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Here is what’s happening on the farm this week.  The carpenters are waiting for another shipment of siding so they can finish.  A large dumpster was delivered and I am busy filling it with all the construction debris in my yard.  Yes, the carpenters could do it but their hourly wage is lots more than mine – and it’s good exercise!

I’ve been gathering more rocks which is also good exercise – I can eat chips and drink beer on those nights.  We have had lots of rain (and now snow) which keeps me out of the fields as well as the farmers.  My friend, Sam, has had some complications with her pregnancy and has been hospitalized so Leo is staying here.  Had choir practice tonight and I really need some time to practice – we have 2 very hard songs to perform before the end of May and in June Margaret and I will play at an all-church event which means I need to practice those songs, too.  Rick is doing well – walking with a cane now and even riding his bike.  Connie is babysitting in Chicago so I am walking Hope each afternoon.

In a recent blog I talked about the hops vine and someone asked if I used the hops – no, I don’t use them for anything except decorating.  And yes, I think animal dumpers are the lowest form of humanity.

I read every single comment on the blog and enjoy them all – you guys are so faithful to Country Threads and it’s one of the best parts of my job.  My personal email is if you wish to reach only me.

Kind of a boring week, huh?  No good rat stories or cats in the frig – ha!!



We’re havin’ a party!  May 2 and we have 12” of heavy wet snow with trees, limbs, branches and shrubs broken and twisted all over the yard.  To make it an even happier party, Bentley Greiman arrived this morning to spend the weekend.  His mom walked him up the hill from the highway because our road is not plowed yet.  Bentley is the golden retriever in this picture with Telly who is in her glory with all these friends to play with and in the snow no less.  Perfect!  This is all we’re doing today – having a party with 7 dogs!  Yay!!!


15 thoughts on “Farm News

  1. Amy

    Boring week…be careful what you wish for! I would say 12″ of snow in May is not boring. At least it will give you a little break from all the work outside. Here in Kansas City we are supposed to get 1-3″ of snow and we are complaining. I think I will take that over 12″!

  2. Gail

    We finally got some Spring weather here in Illinois the last 2 days – or should I say summer weather — it was around 84 both days. So, got some porch sitting in, reading a book, sipping lemonade. Ahhhhhh!!! Hope your Spring comes soon.

  3. Terry

    Hi Mary,
    What is the quilt on the wall in your living room? One of your patterns? In the photo the colors look like neutrals – so calming and restful. Is it Japanese taupes? It makes such a pretty background for your room – beautiful with your plants. Just love it! I always enjoy your posts and hearing what you’re up to. Hope to visit your shop one day!
    Blessings to you!

  4. Monica Walter

    I’ve been thinking of all of you and wondering about the weather out there. Just think, when the Ohio/Minnesota girls do their retreat in August, it will probably be sweltering hot! Great pictures!

  5. Diane

    HI Mary–The snow is so pretty. I love it, but not everyone does!! I met a 3 month old Labrador yesterday–cuter than a button–she made me think of you:) 74 degrees here in Ohio today. Happy Party weekend!! Diane

  6. Lee

    We will all be wishing for a snowball fight soon here in North Carolina soon….when the weather really turns summer! Right now the weather is a very nice temp, close to 70….the perfect temp……..California weather!

  7. Dorothy

    You have 12in of snow and yesterday here in Chicago it was 88 and today 55. Went to the beautiful Botanic Garden this morning and it was so cold and windy. must be getting some of the cold from out your way! happy shovelling!

  8. Jean Elliott

    Well, the snow is probably a huge inconvenience but it sure is pretty! You are going to be one hard body muscular gal when you are finished with those rocks!!

  9. Susan K

    I’ve picked many a rock when I was younger and my back could deal with it. I hated every minute of it because it was in the summer in Texas and always in the 90’s or 100’s. No fun! My boys spent many summers with my parents and loved picking up rocks – go figure!
    We’re headed for a freeze here in the Dallas area tonight – in May no less ! What’s up with the weather?!

  10. nan Conway

    I am so glad I do not live where you are. I have had my fill of snow for now. I do feel as you do about parties and dogs. We have 1 as do all 8 of our kids. We told the kids to marry orphans as we are not keen on sharing them on holidays but not one of them did. One Thanksgiving 5 of our gang were home with grands and dogs. One son said there were to many dogs, 7. I looked at him and said “and who came with 2?” He was sitting for a friend’s while they were away. He sheepishly looked at me because the “guest” was the largest of all.

  11. LMK

    i like snow but not this much and not in may!!!!!! we opened for our garage sale today (someone was here at 7:30, paul was already outside) a real slow day, no place to park but the street, we have a car and the pickup on the yard, now can’t move them (too much snow) some snow has melted, like in the driveway but now it’s all water. what a mess!!! hope you had a good day over there with your party. we plan to open tomorrow (our last day for city wide sales) hopefully it will be a lot better day, not a lot of customers today, plus it was real cold out in the garage. i want warmer days but not hot ones. like your pictures and enjoy hearing what’s going on with you over there. glad rick is doing so good.

  12. Moe Baly

    Mary, You make life seem like a JOY! I love your dogs, your snow, your farm, and your quilt shop! Best of luck to you drying out and with all the mud!

  13. Becky Rose

    Love all these pics of the snow, Mary, but am so glad it’s gone now!!! Maybe I will wish it back after tomorrow forecasted temp. —— 93 degrees!

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