Friday Night Update, 4-9-21

I know you’re all wondering about Telly and I’m happy to tell you she is eating well, sleeping, going outside with us, acting completely normal! I just want you to know what we’re thinking – she might have had these spots on her liver for a long time, with meds she might live a long time and be very happy. If the spots are cancer they could be slow growing, they could be benign, they might not be anything – we just don’t know and we will not subject her to surgery. We will give her our very best for as long as she’s with us! Thank you for all the well wishes – they are so appreciated by Rick and me.

It’s been a couple of dreary rainy days and I’m itching to get back outside to continue working in the yard. There’s always sewing to keep me busy. I FINALLY got these blocks together – I am really sick of this quilt by now – lots of piecing with no color which got very boring. It’s going on the longarm ASAP.

Here is the quilt in the book.

I love it! I love the colors!

Here’s Connie’s next color palette for another Country Threads updated pattern.

Hazel and her hedgehog!

Dirty Dozen:

Siri says “hi”!

Keeping this acreage looking nice is my main job. This hatchet job was done by the county in the right of way. It makes me so sad as I drive by, walk by or look out my north windows. These trees were not in anyone’s way. Since they had the use of a boom truck they could just as easily have trimmed the branches that could have been scraping farm equipment. They just cut them down instead. I can never make it look right again in my lifetime. I hate cutting down trees!!!! It brings tears to my eyes to even show you but like everything else that happens on this little farm, I share it with all of you on this blog.

It just makes me sick and there’s not a thing to be done about it.

36 thoughts on “Friday Night Update, 4-9-21

  1. Rosie Westerhold

    So glad Telly is doing better. One of my dogs had an issue with her liver; can’t remember exactly what it was now as it was a few years ago. Liver enzymes were elevated, and there was concern she had cancer. We just loved on her as much as possible. She lived several more years, finally succumbing to lymphoma in January 2020. She died at home, surrounded by hubby and I, and getting anything she wanted for as long as she was with us during her last days. So, don’t count Telly out just yet. You never know what’s ahead. Just love on her as much as you can. They are never with us as long as we want, no matter how long it is.

  2. laurie

    I’m with you, I hate to see trees cut down unnecessarily. It broke my heart when we had to cut down our Ash tree even though it was infested with the emerald ash borer.

  3. Peggy S

    So glad the news was better than at first for Telly. And happy she’s eating again. I’m sure she’s happy to be back home in the fold!!

    Peggy S

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Peggy – it’s not that the news is any better about Telly. I just am choosing to see it differently – as in the glass is half full not half empty

  4. Joyce

    Telly will thrive from all the care and love you and Rick embrace her with 🐾♥️ I’m a huge advocate for trees. I’ve been known to yell at a chainsawing menace in a boom truck to stop hacking my trees. He left this crazy lady alone…ha ha! Perhaps you could plant some good sized lilac bushes there. They’re fairly fast growing with wonderful rewards and they’d cover the stumps 😊

  5. Dee

    I so understand the sentiment about the trees. I hated it when they cut down the trees in my ditch. I have a 4 acre pond, part belongs to the family on the other side. Their side is in the city, I am county. The city sent them a notice to clean up their side of the pond, cut down the trees, they also had to manicure the trees along the street. They can’t make me do that. We have the turtles who live on the logs, the geese, it’s lovely. Take care.

  6. Cheryl

    I love the gray quilt! I love grays and creams so it’s a winner to me. I hate seeing trees cut down. The electric company in Arkansas does most of the trimming and the trimming is so UGLY. But we get to keep the trees…. and lastly good for Telly!!!! She has the most expressive sweet face. My cat of 18 months old was getting sick and they finally operated because she was so young. Turned out her liver was ‘spent’. Yellow and they gave her 3 months. She lived 12 years no meds. And liver function wasn’t what took her. I figured out she had been gnawing on a clay pot. Crumbs,etc. I think there was lead in the pot. She was a gray tabby with beautiful bracelets and super feisty. She would chase us and nip our ankles from behind. God’s best wishes for Telly. Miss America Cat Siri Is so gorgeous!!!!! Have a super weekend!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Cheryl – your precious cat story was very encouraging!! I loved it!

  7. Sandy

    Hi Mary, thank you for showing my hexagon quilt,it’s so big l could only photograph half of it!andrea and andrew had a nice low key wedding in the courtyard of a local cafe yesterday, a small but enjoyable event.Glad to hear Telly is doing well, best wishes to all, sandy

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandy – Congratulations to Andrew and Andrea! And he said your lovely quilt was their wedding gift – so special! I’m so anxious to see Stella and Luna again – did you go visit them?

  8. Jackie Baumhauer

    So glad Telly is OK and back to normal. That made my day!
    Loved your Bible quilt and your hat.

  9. Linda Schluchter

    I am glad Telly is comfortable and eating well. I will continue to pray for her as I do all God’s creatures. Our animals are so special and to me much kinder and loving than a lot of humans.

    Take care, give Telly and Hazel big hugs for me!

  10. Angie from Baltimore

    Such great news about Telly!! The gas and electric company butchered our beautiful Maple Tree and we protested about how much they took off about 3/4 of it and the “Arborist “ said it will grow back. It didn’t and squirrels lost their home and birds there as well I cried as it was such a beautiful tree throwing shade on our porch.

  11. Kathy in western NY

    Heck I got my spots on my liver too! I found out 3 yrs ago in a cat scan for something unrelated, so off I go to another doctor who said “slow growing, many people live long years with them and most never know they have them anyways”. I wasn’t going to subject myself to a risky biopsy procedure when chances are they aren’t even cancerous. He told me how I could “feel” if they were enlarging as I would be uncomfortable in my side. So I am with Telly and just want to go about my life as long as God has me here.
    And I think your quilt reflects your statement “ Be still” so perfect in my eyes.

  12. Diane in Maryland

    I would have loved to have heard your talk about Bible quilts! I loved the one you had hanging. You also have the neatest stuff… even the hat you wore had a story!

    At least the trees on the other side will leaf out and make it look better. We will never understand the reasoning behind some of the “beautification” done by State Highway workers and people in charge. Every summer the county roads/state roads grass cutters come down every back road and mow off all the milkweed plants that Monarchs depend on. They want to make the roadways look neat and clean. Then there will be articles in our local paper about the decline in the Monarch population. Hmmm – go figure……..

    1. Judy

      The other side of the story on the highway side ditches…..I remember the summer that the highway department mowers were only mowing one mower width along the highway. Dad went out and told them they had to mow the entire side ditch. They said no, but when they talked to their supervisors they found out that yes they were to mow the entire side ditch along our property. They had to mow the entire side ditch to get rid of the wild onions. The wild onions and milk production are not a good combination.
      As for the tree trimming, those same “trimmers” were in our community last summer. They used a wrecking ball and mangled the trees. It looked like a tornado had passed through. (Tornadoes are not good for dairy farms either. Friends last theirs in the ‘65 Palm Sunday tornado. Fortunately it was a mile from us). This spring the trees are still a sad sight. I have yet to hear an explanation for it.
      When I first saw your gray quilt, I thought you usually are using more color, but I also think that it probably looks great in person. The flat screen doesn’t do it justice.
      Raining now in Indiana, but was light enough this morning that we planted a second planting of early vegetables. The first planting of spinach is about ready.
      Enough rambling from here for now. Time too get in some sewing. Currently sewing squares for the church quilts.

  13. Lorraine McGeough

    So glad to hear that Telly is doing well. Just enjoy her and let her be. Doesn’t seem like she is having any trouble right now. I agree with you that surgery is not needed at this time.
    Thank you for the pics of the quilts. I enjoy seeing them all.
    That is sad that the trees had to be cut down. I am sure it looks so bare when you look out your window. I enjoy seeing trees and how they are so beautiful.

  14. Sharon Lowy

    So happy Telly is feeling better. I so agree with you and Rick about her treatment. My precious cat, Mr. Peach, had cancer and I allowed them to remove his leg when I was assured it had not spread. He lived 10 months when it came back. I would not allow them to hurt him again and I chose to let him go. He was so loved and now is missed but I hope he is running around Heaven on 4 legs. By the way, this was likely caused by vaccinations.

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Sharon, our first west highland terrier mix also developed cancer cells in a neck spot where he was receiving all his vaccines. I was blessed to have him 5 more years though as we opted for no more shots for him as he stayed in our yard all the time anyways and was in no danger. The vet was in agreement to just let him live out his years with no more vaccines as he assumed as well that to be the cause.

  15. Ellie

    Glad to hear Telly seems to be feeling better and is acting normally. She will let you know when it’s time.
    I’ve complained to the”tree trimmers” when it seems they are over enthusiastic with the chain saw. Usually it seems to be some young guy enjoying the power of what he’s doing. I think they cut down the trees so they won’t have to come back in a year or two and do it again. They don’t seem to care how it looks to those of us who see it every day! Lilacs sound like a goo remedy!

  16. Nikki M in Tx

    OMG….what a disgrace!!! To butcher trees like that & have no recourse!!! I too love trees & I want to cry with you…& then not even clear the stumps!

    Still working on The Village quilt.. my problem is I want each house to be just right, I know am agonizing more than necessary.. this is scrappy after all… but finally have all cut out ( maybe) & in process of assembling houses & roofs. At this point I still love this quilt, can only hope I feel the same when completely assembled. While shopping for fabrics in my stash came across a LOT of oriental fabric…when ( & why) did I acquire it?…am I seeing a pieced back?

  17. Launa

    So thankful to read that Telly is back to herself eating and enjoying life with Rick, you n Hazel!

  18. Deb Harrison

    Mary, we have been moving this week so I didn’t read about Telly until today. You know I am so in your corner and Telly’s!!! You all are in my prayers for all the time she has and then some more.

    I love Connies new color choices!

  19. Jay

    Mary, can you share what book the pattern for your “Be Still” quilt is in? I feel like I’ve seen it, and may even have it. I really like it, and have a LOT of 4 patches waiting for inspiration.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jay – Be Still is an individual pattern but it doesn’t have four patches – do you mean the one I just finished? All neutrals? It’s in Scrap School book.

  20. Shirley

    Thanks for the updaye on Telly. May she be around a long, long time.
    I love your version of the quilt. Low volume. I am kinda into those right now.
    I want to order your Vote pattern as soon as I figure out how to do it. 🤣
    Replant a tree somewhere for every tree cut down. It helps the environment.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Shirley – look at the top of the blog home page and you’ll find the directions about downloading a purchased pattern.

  21. Marsha from Kansas

    I’m so glad Telly is home with those who love her. I know you will do what is best for her as you have with all your furbabies. I agree that they just cut the trees down because it is the easiest remedy. But so sad.

  22. Sandy

    Hi Mary, l hope to go to Taiwan at Christmas for a month,but may have to do 2 weeks isolation at each end of trip and that can be expensive hotel cost,3000dollars at least! Eion, my son in taiwan is coming over in may, to help with sorting out his father’s stuff so that will be exciting. Will send photo of girls soon, Luan will be one on 14th April, she is very sweet and serene.take care everyone ,best wishes from sandy

  23. Kathy Hanson

    So glad that Telly is doing well now! You have such a wonderful attitude about it – makes all the sense in the world!
    Love your quilt – so nice to see all the quilts that you post. Hi back to Siri!! She is darling. Wonderful to see hazel and her “friend” – she is such a fun dog!

  24. MartyCae

    Give Telly a hug from me.
    To me trees bring happiness and peace. I feel your pain with the trees in that picture.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      MartyCae – the pain is real when I look at those destroyed trees – they did it last December and still haven’t cleaned up. Just makes me sick to drive on the road right by those trees.

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