I used the layout from Jan Patek’s quilt with this piece of dog fabric that I’ve never known what to do with. Now to quilt it and hang it in the dog kennel.

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    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Not sure I understand – what’s winter solstice? We have nothing for sale until the yard sale in June.

  1. Margaret

    Love that creation. Always loved your style. Love hearing about animals too but sorry to hear about Sus..

  2. Barbara Bledsoe

    Blog area says that I am subscribed, but I am not getting the emails. Hope that this is the right venue to address this issue. I am enjoying these quilts via a friend. Thanks!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      I will forward your email to my blog host – maybe he can suggest something.

  3. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    What a great idea for a pictorial fabric! I am going to hunt through my stash for candidates for the Mary/Jan treatment!

  4. Nancy

    I have that dog fabric as well. I also didn’t know what to do with it. Thanks for the idea, Mary!

  5. Betty Klosterman

    Mary, I just love seeing all the little quilts you are “finishing.” We are all in the same boat. I just found a pattern for a neat scrappy quilt I must have had for at least 12 years…
    Please don’t get so busy that you can’t write all your friends and fans and let us know what you are making/doing.

    Also, how is the man who was in critical condition after getting lost in the storm? Those storms are very dangerous and must be taken seriously.

    Betty, Rapid City

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      I have not heard a word about James – the last I heard was that he was still in a coma. If I hear, I will post an update.

  6. Amy

    I want to know how you are taking “selfies” holding a quilt! I’m also a little worried you are getting so much done, you are going to go through your stash faster than you think!

  7. Marilyn H

    Very pretty…… and white pinwheels are perfect. Thanks for adding the Patek setting because I never would have recognized it. I LOVE it! Great inspiration for large fabric that doesn’t want to be cut up.

  8. Mickey

    Oh how cute and creative. It is fun to finally find the perfect way to use that piece of fabric that has been hanging around for years.

  9. Mareen

    Perfect place for it and all those doggies are so lucky to come to the “farm” for doggie day care!

  10. Launa

    Evening Mary,
    What an ideal layout for the black and white dog print! It seems to have approval from your canine audience as well.

    We finally had some rain last night and this morning; am hoping for more.

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