Finishing Up, 4-10-21

Since the day was so cloudy and dreary I spent the day in the shop finishing up as many things as I could, piecing backs and designating fabrics to projects. Whew! Here are a few of my “finishes”:

I finished pressing this one – just look at this back with all of those seams! I am so relieved this is going to the quilting machine soon.

I made the binding for this quilt and stored it in the same bag.

This really old applique piece didn’t have borders so that was next and the backing and the binding are stored with it. This one actually went to Sue to quilt and I visited with my buddy Dougal while I was there.

Another small quilt is already on the longarm to be quilted tomorrow. No picture tonight – sorry.

The last pieced white border was added to this blue and white Feathered Tee quilt and it is ready to be quilted.

Remember Jill’s quilt? I had to piece the last border which has now been added. I still have to prepare the backing but I have the fabric on hand.

Of course you knew Hazel would lay on it, right?

I am going to consider all of these close finishes as my Dirty Dozen #2 for April.

I also have two table runners to quilt and 16 blocks sitting here in front of me to put together. So many of these projects will be going to our sale on May 7-8 at Connie’s house in Garner. I am packaging fabric as fast as I can – wonderful, beautiful, perfect half yards of fabric that I’ll never get used before I die! And not only that – we’re sick of those colors and want new colors! Haha!

Made chicken and rice for Telly and Siri and maybe tomorrow I can do some more cleanup outside. I know the hydrangeas are shooting up green leaves and need to be uncovered.

I’m hoping to hire some kids from church to haul big tables from the haymow into Connie’s house for the sale. I hope if you’re anywhere near Garner, Iowa that you will come to the sale May 7-8. Right now I’m so tired I can’t even think about how much work is still ahead of me before then.

Here’s Telly tonight – she is literally acting completely normal but remember, she’s on liver meds for two weeks and then the vet will reassess. I intend to make life as good as I can for Telly for as long as she’s with us. I know you all agree and thank you!

The sheet is over her chair which is a dark solid red – not exactly a good choice for a household that has two shedding white dogs!

Church tomorrow morning – the adult choir does not sing on the second Sunday but the children’s choir does – it’s always an easy Sunday for me. And I am looking forward to it!

39 thoughts on “Finishing Up, 4-10-21

  1. MaureenHP

    I’m glad you have this time with Telly. Enjoy every moment!
    I have been battling 2 cancers in the midst of Covid, so tomorrow will be our first time back in over a year. I can hardly wait to worship with my church family.

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Renee Arnett – if it doesn’t appear in our new book with Martingale, I’ll put it in the online store for purchase. How are you?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      MaureenHP – I am so sorry you are doing battle with cancer! Keep up the good fight and enjoy your church family tomorrow!!

  2. Maryjane

    I totally support your decision of no surgery. Causes a lot of pain and discomfort for them. She looks fine to me. Just keep seeing her as well, strong and loving . That’s all she can be. Maryjane

  3. Jo in Wyoming

    I had a great reply yesterday and…poof…it went away somewhere.
    I’m so glad Telly’s medicine is working, and so fast. She looks great.
    Hazel looks good too on your Farmers Daughter quilt.
    I wish I could be in Iowa in May, it sounds like a blast.
    I love the neutral colors of that quilt, it’s so elegant.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jo in Wyoming – I wish you could be here, too! Will you be coming thru sometime this summer?

  4. Susan K in Texas

    I love all of your projects. Putting a quilt on point is so striking but definitely can be challenging. I’ve been working on several projects also. I finished my quilt coat a week ago. Now I’ll have to wait for cooler weather to wear it – hopefully late October as the later the cold the better in my opinion. Glad to see both Telly and Hazel.
    I’ve been working on repotting the aloes that survived the big freeze. Fresh dirt will help them thrive. But a couple of days of wind and my allergies started acting up so I’ve been indoors for a couple of days. Spring weather is great but spring allergies aren’t!

    1. Cinders

      Susan, your project sounds lovely, hope you could send a photo to Mary so we can see it, if you do, Thank you for sharing!

      1. Kathy in western NY

        Susan – I have a friend who made a quilted coat too recently out of all her leftover charm squares. She gave me a strip of the cut offs after it was quilted and I am making sunglasses holders for our vehicles. Just need to add some bias tape to the top edge. Can’t wait to see yours finished as it seems a fun choice to do with a thrifted quilt top too.

        1. Susan K in Texas

          I made my quilt coat with some fat quarters and some fabric I’ve had in the stash for years. It’s reversible. I’ll send pictures to Mary.

  5. Pat

    Can you tell me where I can find the pattern for the Feathered Tee quilt? It’s so pretty! Love the colors. Thank you.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pat – I think it’s going into our next new book. If not, I’ll make it available to all of you.

  6. Charlotte Shira

    I love all your projects but I really love the blue and white feathered tee quilt. I want to make that one!

    1. Holly

      I have asked her to sell fabric site unseen to us bloggers. I would love a surprise.

  7. Kathy in western NY

    We had another 80 degree beautiful day so after several of them in a row, I am ready to stay inside the house and sew after our church service on zoom. I don’t mind the see saw up and down of spring as I get the best of both worlds.
    You have been making lots of triangles Mary and the blue quilt and the red quilt are so eye catching with them. It’s a lot of work to prepare for a sale but I am glad you will hire some young folks to get the tables as that is best left to them.
    Sorting out and bagging and pricing takes so much time but after it’s done, think of the space you will have. Hoping all sells and you get a well deserved shopping trip with Connie.

  8. Pattie Weber

    Love the blue and white Feathered Tee quilt. I would love to be at your sale in May, just checked and it’s over 1000 miles from me. Hmmm?🤔 big road trip in the RV with 3 dogs? and a handicapped husband? 🙄

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pattie Weber – sounds a bit unreasonable to me but I would have loved to meet you!

  9. Betty Clark

    I love the grey quilt with double 4-patches. What is the name of it and do you know where I may find the pattern? You are doing better at completing your UFOs than I am. I hope Telly does well.

  10. Holly

    Please offer us the fabric sight unseen plus postage. There is a flat rate padded envelope from USPS that will hold many many yards. I would love to have a couple of surprise bundles and you won’t have to haul to Connies. The PO will pick up.

  11. Sue in Marion, IN

    Bless Telly’s heart! I agree about heroic treatment for elderly animals. We had two cats, Little Bear and Emily, who were brother and sister. Bear developed kidney failure at age 16 and I was advised to give him subcutaneous fluids twice a day, which I did for most of the last year of his life (he lived to age 18). It had to hurt and I didn’t like doing it. I’m not sure it made him more comfortable, either. When Emily was 18 she, too developed kidney failure and I vowed to make her as comfortable as possible, love on her, and let her be. She lived to be 21 1/2 and we were both happier. She got lots of love and cuddling until her time came. My dad’s 93 and they won’t even do a colonoscopy on him….

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sue – oh, your story made me tear up! I know I’m making the right decision for Telly – she’s eating great so far!

  12. Sandy

    Hi Mary, l can see Hazel having a good roll round on your quilt,! Our old dogs always sat on their favourite blocks when l put a quilt on the floor.good luck for the sale, best wishes from sandy

  13. Linda in So Cal

    Love the blue feathered quilt. Will it be available on line this summer? Great weather but a very bad allergy season. Yard work has been put on hold! Hugs & treats for Telly.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda in So Cal – if the blue feathered quilt isn’t included in our new book I’ll make it available online for purchase.

  14. Joan

    Hi Mary, So sorry to hear about Telly. Have you looked into giving her the liver supplement Denamarin. My neighbor has use it on several of her dogs with good results. Shop on line for better prices, the vet can be pricey.
    Look forward to your post and all the news from your farm. Thank you.

      1. Joan

        Hi Mary, is where my friend gets her Denamarin.
        They have a coupon and you get free shipping over $49. Hope this helps.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Thank you, Joan! How is her dog and how long has the dogs taken this med?

          1. Joan

            Her dog has been on it for 5 years or so. Her level have not gone up and even came down. She is a chow mix and a senior.

  15. Sharon B

    Love your quilts! Especially that first one….the little reds add some sparkle! Very happy to hear that Telly is eating well! Thank goodness for meds (when necessary)!!! 🙂

  16. SusanfromKentucky

    Oh Mary, I LOVE that feathered t quilt!!! Do you have a pattern for it?

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