Just as I was leaving for church at 1:00 the vet called. He can see spots on Telly’s liver which are likely cancerous. He can’t say for sure unless he does a biopsy and I won’t allow her to have surgery. He sent her home with medicine for nausea and something for liver function – gonna look that up online.

This afternoon I gave a talk to our Women’s Fellowship group and guests about Quilts and the Bible. I have had this afternoon on my calendar since last August and have done lots of research and have sewed assorted blocks that I gave away – I forgot to even take a picture of them!!!!

The quilt behind me is Jan Patek’s Bible Quilt that I have had hanging in my house for years – one of my all time favorites!

It was “hat day” and everyone was supposed to wear a hat. My hat belonged to Governor Hammill from our neighboring town of Britt, Iowa. Many years ago my friend Darlene and I went to his estate sale and I bought the beautiful hat box and his hat was still in it. He was Governor of Iowa in the mid 1920’s and the price on the hat box is $10.00.

All I could think about during this talk was Telly. When I got home she was here, acting very normal and I had already cooked chicken and rice for Siri. The vet said Telly didn’t eat but she ate two bowls of chicken and rice for me! Yay!!!! We’ll just love her as long as we have her and we will not let her hang on and suffer because it might be easier for us – I hate when pet owners do that. It’s such a coward’s way out and the pet suffers.

So my day has been hectic and I am looking forward to a beer!

57 thoughts on “Telly

  1. Angie from Baltimore

    All we can sometimes do is love them and let them know how much they are loved and I am sure Telly does.
    Love the hat. You do it justice.
    Telly probably thought that better food was waiting at home and didn’t want to spoil the appetite. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you.

  2. Kathy Downie

    Love your hat Mary! So sorry to hear about Telly but I know you’ll enjoy her while you can. So good to see you! Happy 2021!

  3. Kimberly Lusin

    Prayers for precious Telly. Love your hat and Bible quilt. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Frances E

    So sorry about Telly. I think you’re right, enjoy her while you have her.

  5. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    Ah, Mary, how difficult to digest news on your way to public speaking. I’ve been in your shoes, somehow you just start and just keep on sharing on autopilot.

    Our Kitty, our little tuxedo runaway who came home on Mother’s Day about six years ago (or was it more? Times does fly…)… you were so kind to me during that time, reminding people to pray…she has now been ill for a while. We now know it’s related to a thickening of her intestinal wall, leading to much vomiting and bloody stools. I share your sentiment about animal suffering, it’s cruel to want them so much that you subject them to lifesaving measures that most likely will not save them. Luckily we have a vet who has agreed to palliative measures; she’s on antibiotics and steroids for the time being, and her symptoms have abated. But the condition is not going away so she gets to rule the roost. Which, as you know, cats excel at. Sweet Kitty, she can drive us crazy but then she snuggles up and all is forgiven.

    I am going to pray that you have many peaceful moments with Telly, and playful times, and an easy passage of the time that is her life. People who don’t have pets do not understand the depths of feeling owners have for their beloved companions. Fortunately, the people who read your blog seem to share an appreciation for God’s many creations.

    I think it will be hard to Be Still tonight. Go for the beer! Sometimes it’s the best medicine.

  6. Jeri Niksich

    I’m so sorry about Telly, but I know that you will know when it’s time to let go and that is comforting. I know her remaining time will be full of happiness chasing things with Hazel and avoiding the troubled times with Hazel as well. We had Boxers 3 of them to be exact lol. We lost all 3 in a matter of 9 months. One due to old age and the other 2 to cancer. The vet tells us that Boxers are #2 on the cancer list. Our house sure seems empty. Maybe in time we will rescue but for now we’re still reeling from the losses.

  7. Sue franke

    I’m so sorry for what you’re going through with Telly. We went through something similar with our lab last summer. We loved him like crazy and even more after his cancer diagnosis until he started to suffer too much and we knew it was time. Such a hard decision but it’s right to not let our animal family suffer even though we suffer for that decision. Thoughts and prayers are with you.

  8. Sharon Ernst

    Mary — You are adorable! I’m pretty sure that hat looks a whole lot better on you than Governor Hammill! Prayers for Telly! Our pets are so precious! ♥️

    1. Charlotte Shira

      I was thinking the same thing Sharon. I’m sure the hat looks better on Mary too!

  9. Diana

    So sorry for the news about Telly. But I totally agree to love her while you can and spoil her.

    1. Mary

      Sorry Mary, about Telly. It had to be hard to focus on your talk. I bet the gals loved your presentation and your hat!

  10. Jacque

    Oh Mary, I so feel your heartache over Telly and however much time she has left. We too have an “old” dog who is at the end of her life. Cancer suspected but not confirmed. We have an awesome vet who just wants to keep her comfortable with pain meds until she (Sophie our Schnauzer) lets us know it’s time. He knows we won’t put her through any more diagnostic stuff or treatments. It’s just so hard when their lives are in your hands. But it always comes down to the same thing – we lose them eventually. I’ve said we’re too old to take in another pet after we lose the two we have now (both the same age) – but the house will definitely be too empty if we don’t. Blessings and strength to you and Telly.

  11. Joyce

    Just said goodbye to our almost 12 yr old Goldendoodle.. Mr Wilson. The only bad part of being a pet owner… hugs to all of you 🐾♥️

  12. Helen Jane

    HI Mary…I would like to have attended your presentation at your church today. I made a quilt years back called “Heaven Bound” and Country Threads “Noah”… Hope Telly continues to improve. We are inside from cleaning up flower beds. The Feb. snow/freeze left behind extra chores and many plants not coming back. I enjoy all the beautiful quilts on your blog. I received “Scrap School” and congratulations to you and Connie with the lovely quilt. Until next time in Texas

  13. Jan Frank-de Ois

    I’m sorry for Telly and you. Take care.
    I also made Jan’s Bible quilt and gave it to my church. I loved making it.

  14. Lois Ann Johnson

    I am sad to hear the news about Telly but I know that she will be cared for and loved until the very end. All of us who share a home with a dog or a cat understand what you are feeling right now. Our prayers are with you. Enjoy your beer tonight!

  15. Kathy Hanson

    Sending love and hugs to you and Telly! You will take care of her, with God’s help, until it is time to cross the rainbow bridge, as you have with others! You will be strong!
    Loved the quilt and the hat, would have liked to hear your presentation!

  16. Launa

    So nice Telly had good home cooked food to eat when she arrived home. She probably wondered where you were. Enjoy every precious minute you have together now.

    About that hat 😉 🤔…a real collectors’ item! $10, worth more!

    It’s been an off n on snowing day here…36o with sunshine during snow, too!

  17. RITA in Iowa

    Mary sorry to hear about Telly, enjoy your time with him while you can. It would have been wonderful to see your presentation of quilts from the Bible.
    Loooking very dapple with the hat.

  18. Sandra Goddard

    Mary you are a wise woman and pet owner. Love Telly for as long as possible.

  19. Sheila in WI

    Sorry to hear about Telly, but he’s has a good life. Treasure the moments you have left.
    Love the hat. You look very dapper in it. And what a great price!
    Wish I could have heart your Bible quilt presentation. Sounds very intetesting!

  20. Kathy in western NY

    I know you will make every moment count in Telly’s life with you. I agree she doesn’t need any diagnostic testing or more overnights away from her loving family. Some days i don’t feel like eating more than a couple crackers and cheese at lunch time so I try to remember that as pets age and can be like I am as I age. It’s so hard to watch them deal with a debilitating issue as it’s always on your mind and rightfully so. Relax tonight with the beer now that your talk is behind you.

  21. Lorraine McGeough

    So sorry to hear about Telly but glad she ate good. You are right in not letting her suffer but if she is doing good just enjoy her. My husband and I were selfish and didn’t want to let our fur baby go but when she wouldn’t eat or drink we knew we had to let her go in peace and not be hurting anymore.
    Love your hat.

  22. Julie D.

    So very sorry to hear Telly’s news. I’m glad she ate so well when she got home. She’ll be happy at home with you as long as she’s able. Sending prayers for her. So sorry Mary. Hugs to you.

  23. Holly

    Our 8 year old rescue lab mix was just diagnosed with diabetes. We elected to treat her on advice of vet. Now insulin shots twice a day and food four times per day. He seems less active and sometimes not hungry. I bought a can of pumpkins today and put it on the roast beef drippings and dog food he ate well. This is all we can do at this time.

  24. Nancy Wines

    Sorry about the bad news on Telly. How lucky Telly is to have you as her Mom. You will do the right thing by her and make her journey as good as it can be. It’s never an easy thing. Hugs!

  25. Sandie

    So sorry to hear about Telly. Many years ago I had a Chocolate Lab mix that had liver disease. I baked salmon and mixed it with her food every night. She did better on that than prescription dog food. They are our babies.

  26. Freda in Alabama

    GOOD Internet Site about Liver Disease in Dogs:

    So Sorry about Tally! SEE the above SITE MARY, & the above SITE may help you fill better!!!

    When I was “fixin” our’ Breakfast Supper’ tonight, I thought about the Liver; & One of it functions is Fat Metabolism. Please ask your Vet but My Thought was LOTS of Egg Yolks… may Over Work the Liver! Egg Yolks are High in Fat!! Lots of Alcohol can cause Cirrhosis & Too Much Fat may Over Work the Liver too! My Brain may just be overworking on something that I am not that Knowledgeable about!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Freda in Alabama – good to know! Neither of my dogs really love eggs which I’ve always thought was unfortunate since I have so many of them! Thanks so much for the article, Freda!

  27. Deborah Grisanti

    Wishing you and Telly the very best. I know what you are going through, just love her all you can!

  28. Jo in Wyoming

    Sounds like the medicine is working. That and lots of love from her household.
    I, too, am thankful we can do more for our pets than our loved ones.
    Hang in there and have 2 beers.
    Hugs to all of you from Loretta and me.

  29. Diane and Squeak in Central Ohio

    Home cooking is best! Good thoughts for you, Rick, and Telly. You will know what to do when it’s time. Love, toys,and play will help him and you. All of you will be in my prayers.
    The hat? Awesome. It looks good on you. I wish I could have heard your talk. Be still and drink beer😀. Raining here, but very nice until about 4 PM.

  30. Elrid Johnson

    Loved seeing Jan Patek’s Bible quilt. I have made that myself and very much enjoyed doing it.

  31. Bobbie

    My dog would never eat if she had to stay at the vet. I think it scares them it’s not home. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 That the meds help. Like others say love on her make her comfortable talk to her. She knows you love her just give her a little pampering.
    I love that quilt it’s beautiful. I would have enjoyed your talk.
    You hat looks good on you. I think my head is pointed hats don’t look good on me. If it’s a stocking hat for winter it seems to slide up and I have to pull it down all the time.
    So happy spring is coming so we can get out more, we have a few more days of rain till we have about 4 beautiful days coming.Yoo-hoo!

  32. Nancy Finch

    My vet said to use Milk Thistle oil that we mix with food in the am for our cat that has liver function problems. It has helped.
    Just a FYI.

  33. Charlotte Shira

    I’m so sorry to hear about Telly. I agree that pets shouldn’t suffer. Any pet is blessed to have you around and Telly knows that you love her.

  34. Pat Smith

    Sad to hear Telly’s probable diagnosis, but you are absolutely right about about loving them till you suspect they are not having quality life and then letting them peacefully go. At least you now know what’s probably wrong. All we were ever able to do in your same situation was to love them and give them the best last few months of life possible.

  35. Jean

    Mary I’m just so sorry about Telly. It truly is the hardest part of sharing life with a pet! I will pray.
    I too made Jan’s bible quilt. It is my absolute favorite quilt!

  36. Vicki

    So sorry about Telly. Pets are family and we suffer when they suffer. Hugs to you and Rick.

  37. Donna

    I am so sorry about Telly. You will know when the time is right. I agree that lots of people hang on too long. Enjoy your beer!

  38. Crystal

    Hugs and prayers for when the time comes to make that heartbreaking decision until then just enjoy every moment.

  39. Debbie B

    So sorry to hear about Telly. I agree, we had a similar situation with our Wicket. He would have had major surgery and be changed into a female and still no guarantees. We couldn’t put him thru all that. No way we could make him suffer thru all of that. I know it’s hard, but we have to do what’s best for our furry friends. Love your Bible quilt and you look adorable in your hat.

  40. Tanya T. in Houston

    Sending good wishes to you, Rick, and Telly. I LOVE the hat and the story with it! My grandfather was county judge in a little county in East Texas many years ago. I have the hat box and his hat, too. Fond memories!

  41. Jackie Baumhauer

    Mary, So sad about Telly, but still don’t give up on her. I had to look last night to see if she was OK. Hopefully she is doing better today. God bless

  42. Nikki M in Tx

    All I can at is I am so sorry about Telly.. there are no words of comfort.

  43. Beryl BC

    Sorry to hear about your dog. I hope you have many good days ahead with him yet. I like the quilt and see that the pattern is still available.

  44. Doris Gardner

    Is the Bible quilt pattern in a book or is it out of print? I love the look of it! Doris in Alabama

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Doris Gardner – the Bible Quilt is by Jan Patek and I know it’s still available on her website.

  45. Lee Bowers

    Mary, so sad to hear about Telly……I feel the same way about going to excess measures for a beloved pet.
    they don’t understand and we never really know what pain or fear they have.
    Enjoy Telly. Such a cutie. Lee

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