Too Many Eggs

Last winter when the chickens quit laying, I was forced to buy eggs for the dogs. I always fix each dog an egg in the microwave. Since the chickens are now laying more eggs than I can use, I am spraying the muffin tin and cracking an egg in to each hole and baking them in the oven. When they’re done, I just flip them out and freeze them for next winter. Tonight I baked up 16 dozen!

7 thoughts on “Too Many Eggs

  1. Diane

    I want to give you and Rick my condolences about Izzy. Pets are so wonderful to have in our lives, but it is a heart-breaker when we loose them. I’m sure she is happily playing in Rainbow Bridge. On another note—looking forward to seeing Country Threads in Rosemont on Friday. I do have a few Purina labels to give you.

  2. Charlotte

    Lucky dogs!!!!! I want to follow you around for a day and learn how to accomplish all that you do!!!

  3. Pat O'Neill

    Very clever and thinking outside the box idea!!! Good for you and the dogs!!!

  4. LMK

    whoa!!!!!!that’s a lot of eggs, can’t you sell some of your eggs???just a thought. did you get the articles i sent to you????? just wondered. sure wish the rain would stay away for awhile, we finally got our garden planted, think we’re done planting now, unless we find something new or different. it got a bit bigger than we planned. i found an abraham lincoln tomato plant also a burpless cucumber, it’s long and thin, looks like it will be real good.

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