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This post really should be called “Quilting on Steroids” because I have lots to show you.  The steroids I’ve been on have really helped my back pain and at the same time it’s given me extra energy to sew, sew, sew!    I have finally finished binding several projects as well as starting several more.  Here’s what I’ve been working on:

Two antique quilt tops that the girls quilted for me and I finally got the binding finished.

This is a new pattern called Deck Chair.

This Little Black Hen quilt was my UFO a couple months ago.  Brandi quilted it with uneven straight lines and I love it!!  Binding on and washed and dried!


Lantern Lights from the book “Large Block Quilts”.  Here is a picture of the double quilting that I talked about in an earlier post.

Also from the “Large Block Quilts” book is this block called Quaint – it measures 20” x 20” finished making it a great block to make a quilt fast.

30 Something – remade – love this simple 9 patch quilt with a striped border and spacer blocks.

Janet and Eric visited last week from Huntington Beach, CA.  Janet reads the Farm News every Thursday – thanks for visiting – it was my pleasure to give you the house tour while you were here.

The handsome fellow is Bentley Greiman who spent last week here at the farm while his owners, Stan and Michelle, ran the 4-H food stand at the fair.  We had doggy day care last week!

And the porch couch finally arrived!  Looks like a great nap spot, doesn’t it?

JB found this wooden box by the quilt shop to curl up in one day last week.  We still have succulent plugs for sale – start them now so they’ll be established in pots to take in the house next fall.

Jenny was home last week and we enjoyed an evening in the porch.  Telly had to get up close and personal with Jenny!

From left to right:  Kathy, Cheryl and Nancy – my good friends who set up a booth at the fair to commemorate Country Threads’ 30th year in business.  The winner of the $30 gift certificate was Elizabeth Bohemann from Goodell, IA.  My friends made the bullseye quilt hanging on the wall behind me which brought $325 at the auction to benefit the fair board.  Congratulations to those who sewed and those who won.

My blog is working again after a week of problems – keep up with me there.  I’ve got more pictures, etc. but don’t want to bore you any longer.


I’ll leave you with a photo of one of my favorite spots in the house.  This display area is near the ceiling in my piano room.  Steve creates these display areas in peaks and always has the electrician put an outlet in the area for a small light, Christmas lights or these lighted birch branches (which we sell in the quilt shop). We are working with our tech support to enable photo enlarging which many of you have requested.  It’s a great idea if we can make it work – we’re on it!

It feels so good to have a little free time!


Here is another good laugh.

When asked by a young patrol officer “Do You know you were speeding?”  This 83-year-old woman gave the young officer an ear to ear smile and stated: “Yes, but… I had to get there before I forgot where I was going.” The officer put his ticket book away and bid her good day.

6 thoughts on “Farm News

  1. LMK

    oops!!!!! the quilt is the deck chair. liked the joke too. oh, i love the kitty in the box too, the bentley dog sure is cute.

  2. LMK

    i could never get bored looking at your pictures or reading about your every day goings on over there in your corner of the world. i can’t wait to see i have something from you. these days are great although yesterday got a little too warm. the days are going by too fast, can’t believe it’s august already. i love all the quilts esp. the front porch one, well, i like the chicken one too, like i said, i like all of them.

  3. Jean Elliott

    What book is that “30 Something” quilt pattern in ? I love it – hope I have the pattern – I suppose I could figure it out but would rather have “directions”!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      It’s a chicken feed pattern, retail $5.00.

      We are checking on The Little Black Hen pattern and I will take a close up of the quilting.

  4. Loris Mills

    I love the idea of being able to enlarge the photos. Thank you for looking into that. Your pictures are fun! I would love to see a close up of the uneven quilting on the hen quilt. That pattern is in my To Do list 🙂

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