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Baking for the holiday – I turned my back and Telly helped herself to fresh banana bread on the counter in the pantry.

This is Heidi’s favorite spot – a small cat bed in the seat of an easy chair on the porch.  She is once again walking on her back foot that was fractured last month.

In 2003 I answered an ad in the give-away guide for a 3 year old golden retriever who was living in Garner.  She lived in a backyard kennel with 2 other dogs who always ate their fill first and always claimed the doghouse first leaving Maggie to fend for herself.  When I picked her up, she weighed only 35 pounds.  She has taken a turn for the worse in the past week and I’m afraid we are at the end for Maggie.  She has been a devoted and loyal friend to our other dogs through the years and she deserves to die with dignity…soon.


Today I am thankful for sweet Maggie.


17 thoughts on “Farm News

  1. Jana

    She has been blessed to be a part of such a wonderful family…blessings to you all this thanksgiving and Christmas season!

  2. sue lewis

    The pictures of Maggie remind me so much of my golden retriever Tasha, she lived to almost 14 and was such a wonderful loving dog, I will miss her forever. Goodby to Maggie, you look so well taking care of, you parents should be so proud.

  3. nan Conway

    Lucky you to have had such a sweet friend all these years. We are still missing our dear Nara so we know how hard it will be for you. Happy Thanksgiving with special thanks for all out 4 legged friends.

  4. barb Snitzer

    What a sweet Maggie and how great that she came into your life. I know how you feel it has only been a year ago today that I had to put down our daughter Rachel’s black Lab. They are a blessing to have a round. Barb

  5. Diana Slifka

    Maggie was so lucky to have you for parents. Golden’s are the best dogs ever. It is so difficult to have a pet pass away. We waited 1 1/2 yrs. to get our 3rd Goldie but have never forgotten the other 2. Maggie will be passing over the Rainbow Bridge soon and be whole again.

  6. Ellie

    So happy you have been able to make Maggie’s final years happy and loved ones. It is always hard to lose one of our beloved pets, especially when they have shown such unconditional love to us.

  7. Diana

    I remember Maggie fondly. Always ready to have her head scratched and a wage of the tail for your reward.

    We will miss her, too.

  8. MartyCae

    Such a pretty and sweet dog. Always ready to make new friends! So sorry to hear of this development.

    Looks like Telly is having a good Thanksgiving!

    This Thanksgiving I will be thankful for Trixie, Harry S Truman and Maggie the greeter. God Bless.

  9. Carole

    It’s always so hard to say goodbye to a dear friend. Her life has certainly been for the better with you at the farm for which she is forever thankful.

    A blessed Thanksgiving to you all

  10. Ann Barlament

    Glad to see that Telly has good taste in the items she chooses to sample!!

    How wonderful that Maggie found such a warm & friendly family to live with, there on your farm.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!

  11. Karen

    We had to make the same difficult decision this summer with our 19 year old cat Kaytee. Just about the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make. You’ll be in my thoughts and prayers.

  12. Linda Lutz

    Oh Mary, I’m SO sorry! I love that girl Maggie!! She is the sweetest! I miss you all so much and hope to get down there very soon!

  13. LMK

    sorry to hear about maggie but guess when you have a pet you have to expect it, just never really ready for it. it’s been 3 yrs that we “lost” abby, still remember the day, still don’t think we’re ready for another kitty yet (if ever) denise is coming down in the morning, we’re going down to cedar rapids, we’ll stay over night and come home friday. we’re going to a craft sale friday, we always go to one when we’re there. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!

  14. sandy k

    I have an older dog by the name of Lucy. She will be coming up to 14 years and is definitely feeling all of them. She is a Wirehair Pointer and everyday she is with us is a blessing but know in my heart there won’t be too many more. I feel your pain and know how hard it will be. I’m sure she feels well loved and you have truly given her a wonderful life.

  15. Lynai

    It is always hard to part with a loving friend. We lost our dear Lucky, a tabby with white markings, this past Saturday. He was only 9 yrs old. He started limping so took him to our vet who tried many things but none worked. Lucky started dragging his back feet and got everywhere by pulling himself with his front legs. So our vet told us of a doctor in Oregon who could do back surgery. We drove the 4 hour trip and took him in to see the doctor. Wisely, he decided on a MRI to see what was going on. It was cancer of the spine. So we brought him home to our vet and he was euthanized. We miss him so much. Everyone who dealt with him said he was so good. He was very, very loving. And cute. I have his photo in a frame where I can see him, along with all our other pets (aka members of our family) and will never forget him. We are so thankful for having Lucky all those years. Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Wow-what a terrible diagnosis but it sounds like you went the distance for his care. Bless you for that!

  16. Darlynn

    My eyes are misting over for your heartache
    I have put 2 goldens to sleep
    my 3rd golden is 12 and doing great, but i know the day will come….
    my sincere sympathy

    hey mary, i have been thinking and thinking about you…you don’t know me
    i want to become involved with transporting of dogs from one area to another, caravan style. i believe you are or were involved in this.
    website? phone number? address?
    thank you,

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