This has gone far enough! 6-17-23

How many times since 1999 has someone “used” our Bullseye pattern? If you’ve been a Country Threads follower then you probably are aware. Maybe this time is the time that broke the camel’s back so to speak. Maybe I just couldn’t take it anymore – I am so sick of this I could scream. Everybody’s got an opinion.

40 thoughts on “This has gone far enough! 6-17-23

  1. Chris in Alaska

    Oh dear Mary !!! I think we should all BLAST these people on their websites !

  2. Montana Kathy

    Mary, it is so sad that some people have no scruples and present something as being heir own, while not giving credit where credit is due. It’s infuriating, frustrating and just plain evil😖. Karma will get them in the end! Just think to yourself that their stealing your design and presenting it as their own is in reality the biggest compliment they can give you! All the Country Threads fans know exactly who has the talent🤗!!!

  3. Karen Hammond

    How dare people use your pattern and call it their own. They have infringed on your copyright and should be made aware of the penalty involved and made accountable for their actions. Too many people take advantage of the hard work of others.

    Even though I could have made my own version of your pattern, I bought your book and encouraged others to do the same. I taught many quilting classes and required all students to purchase their own book or pattern.

  4. Jo in Wyoming

    Mary, I work in a quilt store and speak to several customers who don’t know of Country Threads. They are new to the craft and haven’t heard of many legacy quilters.
    It makes me very sad to see someone today repeat an adored pattern from quiltings heyday without proper acknowledgment. I tell myself, 1999 some of these quilters were 6-7 years old. I’m happy they are quilting. So many store have gone out of business because no new quilters are around to shop. I’m pleased some are keeping my craft alive…because I need it. Life has become extremely difficult, quilting is my sanity.
    I wish we didn’t need laws to protect people from jerks, but we do and enforcing those laws and rules makes lawyers very rich.
    It’s sad, but it’s life today.

  5. Rhoda Ebersole

    1999 is 24 years ago. Yes another generation or two since your creation was made. Perhaps it could be given a new name like the “reincarnation “ of your Bullseye pattern. Probably this has happened to other quilt patterns too.
    Legal proceedings? Probably not worth the effort.

  6. Bonny

    I am saddened to follow this whole episode. I have no answers; I offer no advice.

    Is this coming week Rick’s surgery? Peace and healing are what I wish for you in the coming days.

  7. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    Sadly I think this is quite common currently: the internet has brought many benefits, but one of the downsides is that so much information is shared without due credit, and it often doesn’t even occur to the younger generation that something they see on the internet may fall under someone’s copyright, or that something that predates them (ie is more than about twenty years old) may have been created by a person who is still alive and active! It is then all to easy for those with no scruples to ‘take’ what they have seen an repackage it and sell it as their own creation. Particularly if they live in another area or country: presumably they assume no one will ever notice (if they consider it at all). I have had that happen with tutorials I have published on my own blog: reproduced word for word, with ‘new’ photo’s that are exact copies of my photo’s and then also published in a major magazine. And not a word of credit: not ‘I based this on’ or ‘I was inspired by’. A tutorial is of course not the same as a printed pattern or a book, as a quick bit of googling will find those for any publisher, so they are easy to check, but that doesn’t seem to happen either. I used to think quilters were better than that, and I still believe most of them are, but there are certainly unscrupulous quilters out there too. I guess there are two consolations: Mary you know you have created something truly iconic if people keep stealing it and pretending that it is their own idea, and the same thing will happen to them further down the line: their own ideas and patterns, if any, will be stolen by others, and then they will discover how awful that feels.

    1. Donna in Wis

      I agree, they say what goes around comes around…someday they will understand how it feels to ‘steal/take’ someone else’s idea.

    2. Joyce from NY

      Hi Fiona, I agree with you, the internet has definitely changed our world, on that note, where can I find your blog?

  8. Linda in MI

    Mary, as long as there are people, there will be those who cheat, steal, lie and do worse! They will pay for their sins when they meet their maker, that’s my gratification! I try to never let anyone reduce me to their level. Honesty is a reward, makes you feel good and you hold your head high, not like the horrible people that lie.

    Thank you for all you do, you know we are on your side!

  9. Sharon Eshlaman

    YOUR Bullseye pattern is one of my longtime favorites which I’ve made many times. It makes me so mad
    to see what’s happening with YOUR pattern! Disgusting😡

  10. Sharon Ray

    A quilt store I was in a few years ago locked up their patterns. Only the outside sleeve could be seen hanging on the wall. Another store at that time had an employee follow me around the WHOLE time I was in the store to prevent theft. I was very uncomfortable and it ruined the whole experience. Sad times for sure.

  11. Diane, Squeak, & Buddy

    I agree with everyone. It is theft! Mary and I know of a woman in London, England who tracked down the Bullseye pattern. When her husband came to America on business, his “job” was to find and buy QUILTS FROM AUNT AMY. She made several quilts from her book. Everyone should know not to violate copyright laws, but it is especially infuriating when it is a business, either brick or online. They DO know better. I am so sorry and angry this has happened again.🥵😡🤬

  12. Janet S

    Tuesday, I will check at our post office (they are closed tomorrow) but I believe one way we can all help is by ORDERING the pattern. As soon as it arrives (DON’T OPEN IT) just write on the envelope “refused” and give it back to the post office. The owner has to pay postage to get it back. They also had to make several copies of the pattern and the expense of mailing it. When it hits them in the pocketbook maybe that will wake them up. This does work. Once when I ordered something and then decided I didn’t really want it, I called the company to cancel the order but it was already shipped so they told me this is what I should do. It worked.

    1. Janet S

      ON SECOND THOUGHT DON’T DO THIS. You have already put it on your credit card so it won’t actually hurt them. Stopping payment thru the credit cards would work but it may be too much hassle. Let’s think about this more and see what we can come up with. Sorry, originally I spoke without thinking it through.

  13. Kathy in western NY

    Today is another day Mary. I have two things that I told my children when they graduated as life on their own would begin……welcome to the real world and what goes around , comes around. Funny thing that last word of advice is the one my kids say to me over and over again as they witness it the most in their adulting world. Greed in work place settings, etc comes to mind and things said over internet that come back to haunt others down the road. Hold your head high Mary that you grew up in the day and age of respect and trust in truth as infringements on others rights and disrespect of people will take them down. Maybe not right away but it does. Lowlifes get what is coming to them.

  14. Mrs. Goodneedle

    Mary, I can only agree with what everyone else has already said. This is theft, pure and simply that. I’m so sorry that this happened to you. Your Bull’s Eye pattern is one of my vey favorites; it’s close to my heart and let me tell you why: back in 2000 my mother, a quilter, was recovering from a stroke. She wasn’t interested in quilting anymore until she saw your Quilts From Aunt Amy book with that Bulls Eye on the cover! I bought the book and part of her OT began with cutting the circles out with shears. They were far from round but that was okay! Onward and upward! She persevered and finished the quilt over the next few years. I quilted it for her. A few years ago she gave the quilt to my husband and me, it is on a stand now in our bedroom and every time I look at it I think of her long road back and how your pattern provided her with the incentive! Thank you!! Today is her 90th birthday, I’ll tell her about this comment that I’ve left and she’ll reinforce these words as well as encourage you, Mary, to stand up for what’s right! Thank you for all that you do!!

    1. Diane and the gang in Central Ohio

      Aww. That is a great story. Happy 90th to your mom:)

    1. Kathy in western NY

      Wow I clicked on the link you provided to see the quilting you did on your moms quilt and you did a fantastic job! What a lovely quilt to look at every day and remember how your mom recovered with her skills sharpened with your help. The day I found that book I was over the moon.

  15. Linda Greethurst

    I have done genealogy for years Plagerism is really rampant in that field – and I mean really, really bad. No, it is not right!! Just as resellling someone elses design ideas is wrong. Unfortunately, can’t stop the copying, so one needs to think at least somebody believed that the research, analysis and thoughts or design were credible or worth sharing. It’s a back handed compliment. Intellectual rights and creative rights run into the same issues. We just have to know and believe that MOST people are honest and will give credit where credit is due.

  16. Joyce from NY

    I agree with all the comments Mary. It is so sad that this has happened again! It must take a lot of time, work & thought to design a quilt & these people are to lazy to do all that work, so they steal it!

  17. Sandra Pierson

    I agree with you Mary, it is so frustrating that people take credit for what is not theirs.

    Sandy P

  18. Helen

    I am sorry this happened but I don’t know what actually has taken place. Can someone fill me in?

  19. Jill Norenberg

    I am so very sorry for the way your pattern is being used. I can only hope enough people read your blog and word gets to the culprets and they do the right thing.

    Your faithful friend,

  20. Diana in Des Moines

    I love this quilt so much, I bought 2 copies of the book!

    Some people just think it is an “old” pattern that is public domain like dresden plate. I know I download many free quilt patterns online, guess I should do a little digging to make sure they really are free and notripped off at someones elses expense.

  21. Frances E

    I’m so sorry your pattern is being stolen. There is no good remedy. However, I have seen lawyers send a letter to the offender stating that they expect the offender to quit selling the pattern or face further legal action. The letter from a lawyer might not cost much money up front, but it might have a very positive result both for you and the issue. We all love you and your blog no matter what happens or what you decide to do.

  22. Paula S.

    I feel for you Mary! Many years ago I worked for a school district. I designed a cover for a publication they put out monthly. My boss entered my design in a state contest for school publications and it won first place! When the award arrived, it had HIS name on it as the artist and he proudly displayed it in his office! I never trusted him after that and left that job a couple of years later. What a stab in the back!

  23. Cindy from Dubuque

    Bought my book in your shop. I’ve made 4 Bullseye quilts. Love your pattern. And loved the book

  24. Jan Frank-de Ois

    I’ve also tried over & over to explain copyright laws to quilters! Intellectual property seems too alien a concept! It doesn’t help that’s not taught/enforced throughout school.
    Considered yourself hugged by one who understands!!

  25. Sharon G.

    Mary – So sorry this happened to you again! Some of the less experienced and less knowledgeable people, who are nothing more than amateurs, don’t understand the meaning of “copyright”. Unfortunately, with money as the main objective for a thief, it’s possible this could happen again.
    I hope these people understand the seriousness of what they have done. At the very least, they need to publish a statement explaining how and when they came up with the Bullseye idea/pattern. It’s unlikely they will publish a statement, but wouldn’t it be nice if they did?
    Hang in there, Mary!
    This week will be busy for you and Rick so please take care. 🙂

  26. Carlene Buck

    I visited your shop with my Mom and sisters MANY years ago. I took your Spaghetti for a Crowd class in Arlington Hts Illinois class last century. I bought several of your patterns and books and have made so many quilts that people have and are loving!
    Perhaps these “pattern stealers” think your pattern is historic not personal.

  27. Lee

    Mary can you demand an apology and recognition?
    Simply Vintage even mentions Aunt Amy.
    I wish you good luck


  28. Elle

    I do not pretend to understand copyright in this realm. When I questioned a quilter last year I was told that no single person owns a shape. Quilts are a compilation of cut shapes. I think that is nuts but here you are

    I’m sorry.

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