Wow! Look at the progress on the house-it is just beautiful. I have several favorite rocks in prominent positions. I had no idea it could look this great with a bunch of old rocks gathered from my neighbors. I am so glad I did this!

10 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Midge H.

    Love the look..we did the rock thing to our house and it gives a” grounded” look.

  2. Marian

    I love it! Living in Tennessee my motto is: You can never have too much rock!”….thanks for sharing.

  3. Beth

    Looking good!!!
    No rocks on the house walls here but lots of stone walls in our gardens. In Maine, where one of the main “agricultural products” is rocks and stones, we learned to appreciate stone walls. The old timers made use of them liberally. Now that we live in Pennsylvania we have a number of them in our yard.

  4. Judy Moore

    This is already taking on a beauty of its own! Your perseverance and insight are paying off.

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