Historic May Storm

The news is calling this 12 inch snowfall historic. This is my yard which I call an absolute mess!

14 thoughts on “Historic May Storm

  1. Lael Koster

    isn’t it awful!!!!!!! we had maybe 7/8 inches of snow, that is bad enough, i mean i like snow, just not in may AND not this much!!!!!. we planned to open today for city-wide garage sales, here in osage, only no one could get around, the streets in town were awful, some even yet tonight, so now we hope to open tomorrow, sometime anyway, sat. for sure, sure too bad, everyone has spent time getting ready and all. yes, i’m sure this will go in the history books. take it easy if you go out to shovel. i see next week is going to be alot better, about time we’re back to normal or close to it.

  2. Kathy Koehler Holm

    Sorry! We could use your snow to put out our Southern Calif wildfire! Scary! It is only l hour from us..over the hills..and that is dry. Sagebrush! Kathy

  3. Beth Strand

    I keep hearing all these weather updates on this winter and thinking of “The Long Winter” by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Sounds like you’re having a whopper of a year!

  4. Midge H.

    How in the world can you possibly keep all the dogs and cats clean!!!And…this to shall pass!! 🙂

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Oh you don’t understand! Every time the door opens, between four and twenty eight dirty feet come in and it just doesn’t matter to me. Our new concrete floor doesn’t show a thing, we have no carpeting and I have no intention of scrubbing floors until mud season is over. By the way, it is snowing again today, 1-3 inches expected. Right now, Telly, Leo and Bentley are playing in the grove — the other four are in the house with Rick.

  5. Beth

    Oh my. It is not what should happen in MAY. We had the occasional snow storm in May when we lived in Maine but that wasn’t so hard to believe. This is!!

  6. Patty Larson

    For the first time this winter we did not get this snowfall. May 2nd hard to believe. Saw some fishermen on our lake a few days ago. Hard to believe. Three friends coming over for the day to quilt. May pattern out and no snow, will be a great day. Patty Glenwood is in westcentral mn.

  7. Donna Wells

    We woke up to a dusting of snow this morning in Southern Missouri!

  8. Jeanne

    I just saw a cartoon on Facebook with the caption – “Usually if I have a blizzard in May, it’s from Dairy Queen!” Hopefully the snow is now over!

  9. Phyllis Limiero

    Here in Colorado we had around 8 inches of snow on Wednesday. So welcome to help end our drought conditions. Yesterday the sky was blue and the sun was bright. This morning the snow is all melted and it is lovely, green and fresh. Off to the Denver International Quilt Show today.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Phyllis-you are so lucky to be going to the quilt show!

  10. Diana

    Here in the Colorado Mtns. you have to be careful of what you wish for. We wanted the drought to end but darn, the snows we had in April were tiring. Now it’s going to be cloudy and yuk all week again. We want our beautiful blue skies back! Your road looks like ours. Mud and snow!

  11. Mary Etherington

    Someone asked about a border on the May block. There is no border – you may be seeing the setting pieces which will not be given until the end.

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