Five Long Days, 6-21-23

I have not posted for 5 days. Some of you understand and some of you simply don’t have a clue. I have written this post in my mind at least a hundred times and I still won’t get it right but here goes.

1. Thank you, Rosie, for opening my eyes. Twochicksquiling is only one of probably 2 dozen shops, guilds, clubs and individuals teaching our raw edged bullseye without any purchase of a book or pattern and while that bothers me it doesn’t come close to ignoring Country Threads as the designers. Several of those making the video DID credit Country Threads and I wish I could thank them personally.

2. You will not find this raw edge bullseye block prior to 1997. It’s on the cover of Quilts From Aunt Amy copyright 1999 and I have the original quilt in my possession yet today.

3. Quilt blocks are public domain as Marsha has pointed out. We don’t know who made the first log cabin block, do we? If you look through Barbara Brackman’s Quilt Block Encyclopedia you won’t find a raw edge bullseye block. You will find a curved piecing bullseye block however.

4. Aunt Amy’s sampler quilt was made in 1898 in Britt, Iowa. Connie and I took it to quilt market in the late 1990s and there was lots of interest in purchasing it. That Patchwork Place wanted to base a book on the quilt. They wanted to choose 12 blocks and asked us to make a modern version of each block. When Connie and I were dividing up the blocks, I got the curved pieced bullseye block. I certainly didn’t want to tackle curved seams and knew most of our customers wouldn’t either. And the raw edge bullseye block was born.

5. For Marsha who thinks I stole this idea and berated me for being a thief, she is badly informed. Does she own this book? Did she read about the origins of the raw edge bullseye block? Can she write an acceptable sentence with correct usage and punctuation? I still wonder why she was so hard on me and felt as if she had the right to criticize me on my own blog.

6. Then there’s Cathy and Gloria who conversed back and forth with their holier than thou attitude about how unprofessional I am. This is now personal and if it were just professional I’d be seeing my lawyer. They’re berating me? On my blog? That I own and pay for? I wonder what they’ve designed lately.

7. If you look on Pinterest for Bullseye quilts you’ll find many posted within the past 5-10 years. Everyone has forgotten where it came from and that’s to be expected. As Rosie said, in the late 1990s it was revolutionary – it’s old stuff now and nobody knows where it came from. But I know where it came from and this whole situation has hurt my feelings to my core.

8. I know many of you have made bullseye quilts in the past and I also know I have many supporters who read the blog but for those who read the blog and then leave a demeaning comment, please unsubscribe. The internet is so easy to just write anything you want and remain anonymous but I have the ability as administrator of this blog to block anyone I choose.

9. I have always tried to avoid politics, any type of social argument and any other sensitive issues to avoid hurting anyone’s feelings. If this blog does not meet your requirements, please unsubscribe.

10. I will add pictures tomorrow. Rick’s hip replacement is scheduled for tomorrow morning. If this post has just been an exercise that ends up hurting someone else’s feelings, I’m sorry. I have thought long and hard about writing this. If the blog ends now my conscience is clear.

Written sincerely from the heart,


213 thoughts on “Five Long Days, 6-21-23

    1. Katherine Gourley

      Hi Mary, My best to Rick with his hip surgery. A friend of hours just had one and his recovery was very fast and all of his pain is gone. It is sad that people do not have it within themselves to be kind. I have your Aunt Amy’s book, which I love. I have had it for at least 10 years or so. It is so sad that Martingale is now out of business. I always felt they produced the finest quilt books. Both the photography and instructions were always top notch. It is unfortunate that they did not sell the business to someone else.

      I wanted you to also know that congress did change some of the copyright laws last year. I found this interesting:

      “There are three major exceptions to this (copyright rule: (1) the face-to-face instruction exception, (2) the online instruction exception (also known as the TEACH Act), and (3) the fair use exception. These exceptions are defenses against a claim of copyright infringement.Jun 14, 2021 ”

      “The TEACH Act permits displays and performances of copyrighted works to be transmitted and used for instructional purposes, without permission of the copyright owner, if a number of conditions are met. In order to qualify you must be an accredited nonprofit educational institution or governmental body. Feb 16, 2022”

      It would seem to me that quilt classes (quilt alongs) would not be accredited or nonprofit and would therefore need to follow copyright laws and your drawing the pattern to others attention was appropriate.

  1. Betty Snyder

    Mary, Enjoy your blog. I am so sorry about the bullseye block. I have the book with it as I have always planned on getting it done. In our world most people are good and kind but….we live in a sinful world. Hang in there and I will pray for you . And Rick for his upcoming surgery.

  2. Susie Kepley

    Way to go Mary!! That’s telling them!! I love your post and truly enjoy them, so keep up the good work. We are all getting a little old for all of the drama. I have a post card that says “if you can’t say anything nice, say it in French” wee.

  3. Deb in Japan

    Biggest hug possible. How about if we get together in a couple of weeks, sit on your porch, pet the babies, have a beer and just listen to the corn across the road grow.

  4. Janet Bland

    I am so sorry that some people were cruel to you. It is uncalled for. You invest your time and money in this blog and bring joy to plenty of people who don’t speak up on a regular basis (guilty). Thank you for all you do for us.

  5. Lin

    Good luck to Rick tomorrow. Hip replacement is really not too bad. He’ll be so glad he did it.

  6. Kathy in western NY

    Oh dear Mary, I didn’t read these comments and I will spend some time going back to see what possessed them to say hurtful things on your blog. Some people have the nerve to be so disrespectful. I think I know how you feel as I have spent the last couple days with people I wish I hadn’t been around as it upset me with their terrible remarks and I saw a side I couldn’t believe was in them. It hurts. Wishing you a good nights sleep and please do send us an update on how Rick is doing. We’ve been a part of your life far too long to count and care deeply.

  7. Diane in Colorado

    Sending you warm hugs and support from out here in Colorado. I have much to say but think you did perfectly well without my chiming in. I agree—if folks don’t care for the content, unsubscribe. This is your blog and you do not need to be criticized or berated ever, but certainly not on your own blog.

    My Bullseye quilt is one of my most favorites and the quilt along you led was one of the most enjoyable quilting social events I’ve ever taken part in. I have the original Quilts from Aunt Amy books, purchased at Country Threads.

    Sending good wishes for Rick’s surgery tomorrow and his recovery afterwards.

  8. Kim from TN

    I’m sorry some folks chose to be thoughtless with their comments on your blog, and over your quilt design.
    My thought will be with you tomorrow as Rick has surgery. My prayers for him and the surgical team.

  9. Kathy L

    I so enjoy your blog, i don’t subscribe to many, I am so sorry for all you are going through with all of this, it is
    so unfair, I am in your corner.
    good luck to Rick tomorrow, and to you always

  10. Teresa in Indiana

    I’m so sorry this is still such a festering thorn. Some people have no conscience and feel they can say anything regardless if it’s hurtful or not. I love you Mary. I for one have missed your blog these past 5 days. God’s speed with Rick’s surgery tomorrow. Take care of you too! ❤️

  11. Betty Clark

    Well said, Mary! I agree with you. God bless you!
    I have enjoyed your blog for a long time, and I hope that you continue to write it, but I understand if you don’t want to continue.

  12. Rhoda Ebersole

    You are right on Mary. So sorry you have to deal with all this in your busy life. Yes you have a right to put all the facts out there in this matter.

    Hope all goes well with Rick’s surgery tomorrow


  13. Quilting Sister

    We love your blog AND all the wonderful patterns y’all have designed over the years! Please don’t let those crummy people ruin what you’re doing for your qulting friends … and the fun you have doing it, they’re just not worth it. We think you’re great!
    And I hope your husband’s surgery goes well!!

  14. Mrs. Goodneedle

    I wholeheartedly agree with your sentiments and am sending you a virtual hug. Sometimes it just seems that this big world is filled with competitive egotists and self-servers; those times can be so discouraging. Please know that they never win; they can’t if you won’t let them. Mary, you are deeply appreciated and much loved, by many. Thank you for all that you’ve done, and continue to do, for the quilting community! ❤️

  15. Diane in Maryland

    Mary, well said. You have hundreds of loyal readers all over the world and we stand behind you. Good luck to Rick tomorrow. Good luck to you the next month or so as his nurse! Also sending hugs and love.

  16. Deborah Smith

    I have followed you for years when your store was still operating with your humor, honesty, kindness and enjoyed all you have designed.
    I am horrified that a honest and talented person as yourself would be cheated of your designs. Our world is falling apart and I guess many cheaters think that stealing
    from some else one else is ok.
    Keep the faith and know that soooo many of us love your designs, your wit and humor and unfailing kindness.
    If you chose to fold up your business I would be sad and miss life on the farm.
    You take care of you and do whats ever best for you.

  17. Lynn h

    Please don’t end your delightful blogging!!! I surely can understand your asking rude commentators to unsubscribe. I hope they do that. I have appreciated a political-free environment here also! Keep up the ex excellent work, Mary!!

  18. Susan

    Loads of us love and support you. Internet trolls are everywhere but I wouldn’t think quilters could be so petty and mean. You have brightened the lives of the people who follow the blog. Please don’t let the complainers get you down.

  19. Carolyn Meadows

    I am so sorry you have had to deal with nasty people. I remember when you created the raw edge bullseye. It is a wonderful example of your creativity.

    Take care of Rick and yourself. You have an army of people who think you are wonderful.

  20. Frances E

    Good luck with Rick’s surgery, I’m sorry for all the furor you’re going through.
    May the peace of the Lord be with you.

  21. Shirley Andersen Smith

    You have made many good points and I support you whole heartedly.
    No one knows how hard you and Connie have worked in your quilt business except another shop owner. I agree it tears at your heart to see people try to tear you apart without thinking. I tell them to back off and support all your efforts. Personal attacks should be off limits.
    You did a good job of explaining HOW your bullseye is different from a pieced one as raw edge and yes it is yours and yours alone. Hugs to you and good thoughts for a great outcome for Rick tomorrow.
    Keep positive.
    Shirley from Oregon

  22. Angie from Baltimore

    You have ALWAYS been generous with your talent and time. I am sorry people are so cruel and not reading the story of the block. I have known a couple of people who have sued and were successful with the suit. This is an art form and if you don’t like the blog GET OFF it is easy to do and leave the rest of us to continue to enjoy your entries.
    As for Rich I wish him the best and my hip replacement was easier than my knee. Just don’t bend from your hip for a while. Easy to forget but I was amazed how much better I felt afterwards so good luck and you both will be in my thoughts and prayers

    1. Sharon F

      I hope your husband’s surgery will be textbook perfect and his recovery will be speedy and total. Wishing patience for both of you during his recovery time. I know it can’t be easy to ignore the misappropriation of your intellectual property or the rude and nasty comments you got from a few, but I hope you can set that aside for a short time so you can focus on caring for and supporting your husband while he recovers. Then you can go all Western on the copycats !

  23. Beth T.

    I’ll be thinking of both you and Rick tomorrow. I hope you get a good night’s sleep tonight. I’m finishing up my own Bulls Eye quilts–based on the tutorial I read here, full credit to you! When they are quilted I will send photos. Johnny already says the bigger quilt is his favorite of any of I’ve ever made. (Isn’t that funny–thinking of how much it was to make, compared to all of the quilts I’ve made that were so fiddly?) Sending a big hug. xxx

  24. Chris

    Mary, I am so sorry that anyone would be so rude and meanspirited to post nasty comments towards you on your blog! Unbelievable! Sadly, these people ruin the fun we have in connecting through social media with online friends throughout the world. We can’t control these hardhearted people, but I am thankful that you, as administrator of this blog, can block them. I think you should do just that.

    I applaud you for saying what you said, and I support you one hundred percent. You are a kind and good person and you do not have to put up with Internet bullies. You don’t want to see their nasty comments and neither do the rest of us.

    Please block them and we will raise an adult beverage in celebration of true friendship and fun posts! Be gone nasty people and let’s celebrate.

    Love you, Mary,
    Chris in Corpus Christi, Texas

  25. Carla J

    May you and Rick have a peaceful night’s rest for tomorrow. God bless the surgical staff as during Rick’s procedure, the recovery and nursing staff while he is in their care.

  26. JoAnne Kittleson

    So sorry for what you have been going thru! Hope the hip replacement goes great tomorrow and your hubby feels so much better, I know I did after my replacement. Good Bless you both!

  27. Mary

    I’m so sorry Mary you are having to deal with this! Especially with Rick’s surgery tomorrow. I made YOUR Bullseye quilt many years ago from purchasing YOUR pattern, it was my bedspread, used so much it was wearing out. I finally had to store it away to save what was left of it. Need to make another. Ignore the mean ones or block them. Life is too short to waste it on the “mean” girls. Best wishes for Rick tomorrow, hope all goes well!

  28. Chris

    Please don’t give up, Mary. There are a lot more of us who appreciate reading about the garden and the animals and the quilts.

  29. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy I. Central Ohio

    Dearest Mary, You said it very well! I am one of your longggg time supporters even before The Blog and The Goat Gazette, I think. You have every right to have hurt feelings, anger, and to be disappointed in some of your blog readers and commenters. And, yes, dump them! Who needs criticism? It is hard enough to get through a day. No one needs criticism and crap. And, you have so
    Much on your plate. Don’t they read how hard you work and how hard it is to have I husband with many health issues. I guess not so they can just go! I am with yiu ALL the way! Hugs to you😀

  30. Charlotte

    Dear Mary, Wishing you and Rick peace of mind and peace in your hearts before his surgery tomorrow. Prayers for God’s healing for all hurts, and for a successful surgery and comfortable recovery.

  31. Deborah

    Praying for Rick surgery. You are an amazing designer and I miss seeing you at the festival in Chicago! I have all of your books and will continue to follow you and support you

  32. Joan West

    My heart hurts for you Mary. I pray all these nasty comments made to you & the pattern stealing will end. We all look forward to the blog & hope that you can continue it.
    Prayers for Rick & his medical team tomorrow & you too as his caregiver. Hugs.

  33. Lori

    Take care Mary, those nasty people don’t deserve your time. Please ignore them, they are not worth it.
    Focus on those that are on “Team Mary”!
    Wishing the best for Rick and YOU tomorrow.

  34. Patricia E Campbell in AZ

    You are 100% right. They were very rude. I love your blog. I have never made YOUR Bullseye quilt, but maybe I will be able to one day. If I do, I will most definitely give you credit if I post any pictures of it anywhere!!!
    Praying for Rick. Praying for you.

  35. Brendalynne

    I am so sorry you are having to deal with such a tacky challenge. Unfortunately, our society has gotten ruder and tackler in the past few years. It is also being handed down to younger generations. As if covering ones unacceptable behavior by throwing out ugly rude insults. Please know you can hold your head high and they are grabbing about in their pettiness.

  36. Marilyn Miller

    Mary, I adore your blog and look forward ALWAYS to reading it and getting up with your busy life. Don’t let those ‘turkeys’ get you down. Your friends have your back. I’m glad you took a stand. Thumbs up and I applaud you for speaking out.

  37. Rachel Summy

    Mary, your post is perfectly written, if readers feel they can say anything you’ve got the right to call them out!
    Prayers for success for Rick’s surgery and strength for you being the caretaker.

    I found your book this past year and purchased it especially for the Bullseye pattern. Really want to make one soon. Thanks for designing!

    Take care, Rachel

  38. Nancy

    You go, girl. I’m in YOUR corner. Block the idiots and mean girls. I’m glad you had the guts to write this column. What percentage of your readers “get” it?

  39. Paula


    Please don’t discontinue your blog. It is a bright spot in many of our days. Anyone who has a problem with the blog or your comments can simply unsubscribe. You are certainly allowed to express your frustration with people who steal your ideas and refuse to credit your designs. You are also allowed to block any that are not civil or are disruptive. Stay the course, friend!

  40. Lynda

    What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
    Had a hip replacement 3 months ago, piece of cake. Good luck to Rick.

  41. Diane and the gang

    Good, good luck to Rick and you tomorrow. I hope his hip pops right back quickly😀. My friend had hers done today. Take care of you, too, Mary😍

  42. Jane Dumler

    Bless you Mary for saying your thoughts on quilt patterns. The quilting industry has been interesting o follow as the copyright issue is quite vague. I worked in the industry for 30 years and worked many markets and walked many shows. It was very interesting. Thank you for speaking out.
    I have you and Rick in my prayers as you go to surgery tomorrow. He is having his surgery at a good institution and will have good care.
    Take care of yourself and put this mess bend you. I read our blog every time it comes trough. A bright spot in my day. Take care

  43. Marcis

    You handled this situation w/ grace and tact. Exactly what I would expect from such a talented, gifted professional person.

    Social media has given ‘little’ people power as they can’t be seen but think their view is the correct view. They are very unhappy people and I pity them.

    Prayers for you & Rick w/ his hip surgery. My husband did really well with his. His was outpatient, no PT just walk a lot.

    Enjoy this great weather & get some sewing done. I am trying to finish some UFO’s and longarm. Need to get the tops pile down. Love to do binding & sir on the porch in the evening. Oh & eat my ice cream🤣

  44. Carolyn in GA

    Dear Mary,
    Have not been a reader of your blog for as long as many of your subscribers but have really enjoyed same for the time I have been reading it. Please give yourself all the credit you can for being a creative and generous lady who has shared her talent with many people over the years.

    Best wishes to your husband for a speedy recovery from the hip surgery and feel sure there are many of us who will say a prayer for both of you in the coming days.

  45. Debra Oscarson

    I’m sitting here under my Bullseye quilt, made using the Country Threads pattern from the book, Quilts from Aunt Amy. It is my favorite cuddle quilt. Reading this post has made me sad and mad. Block these mean girls, Mary. They do not deserve to be here. You have the best blog ever!
    Prayers for both you and Rick tomorrow and in the days to come.
    Wishes of healing, happiness and peace.

  46. Robin

    Nope, you did great! ❤️ proud to be a reader and follower
    Best wishes tomorrow

  47. Debbie Miller

    People who are mouthy, mean and cruel on any kind of social media consider themselves to be bullet proof because they are unseen. Well, that doesn’t make it right and you should call them out on the facts. I would also delete their comments and block them. I am so sorry you have to continue dealing with these issues. We loyal readers truly enjoy hearing and seeing all the good things and the occasional sad things of your quilt and farm life. We are your friends and share our photos and stories back with our comments though most of us are unseen by you as well. Thoughts and prayers for you both for a great outcome with Rick’s surgery tomorrow.

  48. Pamela Dempsey

    So sorry you are having this trouble, I really don’t understand how people can steal and think nothing of it. Prayers for tomorrow, guidance for the doctors, kind nurses and a quick, easy recovery! 🥰 sending a big hug your way, take care😻

  49. Janet

    Mary, I have loved reading your blog for a long time and would truly miss your adventures on the farm and your beautiful animals.Your blog is like visiting with family you have giving me courage to be creative with my sewing so Mary thank you for all that you do.

  50. Carrie Quinn

    Mary – I stand with you. One of the girls in our shop made that quilt around 2010. I remember it because it was so different from anything I had ever seen before. I find it appalling that they not only copied the pattern, but also had the nerve to give it a similar name. You should sue them! Good luck

    1. Donna Sproston

      Sorry you are having to deal with this thievery. Yes, block offensive posters.. There are hundreds of us who love reading your blog. We have hour back! Good luck to Rick tomorrow.

  51. Colleen in Central Oregon

    Dearest Mary! Even though we’ve never met, I still know you as a friend! Block the snarky commenters. You don’t want to see their comments and neither do we! They are way outnumbered by people who love you!
    Blessings on you and Rick tomorrow. I used to work for a surgeon that did hip replacements. As long as Rick follows the precautions and does the recommended exercises, he will do just fine. The surgery has given many people their lives back.

  52. Diane in NC

    Oh Mary, I am so sorry to hear all of the angst you have been put through. Unfortunately, there are always those individuals who are hurtful. I have been reading your blog for quite some time, and I know how great you have been to share your talents. Sending prayers for Rick’s surgery. Sending hugs your way!

  53. Vickie S

    The world is full of mean spirited, entitled and mouthy brats. It’s also full of some great, kind and caring people.

    My main takeaway is that this is your blog and it’s your pattern and it’s your feelings. If people can’t support you, they need to be quiet and leave. It’s one thing to state an opinion, it’s another to berate someone.

  54. Deb in Idaho

    I’m with Deb in Japan, sit on the porch, pet the babies and drink beer. I’ll have wine. I love this blog. People that hate will go to hell. We love you so keep sewing and keep calm

    1. Kelli

      Kudos to you! I’m glad you wrote what you did! Try and put it out of your mind and focus on what you need to for Rick. May the Lord bless you and keep you close in the days ahead!

  55. Sandy

    Hi Mary, l am sorry you are having a tough time,l know how hard it can be, pleae remember you have a lot of friends that support you, l wish some of use could come to the farm and look after you and Rick for a few weeks. Put these idiots out of you mind ,and thank God you have good friends, faith and family. My love to you,Rick and your pets,take care, best wishes from Sandy

  56. Julie

    Mary this world these days is so full of nasty people. Your blog brought tears to my eyes. You are the neatest person I’ve ever come across. You have talents and a heart of gold when it comes to quilting and your beloved animals. I look so forward to seeing what you alphabets to say and see the pictures you share. I think social media has done so much harm to many people. I’d like to see anyone say what they do on the blog to your face.
    Prayers for successful surgery and recovery for Rick.

  57. Marie C

    Great post today. We are all with you. I enjoy your blog so much. Best wishes and many prayers to you and Rick for a successful surgery.

  58. Pat Bradford

    I am so sorry you’ve been dealing with these ignorant people who hide behind their computers. Block them & don’t look back. We all love you Mary & we so enjoy hearing about your life on the farm & especially the animals antics. Wishing Rick a speedy recovery and you patience in dealing with an out of commission husband.

  59. Diana

    Good luck to you and Rick tomorrow with the surgery! Your blog is right on, hugs!

  60. Billie in Henderson, NV

    Wishing Rick the best tomorrow. Take a deep breath, we all love you!

  61. Lois Sturdivant

    Please don’t give up on your writing. It is fun to read I enjoy your ideas and comments. I have followed your blog for many years. It’s too bad that people don’t seem to understand what Copyright means.

    Hang in there.

  62. Jo in Wyoming

    I hope those bitches get hacked!
    They need some understanding. Technology is a wonderful process when used in a positive manner. There is so much negativity in this world. Your blog is always a ray of sunshine in sometimes a difficult world.
    My dad always told us girls, “the hardest thing to be is different “.
    Where is their original patterns, methods, ideas?
    Whinny a.. holes!

    Good luck to Rick tomorrow. Take care, Mary…we 🥰

  63. Jan from TN

    I’m so sorry you’ve had to go thru this. People, even those you think are your friends, can be so rude, especially nowadays.
    I made your Bullseye Quilt many years ago & shared a picture with you via your blog a couple of years ago when you asked if any of us had made it. I took a class in which EVERYONE was required to buy the book, Quilts from Aunt Amy, no exceptions. I love that quilt. It’s especially cozy to use in the winter as a lap quilt while I’m reading.
    As far as the rude comments you’ve received, I highly recommend you do indeed block those people. You don’t need that negativity in your life. You already have so much going on so why even think about dealing with that crap. Block them, delete them or whatever you can do to stop them.
    Good luck & also good luck to Rick with his surgery tomorrow. 🤞🙏🏻🫶

  64. Bonnie McKee

    Mary, I’m also on your side. You have been more than fair, which is more than can be said for some.
    I thank you, and Connie, for many, many wonderful patterns and books that I have enjoyed for several decades. I still own many of your books and patterns as well as dozens of hard copies of Chicken Scratch that I subscribed to and I cherish each copy. Since you and Connie closed your business this blog has kept me in touch with your creative ideas and brought me so much pleasure reading about your farm, pets, family and friends. As I get older and my health unfortunately declines, the pictures of quilts shared on the blog is like attending a delightful, mini quilt show.
    I’m extremely sorry that some feel they must leave ugly, unpleasant comments when so many others just want to enjoy the wonderful things you share.
    I appreciate you and all you do for your faithful followers!
    In my opinion this blog is about so much more than nothing. It’s about a community of women who share an affection for quilts and critters and gardens and each other.
    Bonnie in Oregon

    1. Bonnie McKee

      Sorry Mary…I mistakenly called your former printed newsletter “Chicken Scratch” when I believe it was called the “Goat Gazette”, if I’m not mistaken. ❤️ 🐐❤️

  65. Sandy Hinrichs

    I’ve never use comment before. Shame on me for not telling you how much I enjoy your blog. I have enjoyed hearing from you. Now I’d like to say something about those mean people that are so opinionated, nobody needs or wants to hear from you. Either be nice or shut up !! Can’t we all just get along . STOP READING the blog if it bothers you it’s that simple. Hang in there Mary.

  66. Barbara Forde

    Keep up the good work. Love your blog….try to ignore the ignorant people who feel entitled to write hurtful things.

  67. Cathy K

    So sorry that you’ve had to go thru this! I’ve enjoyed your blog for only a short time (only a year or so now) but have enjoyed it a lot! Thank you for all that you bring to the quilting community! Really wished that I lived closer to have taken a class, as I’m sure it would have been a hoot to attend! I for one would really miss your blog if you stopped. HUGS!

  68. Chris H. from Washington

    Oh Mary,
    I’m so sorry you have gone through this. It is so easy for people to be negative and downright nasty when they can be anonymous. I love your blog and would be sad to see it go but I do understand how hurt you must feel. Sending warm hugs to you from Washington state.

  69. Shirley

    I am so sorry all this has happened to you. Seems like there is no end to it. Some people need to keep their beaks out of other peoples business. Love from Alaska

  70. Susan K in Texas

    I’ve missed your posts Mary. I’m sorry you’re going through this with your bullseye quilt again. And having to deal with rude remarks on your blog too. I believe this puts everything in clear terms
    I’ll be thinking of you and Rick as he goes through his hip surgery. May he have a quick and uneventful surgery and recovery.
    Hugs to you!

  71. Charlotte in Georgia

    Mary, after so many comments, you’re probably a little weary of another one! But I just wanted to add my wishes for you to continue with your delightful blog. So sorry for all the turmoil over your Bull’s Eye pattern. I had bought your book way back when, but somehow lost it, maybe loaned it out and didn’t ever get it back. So I went several months ago to a used book sight, and there it was! A little worse for the wear, but I was so glad to have it again! I’ve been working on another raw edge design quilt, and it really made me want to finally make a bulls eye quilt. It will forever be an Aunt Amy quilt to me, and shame on those who usurped your pattern without giving you credit! Hopefully before too long, I can send a picture of my very own Bull’s Eye quilt.

    Best of luck for your husband’s surgery tomorrow, and prayers for a speedy recovery.

  72. Nancy Fincj

    Mary, you and Connie have been my inspiration for many many years. I loved your quilting style and the sharing of your lives . Even my husband (an Iowa farm boy) enjoyed your newspapers and meeting you at a quilt show. I don’t know what is going on in this world today but there is no excuse for what some of these so called “quilt experts” are saying and doing to you. Know that you have tons of support out there. Prayers for hubby tomorrow.

  73. Montana Kathy

    Mary, BRAVO! for a thoughtful, clearly written and absolutely wonderful rebuttal and reprimand for those disturbed individuals who dare to voice opinions on something they don’t fully investigate first. Especially in a hateful, mean way. You are right to delete them from your blog. Know that all your faithful readers stand behind you and applaud you for speaking out. Keep well, and best wishes for Rick’s surgery.

  74. Li

    This is a remarkable post stating your thoughts clearly and professionally. It serves to educate especially those who are ill informed or those who like choosing to be irresponsible.

  75. Marsha in MI (not THAT Marsha!!)

    Ditto to everyone else’s comments! I love when the emails pop in and I can read your blog! I’ve been traveling and visited the Iowa State quilt museum a week after Ricky Tims was there! His exhibition was still there and what a talented designer and quilter he is!!

    Best of wishes for a safe surgery and good outcome tomorrow.

  76. Beverly Lockmiller

    Prayers to you and Rick tomorrow and for the medical staff. Please, please keep writing and posting. I love it all even if I don’t post very often, I read everyone of your posts. Sorry there are mean people out There. Thanks

  77. maggierose copple

    I do not know why people have to be trolls. I am tired of bad manners. Did they learn anything in kindergarten?

  78. Lynette in orlando

    Mary, I’m so sorry that people are so rude. It’s aggravating. I appreciate your time and your comments. I will be praying for Rick, his medical team and for you. Sending a hug……

  79. Debbie H.

    Hang in there Mary, I personally LOVE reading your blog. Your “tell it from the heart” is refreshing.

  80. Sandi from Oregon

    Mary, as much as we wish it to be true, not all quilters are nice people. It hurts my heart to know that there have been people who are unkind to you. Please try to ignore them and, instead, realize that there are many more of us who love you. Give Rick a big hug and spend a few moments with your critters. There’s nothing like a bit of dog drool to brighten your day.
    Sandi from Oregon

    1. Deb in Japan

      I LOVE your comment – There IS nothing a little dog drool can’t make better. You really brightened my day.


  81. Jan Smith

    It’s truly shocking to me that you would be demeaned on your own blog. It seems that many bloggers deal with this eventually. That doesn’t diminish your experience in any way. I’m sorry that this has happened. You don’t deserve it in the least.
    Your blog is so real, and interesting. I love that, in a way, Country Threads has never closed. Please don’t go anywhere!
    Prayers for the two of you tomorrow.

  82. Sue in Oregon

    Oh, Mary. I wish this had not happened again. It just isn’t fair to you. I’m with the others. Block them!
    I love my Bullseye Quilt. It’s so warm and cuddly. So much so, that my husband now has it on his bed. I need to make another one.
    Thoughts and prayers for Rick tomorrow. Wishing him a quick and easy recovery.

  83. Linda Levad-Passow

    I fully support you and your stance. It is unthinkable that someone could create this block, teach it, and take ownership, when it is obviously your design. I did not know the history behind it, but have always known it was your concept. Keep fighting for designer’s rights, Mary.

  84. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Well said, Mary!
    Best wishes to you and Rick with his surgery. I will be keeping you both in my thoughts and sending positive vibes.
    Take Care, 🥰

  85. Rosie Westerhold

    I need to chime in also, because I think I am the one who started all this mess. And I’m truly sorry for that. Your post today was SPOT ON👍👍🙌🙌!! I support you 1000%. I hope the mean girls just leave. Or you can block their comments. Those of us long time followers love you, your blog, and your farm life🥰🥰. That’s why we are here.

    I hope Rick gets through his procedure with ease and recovers quickly

    Much love and huge cyber hugs, Mary🥰🥰🥰.

  86. Arrowhead Gramma

    Praying for both you, Mary and Rick as he has his surgery. Being a caregiver is not an easy task.

    It is my opinion that you should block any and all who leave rude, unkind or nasty comments. This is your blog and as such you have a right to block any and all who do not adhere to common decency with their comments.

    I cherish my copy of Aunt Amy quilts and am so sorry that you are going through this distressing time. Take care and stay strong.

  87. Sandi

    I pray your husbands surgery goes well tomorrow. Your letter is outstanding. People just are getting where they don’t care about others feelings. I’m still working hard to believe there are many good people. I’m so sorry about all these problems. I have owned the Aunt Amy book almost since it came out, all because of the quilt on the cover. Hugs,

  88. Beryl in Owatonna

    Well said, Mary. People are getting more hateful every day,,,a sign of the times. You are bigger than that, I so enjoyed the tour of the farm the time I stopped to meet you. I think I was in the shop once before it was closed and then lived too far away to visit.
    Thanks for the Blog, I look forward to it everyday!
    Praying for Rick’s surgery tomorrow, I hear it is easier than the knee surgery we have had!! I am praying for peace of mind for you too.
    Will Tim’s corn be knee high by the 4th of July!?

  89. Heidi

    Praying and wishing your hubby the best with his hip replacement. Hope he heals and back to feeling better quickly. Sorry there are so many people so insensitive and quick to judge. Ignore them, I know it’s hard. Hope they do unsubscribe. Who needs more nastiness in a great blog.

  90. Katie

    I have enjoyed your blog for a long time & Goat gazette..please continue the sharing..🫶🏼
    Prayers for Rick ..
    Katie in Gilbert,Az.

  91. Linda In UK

    I’ve read and enjoyed your blog for a long time – your farming life is very different from mine as I was brought up in a town. I am sorry you have been so hurt by mean people and hope they do unsubscribe. Best of luck to Rick for his hip operation.

  92. Charlotte S in northern California

    Well said, Mary! I love you and your blog and I’m sorry people have been so cruel to you. I’m sending hugs and prayers for you and Rick for his surgery tomorrow and his recovery.

  93. Kate

    So sorry you are having problems with people stealing your idea. Some just don’t have the talent you have, but it’s no excuse for them to use your pattern and not even give you credit. Prayers for Rick’s surgery to go well and that he will have a speedy recovery. And prayers for you as you take care of him.

  94. Janny Schoneveld

    The sun is shining and it is a Beautifull day.
    Think of your Heart, you only have one.
    And think of your husband and tomorrow.
    Love your blog and “your” Quilts.

  95. Nancy Wines

    I am so sorry that people have written hurtful comments. It is totally uncalled for and unnecessary. You have more important things to deal with and certainly don’t need their small mindedness and aggravation. You have always been a leader in the quilting community and your blog has brought joy and a smile to my face every time I read it. I hope that all goes well with Rick’s surgery and he heals quickly and is back to full health soon. My prayer and kind wishes are with you both.

  96. Brenda in N Calif

    I’m so glad you posted as I have worried about you. The last post made me so sad for you and all you were going through. Sorry you were hurt on so many levels. Block nasty people and try to put it behind you. I have truly enjoyed that your blog was positive and not political.
    Prayers for you and Rick. Surgery and hospital waits are not pleasant but hopefully the results will be so worth it.

  97. Joanie

    Mary, I am so sorry that people feel the need to be thoughtless, uncaring and unkind to you. I have purchased and loved Country Threads for years and loved them all. I am still working my Bullseye that got put aside due to life. It’s a pattern that I truly like and know I would never do as appliqué. You creatively found the perfect solution. Please just forget the unkind people and focus on the joy you bring to all of the rest of us.

  98. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Good for you, Mary! Please don’t let the cyber bullies get you down and destroy your pleasure in your blog and your interaction with the many followers who love you and enjoy the privilege of sharing your life and each others work. Chucking out a few bad apples can save the bushel! You have clearly stayed the facts, and those who don’t wish to deal with them can just go elsewhere.
    The very best wishes for Ricks surgery tomorrow.
    Hang in there, Mary! 🌸🩷

  99. Pattie from PA

    Mary, please know that you have the support of many readers of your blog. I am just one and immensely enjoy your ramblings and pictures about “nothing.” Hugs.

  100. Cathie

    Mary – I am so sorry you are going through this. You and Connie have put a lot of yourselves into your quilts and business and if others can’t just say something nice they shouldn’t say anything at all. I for one appreciate your posts and your history of making quilts. Although I am not a quilter I love your site and hope there are many more people who do than just want to complain.
    Good luck to Rick tomorrow – that is where you should be concentrating today and tomorrow. Not on the negatives out there.

  101. Jackie in NY

    Hi Mary,
    Once again I’m saddened by the rudeness of other people. I’m sorry for what you’ve experienced- both the theft of your pattern and the meanness of some commenters. While I don’t comment every day, I always enjoy reading the blog and seeing the pictures. I feel bad I didn’t realize you were missing for five whole days. In my defense, I don’t check my email every day. Some days all I manage is to delete the junk mail, not read the emails I want to keep. I hope all goes well for your hubby with his surgery.

  102. Susan Rynex

    I’ve not made a bullseye quilt but have made a raw edge square in squares. Would that be considered a a copy of your bullseye idea?

  103. Gayle Shumaker

    I’m so sorry this nastiness has been aimed at you. Behavior, manners and ethics seem to have eroded since Covid. I base this on the visitors to our village in northern Michigan. Being anonymous online makes it even worse. I’m a proud owner of your Aunt Amy book as well as many others. Basically I just wanted to let you know my thoughts are with you. Take a deep breath, let go of the hurtful stuff and concentrate on being and staying ok over the next couple of weeks with Rick’s surgery and recovery. Hugs

  104. Ros Cosgriff

    My Mother always said “Cheats never prosper” and I’m a great believer in that. Those people aren’t worth wasting your time on, they obviously live their lives by cheating and using others, so they will eventually gets their just desserts. Keep up the good work, I love reading you posts, you’re a good person and know that there are a lot of people out there that sympathise with you and care about you. Take care and all the best for you and Rick. Cheers Ros

  105. Rita in Iowa

    Mary you stated your thoughts very professionally. It’s sad to have negative thoughts posted on your blog. We need all the positive thoughts we can get these days.
    Wishing Rick and you good luck with his hip surgery. May he have a quick recovery.
    Watching all the Lillies blooming now, the deer for the most part are leaving them alone. Need rain badly and hope we get some this weekend.
    Give love to your farm animals and get your sewing machine humming!

  106. Laura DeMarco Van Slyke

    Perfectly said, you are the best.
    Prayers for a successful surgery for Rick.

  107. susie Q

    I have the book from way back when. Wish I could say I have a quilt as well but it is still on “the list”.

  108. WI Quilter

    A friend of mine grew up going to Country Threads with her mother and sister! She loved every trip and introduced me to your blog. When you talked about the Bullseye and did a quilt along I did it with you! I also hunt and search for Country Thread’s patterns and books on line and in thrift stores. I have a copy of Quilts from Aunt Amy! People might steal the pattern but NO ONE can duplicate your art!! You and Connie have the gift of putting pieces of color together like no one else. I love to see how you have challenged yourself to use new colors with your past patterns. Thank you for sharing your heart and talent with the world!! There are more good people than bad! Bless you and your husband and all your little critters!!! What was it??.. Be Still❤️❤️❤️You introduced that mantra into my life too!!

  109. Connie R.

    Praying for Rick and for you today that his surgery goes well and, for a speedy recovery. Take care.

  110. Paula S.

    Well said, Mary. Yes, block or throw out the haters. We don’t need them!

  111. Stephanie

    You go girl! That was a thoughtfully written blog and those that disagree can go pound sand. Your pattern is your pattern no matter what others say. Your “blog” friends stand with you.
    Best wishes for Rick and you.

  112. Mary

    Most importantly prayers for Rick’s surgery. As my mother would say “if you don’t have your health you have nothing”. So, prayers, karma, sending good wishes for all to go well there and he is up and running soon. 🙂
    You have nothing for which to be sorry. It is called intellectual property and it is yours. People who take it are thieves. I love the pattern but have never made it…I don’t have the book. I have the skills to make any quilt I see but I always buy the book/pattern because to do less is to steal. Not sure why this is such a hard concept to understand for some people. But then I work in a business where I deal with people who steal from their parents and are aided and abetted by attorneys and judges.

  113. Linda in MI

    Hoorahh Mary! I love what you did and what you said. I proud of you for standing up for yourself and your work. People can be so very cruel and inconsiderate, of course nothing may faze those people but let’s hope they grow a conscience and feel awful like they should. It’s bad enough when someone criticizes behind someone’s back but to have the guts do it publicly shows just how low class they can be.

    Please hold your head high and know there are many of us out here that love and respect everything you do.

    Good luck with Rick’s surgery tomorrow. Make sure you take some stitching to pass the time like I always do, I think I own a floor of U of M’s cardiac hospital. Hugs and blessings

  114. Jill Klop

    I think it’s good to get things off of your chest. It is your blog and you have every right to defend yourself and your property. If others can write negative things to you on here, then why not defend yourself! That quilt was your hard work. We might not know who made the log cabin block, so we can’t give that person credit, but we do know who did the Bullseye block…and you deserve the credit!

  115. Ruth Tacoma

    I’m so sorry, Mary!
    I hope the surgery goes great and his recovery time goes quickly. I am glad the day is finally here!

  116. Rita AM in CT

    Mary my heart beaks for you, I am one who appreciates you and all that you have contributed to the world of quilting.

  117. Kathleen Wood-Kaiser

    I hope Rick‘s surgery goes well.
    There have always been mean people in the world, unfortunately, it‘s much easier now to share their nastiness. I don’t know how blogs work, but hopefully you can block them . No one wants to read their ranting.

  118. Linda Cronin

    Mary, the Bulls eye quilt is so cute! I first saw it on Jo’s Country Junction. I’m considering making one and was wondering if you clipped your edges after you sewed the blocks or left them to do as they will. Thank you for sharing your quilting and life experiences. L

  119. Carolyn in Ohio

    I don’t always comment, but I love to read your blog. Your talent has always amazed me. And your generosity and kindness. Pray that all goes well with Rick’s surgery.. Pray also for your peace of mind. You have many supporters here.

  120. Dee

    I know where the bulls eye orginated. I have the book also and enjoy reading about the quilt. Enjoy your day and try to forget about the ignorant people out there.

  121. NancyTD

    Good luck to Rick!
    Everyone said it all. Support you 100%! You do a great job with the blog. Hugs for you. 😊

  122. Sue Dietz

    Of course you are upset. I’m glad you wrote this. Now is time to shake the dirt from your shoes and continue this great blog.

    We all who read this want and need the quilt and pet pictures. Most especially I need you insights, your stories and your descriptions of life where you are. Thank you.

  123. Meredith in Cincinnati

    You do know that you have literally thousands of people out here in blogland cheering you on? We love your stories, love hearing about your family, your animals, and your interesting life in Iowa. The (tens of) thousands of us are thinking of you and Rick today, praying and hoping for a speedy recovery for him. Those pathetic trolls who have done this to you are just…sad. Ignore them, ban them, forget them. We so look forward th hearing from you!

  124. Linda

    God bless you, Mary…The bullseye quilt is the second quilt I ever made. .Gruber’s in Mn had a class and I had such a fun day sewing this great pattern….It is my favorite quilt I have made…It is not fair that such a special pattern has caused you such pain…..You were just ahead of your time with this pattern. The Bullseye fits right in with the modern quilt movement of today….It is simply a great pattern that is timeless….Wow–A lot of people out there wish they had designed it!!!!

    I don’t understand people who steal and I don’t understand why someone would read a blog they felt they had to rake over the coals!!! So many of your fans are totally behind you…I am glad you wrote everything you did…

    I wish Rick a fast recovery from his surgery….

  125. Fran Dixon

    Please don’t end your blog. This too shall pass. I find your blog most interesting. Recently at a retreat, I was telling my quilting friends about how much I enjoy your blog. One friend said she knows you from a few years ago. She had nothing but good to say about you Mary. You have so much more to give. Please don’t give up.

  126. Gloria from CC

    Everything you said is true and knowing you as well as I do, I know your comments came from your heart. My stomach dropped to my knees when you commented on Cathy and Gloria. Yikes I didn’t make any comments. Then I remembered there is another Gloria who comments on your blog. Gloria is not a common name so for just a moment I was concerned.
    I hope Ricks surgery goes well this morning.

  127. Gayle in Tennessee

    I hope you will continue to blog Mary. I read your blog every day. Try not to let a few bad apples spoil the fun.
    Praying that Rick’s surgery goes well and that you find peace to continue sharing your life with us.

  128. Mary Roen

    Dear Mary,
    Bless your heart. I’m so sorry there are such cruel people out there who can hurt you to the core. I thought quilters were supposed to be kind? Please don’t let the views of a few speak for us as a whole. 99.5% of us are behind you and I hope the other .5% just disappear. Keep your chin up- you make me smile with every post.

    Ps- I’ll be praying for Rick

  129. Diana in Des Moines

    That’s what I love about your blog – you tell it like it is.
    Our society has become rude, ignorant and anonymous. I’m afraid it’s only getting worse. I avoid watching the news and am selective about my online reading. Sad..

    Many prayers for a successful hip replacement for Rick. I’ve heard it’s easier than knee replacement and my hubs has had 2 of those. We are now looking at ankle fusion on his right foot. 3 months of no load bearing on that foot. Oh joy. Better get my nurse hat back out.

    PLEASE continue to blog. It is a very bright spot in all of our days. We love you, Mary!

    On a side note – if you have the ability to block people, GO FOR IT!

  130. Beverly in Texas

    Very well said! Please continue your blog for those of us that have always loved the Country Threads life.
    Block those “mean” girls & carry on!
    Praying Rick’s surgery goes well & recovery & rehab go smoothly!

  131. Becki

    Good morning Mary. I am sooo very sorry that these people have been so mean and disrespectful to you. Your blog is a joy to read. KINDNESS matters

  132. Susan

    I’m so sorry these idiots have hurt you-so many negative people out there that feel the need to voice their stupid opinions! Good luck on the hip replacement-sure hope it goes well!
    You know-there’s tons of us that love and support you!

  133. Barb M.

    As someone who never comments, I just wanted to speak for the silent majority who really enjoy your blog about nothing. I love seeing Hazel and all your other wonderful pets and mourn with you every time you lose one. I’m so sorry that you are having to deal with all this nasty people stuff especially with Rick’s upcoming surgery. Please know that there are many more kind and loving people out here that appreciate what you do and know your tremendous contribution to quilting.

    We love and enjoy you, Mary, and God be with you and Rick during this difficult time.

  134. fin

    So sorry there are people out there w/ out manners and respect.I enjoy your blog as so many others do,Keep up the great work.

  135. Suzanne Golden

    You have every right to state your opinion. Unfortunately we now live in a world that has no morales or standards. Today people feel free to say any nasty and mean things without any consequences. I wonder if these same people are willing to make those comments to the person’s face, I would bet not.
    Mary, please continue with your posts as they are interesting and inspiring to read. We need more of your positive influence in our lives.
    Hope Rick has a very successful surgery and a fast recovery.

    Continue being your self.

  136. Cecelia Ronnfeldt

    Your post was written with honesty and class. Well done. You deserve to be pissed. Thank you for all you’ve done for the quilting community – it’s because of Country Threads that I started quilting 30 years ago.

  137. Laurie in NC

    I can’t say anything that hasn’t already been said by everyone else!
    Please keep blogging, and I so enjoy reading it every day!
    I’m so sorry you’re hurting. Life is difficult many times may the Lord grant you strength.
    Hope that Rick’s surgery goes well!

  138. Joy in NW Iowa

    Mary, I have been thinking of you all week. You stated your feelings perfectly! I’m not sure which person wrote it, but I agree, not all quilters are nice.
    I have two blogs I read and Mary’s is one of them. I love you Mary and all your animals! I feel like you are my friend!
    I’m thinking snd praying for Rick today and hope his surgery is a success!

  139. Barbara

    Those of us that know where that quilt pattern came from enjoy your blog and are in awe of all you do. Decorating, gardening, taking care of animals, playing music at church, antiquing, watching sports, reading and quilting are brought to life by you on your blog about nothing (never said by any of us). The rest don’t matter. We think those same 10 things that you do as we quickly scroll on by.

  140. JustGail

    Thank you for again giving the history of the Bullseye pattern. I was sort of confused, as I knew I had seen the design in old quilts, but somehow missed that the difference is that yours is raw edge, not pieced. And since copyright covers the photos and text, not the design, I was more confused. So unless people are using your photos and using exact copies of your instructions, copyright doesn’t kick in as I understand it?

    Yes, Country Threads should be given credit as the originator. As others said, it’s been 24 years since it first appeared in print, sadly details get forgotten and lost. Maybe posts like this will rise to the top as people do internet searches for “bullseye quilt”?? I hope so anyway. It’s a pity the block didn’t make it into Ms. Brackman’s Encyclopedia, but the raw edge probably disqualified it. Perhaps if she ever did another edition of her encyclopedia for applique blocks, it might make into that?

    I hope things are going well and on schedule for Rick’s surgery.

      1. JustGail

        Thanks for the links, I read both parts. No wonder people are so confused! Because it *is* a confusing subject. I’m glad to know that I’m correct on the point that using someone else’s photos or making copies of patterns or instructions to sell is a no-no. If you buy a pattern then later sell that purchased copy, you are in the clear. As to if the design is copyrightable – I’m still not so sure, the posts go into things like “useful articles”, “minimal creativity”, methods are not copyrightable, etc. It’s not a trivial amount of information to understand! 🙂
        But if I ever make a quilt similar to Bullseye, I’ll be giving credit for the idea to Mary, Connie, and Country Threads!

  141. Vicki in Seattle

    Mary, I am praying for successful surgery and recovery for Rick and for peace and comfort for you. You have the love and support of so many of us. We have missed you and your blog greatly these last 5 days!!

  142. Sharon Ludwig

    Thanks, Mary for you reply.
    Good luck for Rick’s hip replacement and speedy recovery. ❤️

  143. Lorraine

    I love reading your blog and I am so sorry that these comments from others have hurt you so much. Your post has been written with such class. Please keep writing your blog and I will keep enjoying reading and looking at all of the beautiful pictures of quilts that you share with us.
    Good luck with husband’s hip surgery and prayers go out to you and him.

  144. Linda from Georgia

    Mary, good luck to Rick with his surgery. There are so many miserable people out there. Poor them for their lives must be horrible. March on and keep plugging away. You have many friends and we all love your blog and your quilting and you! Stay strong and keep a happy outlook.

  145. Darlynn Venne

    Well said. I am sincerely sorry for all the emotion and mental distress you are experiencing. I completely support you and proudly own and have made Country Threads Bullseye quilt.

  146. Mary Kay in PA

    Please continue to share your days. Many of us enjoy it and look forward to it. Wishing Rick a quick recovery.

  147. Pam

    I have always loved your books and quilts. wish I could have visited your store but I am extremely allergic to cats. Just ignore or delete those negative posts that are causing you such grief. They are not worth the energy. You are a true star and I love your blog. I too have a farm and enjoy your stories and pictures about your animals and quilts.

  148. Pat Smith

    I’ve been away from home for almost 3 weeks with sketchy internet in a lot of places, so I haven’t been able to read the comment section. Your description of what has been going on makes me sad at the ignorance and lack of respect of so many people. I’m on a group trip and there’s always one on these trips who acts in such a manner that makes other just shake their heads in disbelief. I love this blog and always look forward to reading it and hearing from someone in Iowa. Thanks for all you do to the quilters/animal lovers in the world. All the best to Rick tomorrow.

  149. MartyCae

    I am praying that Rick’s surgery goes well.
    If we can’t act like ladies and gentlemen on the blog then we need to get off and stay off.
    I can’t imagine having my hard work taken and not given credit for.
    I have the original Aunt Amy book and I treasure it.
    Big hugs!!!!!

  150. Liz Schrader

    So sorry to hear about the rude and sick people attacking you. Just get rid of them. You have a lot of faithful followers. I have made the Bullseye Quilt from your pattern and it is one of my favorite quilts I have made. Your blog is one of a few connections I have with Garner. Best of luck to Rick tomorrow with his surgery. Keep up the good work!

  151. Chris J.

    Mary, I want to thank you for all you do to keep us informed and aware. You are a great asset to me as a beginner quilter. I am sorry you have been going through so many problems with your patterns. Please know that I appreciate what you do and that I can gain the help I need to become a great quilter. I hope.

    I hope all goes well with your husbands’ hip replacement. I just went through knee replacement surgery with my husband. It can be difficult. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you go through these challenges. Take care of yourself as well as your husband.

  152. Elizabeth Rodgers

    Some people just don’t know how to live, to enjoy life, and enjoy each other. You are a blessing to all of us.
    May Rick be dancing in a few months and all your “friends” will disappear. My mom always said these kind of people are like this everywhere they go, church, grocery, doctors, etc. We love ya.

  153. Sharon G.

    Mary – Sending a hug 🤗 to you. Hope Rick’s surgery goes smoothly! I love your blog. I am in awe of yours and Connie’s books and patterns. Quilts from Aunt Amy sold out on Amazon! I had it in my cart, but it’s gone now because I didn’t order it yesterday! Maybe I can find it somewhere else! I am so sorry for what you have been through with Bullseye.
    Take cate!

  154. Dorothy Weibel

    Mary, you are the best and you (by now) know this. There are nasty people out there. YOU know the truth, you are the original Bullseye. Damn hateful people.

  155. Joyce from NY

    I’m so sorry this is happening to you, I have been following your blog for some time now & love it, unfortunately there are so many mean spirited people out there & nothing makes them happy. Maybe they hate themselves & take it out on everyone else.
    I agree with your post Mary!

    Good luck with Rick’s surgery. Will be waiting for all the good results!

  156. Launa

    I had to prove I’m a real person again to post my comment! 40o up here this morning. Hope the sun warms up here. Sending warm wishes to Rick for his hip replacement tomorrow!

  157. Gwen

    The bullseye quilt was very popular when I started quilting in the 90’s. I always planned to make one. I did not know the origins of the pattern then. Later I discovered your blog and found out it is your pattern. Later still I was able to get a copy of your book with the pattern inside. It is very impressive how popular your pattern has become. You should absolutely be getting recognition and income from your pattern.

  158. Jan Reliford

    Oh Mary, I am so sorry for the pettiness from people. I’ve made your fun and beautiful Bullseye Quilt several times and given them as gifts with a label in the back PROUDLY CREDITING COUNTRY THREADS and you and Connie.
    The nerve of some people trying to take credit for something that is not theirs, let along not even having a clue about the origination of the block! Just like you said…who first made the Log Cabin block???
    Easier said than done, but consider the source with these people wanting their 10 minutes of fame. They have co conscience. I’m sorry they hurt you but we all know your integrity and how honest and wonderful you are. Here’s a great big hug from one who truly appreciates everything you and Connie have done and who also has a houseful of Country Threads quilts made from Country Threads Patterns and who proudly credits the patterns on her quilt labels. And believe me, every quilt has a label!
    And sending hugs for Rick too…I know he will be ok.
    Love you much

  159. Jane

    I’m sorry you are having to go through all of this. I’m sure I would not be as measured as you continue to be. Please hang in there for the many, many of us that support you and love following your blog.

  160. paula in Alpin, Utah

    you are amazing…talented…generous…Love to you and Rick…thank you for being you…

  161. Sandra Jones

    Mary I am so sorry you are going thru this. Some people just don’t understand that when you create something it usually comes from the heart. You are very generous and talented and you do not deserve to be berated on your blog. You are very right that the internet has allowed people to be much more critical with anonymity and they don’t care who they hurt. You do you and try to forget all the hurtful comments. Big Big hugs.

  162. Cyndy F

    Mary, First, I must say that I love the blog just as I did the Goat Gazette! Second, I totally understand your feelings and agree with you! And, I am really sorry that people hurt your feelings. It must now be called the dark ages when there was such a thing as copyright laws and they were obtained by designer or creator for protection against others using and benefiting from their designs. There was also more respect for what belonged to others. This seems to be a thing of the past. It is one thing to illegally take something from someone and another to invalidate their feelings of hurt and disappointed. I cannot tell you how often I hear people say that law and policy is now just a suggestion. Well, that is until it happens to that person and then it is a law. Your blog is sharing of creativity and life. If someone wants to be rude and say hurtful things, go to Facebook. There are plenty of places for those to spew venom rather than creativity. In my world, a stop sign is still a stop sign, the law is still to be followed, and people are still to be respected and treated as I would want to be treated. You have my support and lots of love to go along with it. You have a great heart and I am thankful that you take the time with your blog about nothing that is such a blessing to so many others. Keep up the great work and hit the block button!

  163. Jan Frank-de Ois

    Good for you!!! As an English major, I. CANNOT. STAND. KNOWINGLY USING. BAD. GRAMMAR!! If they were not knowingly using it, that’s even worse AND nullifies their knowledge of proper & legal, ethical use. Seeing it someplace on the Internet, does NOT mean it is free. As I caution my local, fellow quilters to remember the creativity required in developing a new pattern! Simply, is the Golden Rule : DO to others as you would want to treated!!

  164. Vicki Ibarra

    I hope Rick’s surgery went well.

    We are in the middle of dry, dry, and dare I say, more dry! I water daily. Veggies and flowers are all thirsty. We don’t water our lawn, just letting it go dormant. When it does, it often gets crispy and not gentle on my bare feet. At age almost 70, I am still an Iowa farm girl at heart, still preferring bare feet to shoes.

    We don’t have any major yard projects this summer. I am glad of that. My husband thinks he will stand on scaffolding to seal our home’s cedar siding when the temps cool down a bit. I am not excited about that. I am at the point where I think there are some things we can hire done. He hasn’t reached that point yet, or says he knows how he wants it done and someone else likely wouldn’t do it that way. Here is hoping there are no injuries when he undertakes that job.

    I laid out fabric I purchased from Country Threads’ going out of business sale. I am ruminating over the March Madness quilt for that. Will think on it further.

    Take care everyone.

  165. Scott

    Mary – sooooo sorry this is happening for you. That quilt will Always be yours in my head – some people just can’t follow the rules. Your friends know the deal – and like many others have said You and Connie have always been at the core of my quilting love – I mention you all of the time wherever I go ! The world is a different place now – some ways better – but a lot of ways worse – we all ‘know’ Far too much but yet our hearts do not find rest – praying for Rick’s surgery to go swimmingly well!

  166. Janice Brown

    Mary, I am now just catching up on reading your last two posts. It is about 8 pm Thursday evening and over 190+ comments for this post already. I hope Ricks surgery went well for him earlier today, and wishing him a speedy recovery. You wrote a good post today, I understand.

  167. Diane in WI

    Ditto to what everyone else has said. There are so many of us that love your blog about nothing. Be careful tomorrow and I will keep both of you in my prayers.

  168. Lynn

    Hi Mary,
    I am so sorry you have had to endure negative comments from several ignorant people. I am a proud owner of the Quilts from Aunt Amy book (as well as every other Country Threads book that has ever been printed) and can appreciate how upsetting it must be to have your work copied without receiving credit. I hope you will continue to write the blog, but I understand why you would choose to call it quits. You have many loyal supporters who appreciate the effort you put into each blog post. Country Threads was my happy place for soooo many years and I thank you for continuing to share your love of quilting!

  169. Beryl BC

    I hope Rick’s surgery went well today.
    I’m sorry for all that has been going on. Your post explained it well.

  170. Linda

    I have been sewing for many years. I also know Country Threads is the true author of the Bullseye Quilt .Stand your ground Mary, I support you all the way?

  171. Patricia Bradford

    Thrilled Ricks surgery went off as planned & he is doing well. Now the rehab begins. Hugs to you & Rick

  172. NJ

    Made Bullseye 2x after buying your book. My hubby got new hip almost a year ago at age 76. Doing fine.

  173. Dianne in SoCAL

    I’m sorry about unkind people hurting your feelings on your very own blog. I didn’t read those comments but I think you have a lot more supporters than you do detractors.
    I am writing this after I read about Rick’s surgery and am so happy for you both that it went well!
    I don’t even quilt but I love reading about your farm and seeing all of the quilts. Thank you for the effort you put into keeping it up.

  174. Caryn in Eastern Washington

    Wishing Rick a speedy and complete recovery.
    So sorry you have had to deal with unkind people on your own blog. I bought “Quilts from Aunt Amy” years ago and have made several quilts from it – including Bullseye. I also own just about every book Country Threads has released. (Especially love Beyond the Battlefield)
    While I don’t comment very often on your blog (retired/small yard/new rescue dogs that won’t pose for pictures), I read every post. I know there are many more who do the same.
    Please continue to write the blog for those of us who look forward to and enjoy each post.
    Try to move past the Negative Ninnies!!

  175. Sharon in North Carolina (previously in Oswego, Illinois)

    Woohoo! Mary! You have absolutely every right to say everything you did. Good for you!
    And now, I hope Rick recovers well…. take care of yourself!

  176. Gloria from northern IL

    My heart dropped just like Gloria from CC when I read this post. Made me want to change my name. Hopefully you reading so very many responses will help smooth the betrayal and hurt you feel. Sometimes just like with quilts one block just spoils the the whole quilt. When that happens for me I get out the seam ripper and take it out. Replacing it with one you love brings everything back in balance. Get out those bad blocks and know you have a very very large quilt of blocks you can love. Peace.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Gloria – so well said, my dear! I don’t really have to put up with that nonsense and it upset me for days! I can tell who is who by email addresses but to see that I have to go into the admin files – such a nuisance and time robber.

  177. KathyG from Oak Creek, WI

    I feel for you. I find photos of my finished quilt projects on other people’s pinterest page without crediting me and I get mad – and I didn’t design the patterns I use!
    I borrowed your Aunt Amy book from my local library a few years ago just to check out the original bullseye pattern. It’s a great book.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy – it’s gotten to be a dog eat dog world out there on the internet and I doubt if most people would be so bold face to face. My friends know the truth and God knows and that goes for you, too.

  178. Stef Breslin

    Very well said Mary! We know where is all start and give you the credit for your Inspired pattern. I have always appreciated your direct yet compassionate words! Don’t let angry wannabes get you down🥰

  179. Linda F from Temecula, CA (formerly of Kensett, IA)

    Dear Mary
    I am sorry too that you have to deal with people that are not kind & respectful of your contributions to the quilting world. I just want to concentrate on the joy that you bring to my life & sooooo many others. I look forward to your blog – it is full of heart warming farm news and inspirational quilting news & pictures. I hope you know how much we all love you & the dedication you have to writing the blog.

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