Farm Update

We moved the LP tank to a location closer to the road and now Rick has to fix the rotten wall behind it.  Honestly, it’s a never ending job to keep it all working.  Pretty soon we will be winterizing.

Mama Kitty is watching from under the bench.

Remember Chicklet – he’s in this picture with some of his “girls”.  He’s a beautiful rooster.

And then you might remember that there was another single chick and then four more hatched.  Those would be the Fab Five.  You’ll never believe this – 4 out of the Fab Five turned out to be roosters!  Good Grief!  What’s with that???  That makes 6 roosters in the barn – it will be a long winter for my hens.  Here is the group of 4.  See?  3 roosters and one hen.

Reed and I picked more pumpkins yesterday.

We also picked the cucumbers – almost 200 of them.  The chickens love cucumbers so I don’t want to pull up the vines until after a frost.  We can just keep growing them BIG for feed.  

Reed’s chickens, Debbie and Delores, like cukes, too.  Here they are enjoying their little treat with Reed and Vera looking on.

We added another load of pumpkins to my display.

And remember this picture taken on July 11 right after the hailstorm?  Can you believe the crop of pumpkins I ended up with?  We still haven’t picked them all.  When I took this picture, I didn’t expect to have even one pumpkin!

Choir practice started 2 weeks ago and this Sunday I start playing at my “other” church in addition to my own.  My retirement is quite busy.  Rox would like to say “Hi!”  She’s doing well – and looking good, too!

31 thoughts on “Farm Update

  1. Susie

    Oh I so want to be there in your yard it looks so inviting. Oh my Chick-let has grown into a GORGEOUS Rooster.

  2. Marian

    Really love all the pictures! I want to be Reed’s helper! He is such a good boy! The pumpkins are wonderful after you expected to get none! Love the chickens/roosters, too! Isn’t Autumn a great season!?! And, love mama kitty, too!

  3. Launa Peters

    Any pumpkins up here in Idaho panhandle gardens would have had snow covering them n their vines this morning. No build up on our driveway nor our road to Hiway 93, but the snowplow was working on 93 north n south. All the trees’ branches were laden with snow. Wish you could have seen Pepper out running in n eating fresh snow. Now the cut wood is warming us again in the fireplace n downstairs insert. Such is living off the grid!!!
    Always good to see your #1 gardening assistant, Reed.
    Your display is really colorful, the purples in the picture.

  4. Martha Engstler

    So glad to see Chicklet, wonder if he is “top” rooster now with so many others. Amazing to get so many pumpkins after the hail storm. Thanks for the pictures, especially Mama kitty. Love them all.

  5. Diane

    Is Mama kitty still afraid of you? She looks pretty content under her bench. I am so happy you have so many pumpkins after that horrible hail!! Reed and Vera are cute. Here is a quick story. My husband grew up on a large egg farm. His students, city kids, often asked why the chickens didn’t need roosters to lay eggs. The Chemistry teacher had to explain Biology to these kids! Glad to hear Rox is doing all ok. Enjoy the nice weather with Reed and the animals. Still hot here–85–in Central Ohio.

  6. Jean Elliott

    Thanks for all the pictures! Good to see the animals. Wow, the pumpkins., if I closer I’d love to come and look for any stems that had fallen off…I put the on the fabric ones I make. Your pumpkin display is fabulous!

  7. Donna Sproston

    I love your farm updates! Looks like you won’t need an alarm clock with all those roosters!

  8. Patty McDonald

    It is never ending on property but my husband says he loves working around here since his retirement. Hope your hubby feels the same way. What a bumper crop of cukes and pumpkins… must be that fertile soil in Iowa. I would never have guessed the pumpkins would recover.
    How will you ever keep peace in the barn with all those roosters?! We thought we finally had 2 compatible roosters until the younger one turned a year old and then the fights began. We kept our 4 year old white banty rooster and he rules the roost and doesn’t chase people.
    Love the GREENERY on your farm. Patty Mc

  9. Jane

    Mary, your quilts, chickens (roosters, too) are beautiful. Wish I had a Reed to help me – you are blessed! Good to see Rox and good to see Hazel’s sweet little face in your previous post. All is well in your Peaceable Kingdom!

  10. Maryjane in CA

    Okay, I give up – what’s a LP tank? Wonderful farm pictures! Your pumpkin display is beautiful.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      LP is liquid propane — what we heat with and we also have heat in the barn so we need a tank for that as well as the house and shop.

  11. Jo

    That rooster has a magnificent tail! My Loretta has a magnificent tail, but she is half golden retriever! The hail took all but one squash here🙁, but we have a great farmers market. I like fall, the colors are so pretty and a lot less mud.

    1. Sandra corrigan

      Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures of Iowa in the fall. I grew up
      In Iowa ,and it is a gift to visit by pictures.

  12. Sue

    Yes, always something to fix on a farm. Any home, I guess, but more on a farm.
    Reed is cutting up the cucs, I think. I do that, too. Seems like they eat them better when you cut them up.
    Love your pumpkins.

  13. Carolyn Boutilier

    How wonderful to get all those pumpkins after such a hail storm. Love the way you line you walk with them. Love all your pictures.
    Carolyn from Shenandoah Valley VA.

  14. Susie Q

    Your pumpkin display is gorgeous!!!! I wish we had had chickens when I was a kid… would have been a way to off load zucchini….

  15. Jackie B.

    I have pumpkins growing in my compost pile every year. They are from pumpkins that I got from you at fall retreat over ten years ago.

  16. Carmen

    I have a young friend who got hail on her garden. I told her not to pull things out, because a lot of times they do recover! Great pumpkin crop!!

  17. Kelley

    Love all the pictures. I am also wondering how all those roosters are going to get along. I couldn’t believe how Chicklet turned out. Wow! I think I need to start planting pumpkins…so very pretty!

  18. Kathy Hanson

    Are you able to touch mama kitty yet? She is still staying there with you so she must be happy in her new home! Love seeing how your farm is going and the great smile on Reed’s face!

  19. Linda Foresta

    Love your pictures & your news! Reed is the best little helper. His parents must feel blessed to have you in his life! Maybe he’ll be a farmer! Your fall display is awesome! I’m wondering about Mama Kitty too, is she friendlier?


    Your picture taken in the barn of the hen and 3 roosters looks like a painting. The lighting is just right. I would decorate with it. Maybe you should make prints.

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