Forgot to say…..

Book price for Fresh Start Quilts will be $30.00. Book price is $26.99 plus $3-4 envelope and postage.

Call it an even $30.00. No credit cards – cash or check made out to Country Threads only.

Hopefully I’ll be able to start shipping books by next week at this time. I think Martingale will ship to me this week and I’ll be ready.

Book – $30.00. Hope I ordered enough books.

17 thoughts on “Forgot to say…..

  1. San

    Hi there Mary, sure hope the storm damage did not affect your house also.

    The brindle pup looks like a Phil to me.

    Would you happen to still have the string star quilt piece done in 2014? The one the cat threw up on? I’m trying to find examples of that combination before making my own.

    Sure hope you feel 100% again soon. Do take care. San / Gypsy Quilter Designs

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      San – tell me more about the quilt piece – I can’t think what it is. I actually like Phil – a lot!

      1. San

        Minick and Simpson did a lemoyne star in which they used white string piecing to create the star and set it in a blue background.

        If I recall correctly, you made just one block and quilted it.

        I tried to find it again on your blog, but photos will not come up for me.

        Perhaps you sold it after closing the shop. If you do happen to find it, perhaps you could post it on the blog. If not, no worries.

        I went to school with a Phillip Donatello who was tall, thin, and had beautiful dark hair. Your sweet brindle pup looks like he’ll be tall and thin also.

        Happy sewing, San / Gypsy Quilter Designs

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          San – oh, yes! I do remember that I made one block – if I come cross it, I’ll post it.

  2. Mary

    I’d do another test, Mary. Lots are getting rebound Covid. Your Dr. can tell you if you’d be contagious or not, if it’s positive. Take care!

    1. Sue H

      I think that most of the “rebounders” had taken Paxlovid. Not sure if you, Mary, took that anti-viral drug or not.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Mary – I am seeing the podiatrist tomorrow – maybe I could be tested there at the clinic. I will ask.

  3. Nancy Foland

    Its such a cute pup. I think his name aught to be Biggers. He has such big ears, hence the name Biggers. i have named my animals something that reminds me of them. A one eyed cat named Blinker, a orange and white cat OB for orange boy, Hence the name Obie. A stay that it took a year to become friend with that stared at us through the door, her name became Dorie, a very small full grown female we call her Elkie, which started out to be LK for little kitty. I think a animal should make us think of their traits. glad to read about you and your adventures.

  4. Jean Elliott

    Hi Mary,
    I’ll be in Garner from 9/14 (arrival day) & leaving in 9/21. Could I pick up,a book from you then?

  5. Donna Wyatt

    Check is in the mail for your new book, SO excited!!!!
    Phil sounds like a perfect name, your filling in the gap to his permanent home.
    Get tested, listen to your body and rest and push the fluids.
    Blessings to you ~

  6. Marylou Krish

    Hi Mary!
    I’m very sorry you are so ill again and the cough just wears you down terribly. I would get tested again, if I were you.
    It seems to me that the pup should be called “Pup”! You write that often, when telling about him. Pup is a great name for a dog that’s going to love you forever!
    I am in the hospital so missed donating to the Patriot’s fund raiser. BUT I am being released tomorrow and told my husband we need to mail off our donation fast! We will get it done! You ARE a ROCK STAR for all the donations you help raise! I am a big fan of Mary the Rock Star!
    Please get feeling better!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Marylou – I think I’ve decided to call him Keeper – he’ll always be “pup” to me tho. It can be his nickname.

  7. Jan from TN

    My check for the book goes in the mail tomorrow. Can’t wait to see all the gorgeous quilts in this one in the Country Threads new, lighter pallet! 👍❤️

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