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Mary laughed at the pictures I put on the blog last night of the “rock” progress on the house.  Each photo had a worker in it and she accused me of taking pictures of them instead of the rocks.  How dare she!  Here is a better picture taken from the door of the quilt shop.

Susannah likes to venture out from the barn after I do chores.  I never let her into the yard during business hours because she likes no one but me.

My chickens enjoy the scraps leftover from the box lunch we served the bus group from Omaha, NE last Friday.  What a handsome bunch of chickens!

Spools of thread – on the right is a new spool.  On the left is a spool that became a dog toy without my permission.

Maggie got a short summer haircut last week and was feeling the chill over the weekend.  She is really showing her age.

Thanks to all of you who sent condolences to Rick and me regarding Izzy.  We are still somewhat numb and shocked that she’s gone.  Several of you have been in this same situation and I appreciated your kind words.

Here is one of my very favorite poems:

A Dog Lover’s Prayer


My prayer book’s unconventional,

An album scarred with age.

The dogs who shared their lives with mine

Stand out on every page.


Though some folks picture Heaven’s gates

Atop a golden stair,

The precious photos in my book

Inspire this humble prayer:


Lord, lead me to a sun-washed field,

Then send them one by one;

Let yelps of joy lead wagging tails

As to my arms they run.


This Heaven that I pray for, Lord,

Where lilacs scent the air,

Is blessed with all the dogs I’ve loved

Who come to greet me there.

Toni Fulco



11 thoughts on “Farm News

  1. Diana Stanfill

    Yes, I have been in your shoes. We had a dog who kept attacking out cats. I took him to the vet to see if he could be fixed and the vet told me he didn’t have a pill for that. So we put Pongo to sleep. Soooo hard. I still miss him and love him. He was a sweet one we got from the shelter. I am so sorry for y our loss. A dog is a memory you never ever forget.

  2. Arla Ballesteros

    Sorry to hear you lost Izzy, I didn’t see a post what happened.

  3. Michele Greiman

    Mary E, I hope someday I’m also in that same sun-washed field with all those fast wagging tails running towards me. That truly will be heaven.

    Last year we lost our 5 year old Golden Retriever-Thor. He was scared of the lawn mower so, we made a flower bed above where we buried him. We call it our “Thor Bed”.

  4. jody menge

    Mary, so sorry to hear of Izzy. i havent had a chance to catch up on my blogs ect.. i have a cranky corgi that would always attack our golden sally girl when ever anyone came over ect. i had to send Sally Girl (16) to the rainbow bridge a couple weeks ago so its been pretty quiet here after all these years.. its always hard isnt it… thinking of you guys! the cobblers and i are heading out to the quilt show in Duluth this weekend, hope to see you guys!!?

  5. Gwen

    I kind of thought the rock workers were kinda’ neat!! Lol
    Where are you located? It would be a great day trip for my quilt group to do.

  6. Diane

    HI Mary, I, too, was saddened to hear about Izzy, and I know it’s hard for you and Rick. Be assured you made the right, but very difficult decision. Our friend, then age 10, was selling Boy Scout popcorn two houses from his house. He rang the doorbell and a three time rescued dog ( part Lab) barreled through the screen door and attacked him. Luckily, he raised his arm so he protected his head, but he received 20 stitches in his arm, cuts on his head, and needs plastic surgery on his arm. He had to have counseling to get over his fear of dogs. Luckily, he has a Golden Retriever. The police responded with the emergency squad and took the dog which was euthanized. He had had trouble in every home he’d been in. So sad a story, but as your dream told you, you did the right thing.

  7. LMK

    the rocks really look nice on your house, bet it was all worth the work and the waiting, huh???? a nice day today, we got rain yesterday a.m. then again last night (6/12) sure don’t need any more but see it might come again this weekend. paul is over west, fishing, won’t be gone long this time. did laundry earlier, it’s out on the line. by the way “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you and your other half!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what is this, your 16th year?????? enjoy your special day. (june 14…… right?????

  8. Ann Barlament

    Loved the poem!! A sun-washed field of green is what has been in my dreams ever since our beloved “Buck” headed to the Rainbow Bridge. That was a year ago…then 10-months later, Wayne – the love of my life died unexpectedly in his sleep and now “my two boys” are off on another adventure without me. I often dream of them in that sun-washed green field together. I hope they will be patient if I don’t join them immediately…

  9. Gwen Herbert

    Aww gee! Who’s complaining?!? I thought the rock guys were pretty “hot”!
    I am wondering where your quilt shop is located? I this would be a wonderful day trip for my quilt group. We are from SW Iowa…

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