Some Good News, 6-16-23

As I drove down my short gravel road to the highway yesterday to go to Thursdays On Main, THERE WAS THE CHEVROLET LOGO!!! We have tried to piece this mystery – it looks like 2 of the 3 tabs have been broken off and the whole piece finally gave way. Now – we have no way of knowing if someone did this on purpose like I originally thought or if it just broke BUT it still has to be replaced at $250. So maybe my faith in people has been somewhat restored – the truck has only 17,000 miles on it so it seems unlikely that anything would be worn out.

This morning I am sitting at the co-op waiting for new tires to be put on my van. It’s always something, isn’t it?

I took pictures of 14 different dogs last night at Thursdays On Main – I personally don’t think it’s an event dogs should attend because most of them look nervous and scared and the little ones are walking at street level while the crowd is way above them – they could get stepped on so easily.

Farmer Tim’s irrigation in his bean field

Photos from readers

My goal today is to get one of my many quilt tops on the longarm. Tomorrow morning I have to be 3-1/2 hours away by 9:30 with one of my sewing machines that needs a major repair. I’m not used to being on the road at 6 am but he agreed to work on it while I wait. I hope there’s an antique store in town. Crafty Corner who repairs Berninas in Worthington, MN also sells fabric so I’m sure I’ll be doing some shopping.

So that’s what’s happening on the farm – from the blog about nothing!

P.S. On an entirely different subject, my hens are laying eggs somewhere outside and I have no idea where. It’s been warm so when I do find them I’ll have to break all of them. Too bad.

My morning glories are growing out of control!

29 thoughts on “Some Good News, 6-16-23

  1. San

    When Dolly was alive, I took her to the John C. Campbell Fall Festival at the very end of the day. Since Saint Bernards are ALL about scents, she went ballistic. Not fair to the dog. Too many people, too much food, not to mention other dogs had passed through. I never did that again! The book, “Dogs Never Lie About Love” really helped me understand all of their senses and what to be careful about.

    Very glad you found your logo Mary. Sure hope you can get it fixed soon. It’s such a gorgeous car.

  2. Teresa

    I hate seeing dogs at public events, they do not belong there. I worry about their paws on the hot pavement. If you need to show off your dog, put a photo on social media. The dogs in dog strollers is a ridiculous concept as well. Why do people need to take their dogs everywhere they go? It’s so unfair to the pet.

    Beautiful group of quilts again!! Thank you everyone for sharing your creativity!

  3. Sally J.

    Vicki in Seattle I love all your quilts !!
    Mary I would love to grow me some Morning Glories, are yours from seeds or plants?
    Do they come back every year?

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sally – I don’t have any planted this year – I think I forgot! I would use seed probably

  4. Wonda Myers

    I agree about taking dogs to festivals. They don’t look happy to be there. Please walk your dog in parks and places without a lot of people.
    Hope he can fix your machine. What a pain to drive that far.
    Go SHOP!!

  5. Anna M

    Crafty corner has tons of fabric!!! I go there frequently! If my daughter wasn’t coming home from Japan tomorrow, I might drive over there to meet you! Have fun

  6. bobbie rumler

    Your a pet owner and sitter while you enjoy your pets inside and out…not all dogs get that, some of them sleep under the covers…so when a pet owner brings them to a public place it’s showing them off…as far as the vehicle parts they come off when you don’t expect them too….I enjoy your website so much seeing the quilts that unselfishly show off to the world of website people…..and the pets love the pets, even though we don’t have one….dosen’t mean I don’t love seeing them….I just don’t want to take care of the pets…thanks for listening bobbie of corona de Tucson AZ

  7. Rosemary W

    I wondered, too, if you’ve ever used the automatic car wash that had the string type brushes as I’ve heard of others who’ve had damage done as they catch in cracks/crevices. Glad you found it but wish it would have popped back in!!

  8. Charlotte S in northern California

    I’m so glad you found Red’s logo. Love your quilts Vicki. You have been busy! Great pictures today!

  9. Kathy in western NY

    I agree Mary that crowded spaces with families is no place to walk a dog and think it’s comfortable for the dog. They pant terrible and it’s warm and I rarely see a bowl of water out for them anywhere. I fear someone stepping on their paws.
    Good news today from your farm. And the quilts are colorful. March madness squares are accumulating for me as I toss them into a container so hoping this winter to assemble a quilt for a car blanket for my basketball loving grandson.

  10. Pamela Dempsey

    So glad you found the logo piece! I agree about dogs staying home, too much going on to rattle them!

  11. Jo in Wyoming

    We’re having a new roof put on and something, possibly a bird, has gotten into the attic during the deconstruction. Whatever it is it’s not happy and makes a lot of noise. So, yes, it’s always something.

    It appears your town’s Thursday festivities are quite successful, I love seeing youngins, mids, and olders gather and be civil. They all look happy. There is a special place in my heart for golden retrievers, so to see so many is a joy.
    Have a great weekend and
    Happy Father’s Day to all the dads.

  12. Marsha from Kansas

    I told my husband about your Chevrolet logo. He reminded me our Dodge Caravan logo fell off the grill of our second van when it got hot out in the sun. Our first Dodge Caravan had a metal logo on the hood that was sheared off when ice slipped down the windshield. It was on the ground in the snow. Weird stuff happens. You wrote this before I got to my Kindle to comment.

  13. Connie R.

    Love Vicki’s quilts and the pretty way she d as staged them. Beautiful!
    I agree with you that it’s better to leave dogs home from crowded events.

  14. Diana in Des Moines

    Guess I should have read both of your emails before commenting. LOL.

    We have a fabulous farmers market in downtown Des Moines but I do not attend due to the large amount of dogs present. I love dogs but was nipped at by a large dog as I apparently invaded his space at the market. Thousands of people there, leave your pets at home, please.

  15. Diane and the gang in Central Ohio

    I always love when you show your wedding quilt and I love the wedding pictures. Beautiful couple:)
    I agree about the dogs, Mary. We were in a small town one evening for the 4th and lots of people had dogs. One little boy ran up and smacked the rear end of a beautiful Labrador. The dog flippped its head around quickly, but was not vicious and the owner had a good hold on the leash. However, the parent of the kid should have been watching and the dog should have been home in his own yard resting. They do get nervous out in crowds. It would not have been the dog’s fault if it nipped, but it didn’t.
    Vicki’s quilts are beautiful.

  16. Holly Christian

    I have been to crafty corner many times and they do a great job working on my machine so I wish you good luck on yours. They also have a great quilt shop if you’ve never been there before but I’m assuming you have. It’s not that we ever need fabric, it’s not about the need it’s about finding some thing that inspires us correct? I can’t tell you if there’s antique stores in town but I’m sure there are if you ask. Have a fun day.

  17. Teresa in Indiana

    Beautiful dogs on Main. Vicki in Seattle has been a busy bee…🐝 and I’m very glad you found your missing logo for your truck, even though it’s still going to cost you a bundle. Have a great Friday!

  18. Tanya T. in Houston

    Ah, good things come to those who wait! I am thrilled you found the hood ornament. We all want a photo of it when it’s back in place. A good day: something to do, somewhere to go, looking at fabric and knick-knacks! Hope you have a good book for any other waiting!

  19. Diane in Colorado

    Awwwww!!! Worthington was my grandparents’ hometown! I spent many happy childhood days there! There were some fun parks to play at, my favorite being the bandshell park! We swam at the lake often. The best times, however, were visiting friends of my parents at their farm where their daughter and I rode horses!! ❤️ We are still friends all these years later!

  20. Joyce C

    Fancy That on 10th st downtown Worthington is good. I always find a few things there! Ken is the best at Crafty Corner 😊

    1. Cynthia from SWMinnesota

      I agree with you Joyce regarding Ken at Crafty Corner, I take my Bernina there as well! Plus. All that fabric! Guess a trip to Crafty Corner will be on my schedule soon!

  21. Dot in North Carolina

    I wonder whether the tabs on the logo could have been broken during a previous car wash? Is it an automatic wash that uses big rotating brushes?

  22. Lynette in Orlando

    Glad you found the logo!!!! Such cute pups. I agree with your comment — I think that every time I go to the farmers market and people have their dogs…… they do not look like they are enjoying themselves.

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