to work. i’m trying to get some odd jobs done while “my honey” is gone on his fishing trip, guess there’s more than i thought, not sure how that happened. can’t wait to find the goat gazette in my mail box, always enjoy getting it but it’s nice to read your goings on and see the pictures on here too. i;ll miss the gazette but can see your point of view on that too. maybe now that it’s raining you can stay inside and get some things done. hope to make it over in july.

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