UFO Project for May

It’s #10 for May!

We drew the UFO number this morning and even though Connie is out of town this week, Mary E. called her to tell her, “It’s #10!”  She’ll be doing a project called “Sailors”.  Mary E. is finishing “My Black Hen”.  She said something about just finishing up the beaks. Lori is quilting “My Sister’s House”.  Ina is putting together some old blocks that she found all stacked up together in a box in her sewing room.  Mary B. will finish “Our Best To You.”  All the blocks are done, they just need to be sewn together, layered, quilted and bound.  Here we go……

2 thoughts on “UFO Project for May

  1. Betty Klosterman

    Your quilt shop has been very close to my heart for over 20 years and I have so many of your books and patterns. As I look thru the books, it strikes me that some of your very best, long lasting patterns were in your books. They just never get old. I’m so happy you are on the internet so I can keep up with all your new patterns, your lives and of course, all the animals. The Goat Gazette will be missed, but I understand. The old copies will be read over and over. And we can hardly wait for the new monthly block patterns. Wonder what our quilt will look like?

    1. Sherry

      My #10 is a queen sized quilt – Aegean Sea. I pieced this at a retreat at Ironwood, layered and basted, and have it about 3/4s free-motion quilted on my sewing machine, but had to stop to work on a more pressing item some time ago. Time to finish and bind.

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