This was Sunday. 8-28-22

After the storm last night we are once again faced with some major clean up – nothing serious but just yesterday afternoon after I mowed I took this picture because I thought it was so beautiful.

We also got 3.25” of rain – we are soaked.

If anyone else had similar flu to what I had last week, were you left with a bad dry cough? I do not understand this but could I have had Covid again and now am left with the lingering cough? How is this possible? I will call the clinic tomorrow and see what they say. All I know is that I cough all the time, can’t sleep, and I’m exhausted. Waves of fatigue hit me and I can hardly walk across the room. Surely this isn’t Covid! Or is it? Any advice?

Pup still doesn’t have a name but I have loved reading your suggestions – now I have so many possibilities that I can’t decide which I like best. Ha!

He’s sleeping close by —-

He sleeps downstairs when we go up to bed because he’s afraid of coming up the steps. I hope he’ll get over that.

I’ll be getting the total tally from Patriots sometime this week. I’m going to find out the names of you readers who donated – I am thankful for your donation.

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  1. Sandy

    Hi Mary, looks like he is staying with you! Congratulations on being a dog mummy again! Made an apple pie with Stella today, next is pizz a

  2. Debby Krzyston

    Hi Mary, When I had COVID last September 2021, I coughed almost non stop. I slept on my recliner in the family room. I found if I laid in my bed I coughed more than reclining only a little, when trying to sleep.
    This was also before my 1st COVID shot.

  3. Nancy

    It sounds like Covid to me. I had a dry cough for days, chills, fatigue and no appetite when I had it.

  4. Jo in Wyoming

    Oh! All the work you did on your yard…now littered in one night. It must have been a ferocious wind to knock over those heavy plants. We got .62” of rain in all of August. We’re so very dry.

    Did you get a final price for the book, including shipping and handling?
    I have quilted 38 tops this week for our local children group. BLCK, blankets for Laramie county kids.
    Now to get the binding done, washed and turned in.

    No advice on Covid, I didn’t have it, but it does sound like some “long Covid “ symptoms. I hope you get some answers and a foot diagnosis at the clinic.

  5. Julie B from CF

    My daughter had Covid 2 weeks ago…her 2nd go round…the cough was so bad she had to get prescription cough medicine. She couldn’t sleep and was exhausted…her hubby got it, but symptoms were not as bad. Luckily their son stayed healthy. My nephew is a microbiologist…he says Covid is here to stay.

    Don’t you just hate it when you work so hard to get the yard perfect and Mother Nature does her thing? I had plants tipped over this morning. We got 2 inches of rain. My nephew in Des Moines mowed lawn this week for the first time since July 6th. Our grass dried out a little, but never went over 2 weeks without mowing.

    Take the doctor!

    Almost forgot…Sarah adopted a kitten this week…Peter..about 8 wks old..little tuxedo kitty. Now she has Poppy and Peter….and Kirby the Munsterlander hunting dog.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Julie B – I just didn’t realize Covid involved a cough!!! I couldn’t get to sleep until 5:30 this morning and had to be up at 7:30. Made church tough. Ugh

    2. NJ

      I’ve had a cough that disturbed my sleep since 2017. Yes, really that long and before Covid. I’ve tried everything: raising head of bed, sleeping in chair, taken steroids, changed prescriptions, drink hot liquids, on & on. I got a new Doctor who suggested Flonase. Now use it 2x a day and it’s a game changer !! She also said I could try Clariton if Flonase didn’t help. Worth a try.

  6. Carolyn Boutilier

    Sorry about your flu/covid. I thought about you when I heard Iowa had some severe storms. Glad you are safe but you do have a mess to clean up. That is tough when you are not feeling the best. I made grape jelly from the juice I made last fall. We have a grape arbor and last year I made 28 quarts of juice and this year there are no grapes. Early frost? My son is coming tomorrow and we will put up the bushel of apples and make some crab apple jelly. I have been hooking a primitive pumpkin and when that is finished I will start on a quilt for my granddaughter’s wedding. Hope you get to feeling better.
    Carolyn b Shenandoah Valley Va

  7. Shirley from Oregon

    I think he should be named Hal, my pal Hal.
    I sure hope it was not covid. Take care Mary.

      1. Becky

        Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever has similar symptoms. Before Covid, if you had a summer flu I’d suspect RMSF. They can do bloodwork and run titers 3-4 weeks after infection to confirm.

  8. Charlotte

    Mary, the ears on that puppy! Is he part shepherd?!
    Sure looks different from when he was a baby but then, don’t we all?!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Charlotte – oh how I loved your comment! Yes, we do all look quite different than we did as babies. Haha!!

  9. Brenda in Iowa

    Mary, I’m sorry to hear that you have been sick. Unfortunately, you can get COVID a second time even if you are fully vaccinated. We are seeing more and more of this as reported to me by my former Public Health boss.
    Yes, your cough can linger and linger. I’m sorry to report this – just answering your questions.
    Hope you feel better soon. Enjoy your sweet pups while you drink plenty of water and get lots of rest.

  10. Angela J Short

    That covid was so mean when I had it back in June/July 2022. The weakness was awful. Two weeks ago I was diagnosed with long covid. God is blessing me with more & more strength. My Aunt & Uncle from here in NC, had all the shots/boosters & they both recently had covid really bad. It made them very weak as well. My cousin who lives in SC & her family has had it this week with a real bad cough. Praying for you to feel better really soon. Pup is too cute! 🐶🐱

  11. Nancy G

    Phoenix or Shadow. He is your shadow, Phoenix arose from the ashes to a new life. You saved pup and are giving him a brand new life.

  12. Kathy Hanson

    So sorry that you are left with a cough, hopefully that will stop
    Soon!! Iowa seems to get a lot of the bad storms! What a hassle to have to clean up so much! Sending hugs and prayers!!

  13. Mary Says Sew!

    Yes, you can have covid a second time. And a third time, etc.

    More of my friends and neighbors have had covid in the last month than at any one time since the pandemic began. Most of them list a dry cough as one of the top complaints.

    Another reader asked about a tick bite because of the possibility of Lyme disease.

  14. Tina H

    Mary, you can definitely have Covid more than once. The dry cough was one of the original Covid symptoms.

  15. Marj in Western Wisconsin

    When my husband had covid, he had just a sore throat and a horrible cough. Hope your strength returns soon.

  16. Terri

    People fully vaccinated and boosted are getting COVID repeatedly. Including the Biden’s

  17. Marsha Ransom

    It seems like C-19 effects everyone different & it’s not impossible to have had it more than once. We were exposed (just found out last night two of our great-nieces (5 mo and 10 years old) had fevers yesterday and tested + last evening. We were with them with semi-close contact with the baby (didn’t hold her) and closer than 6′ for more than 15 minutes several times over a 4-day period. Here is the CDC website
    And if it were me I’d definitely call your medical person.
    Sorry you’re having a rough time. My hubby was sick a few weeks ago with no fever but a nasty cough. He tested neg. 3 times. There is still other crud going around.

  18. Linda In UK

    Sorry to hear you’re poorly. I know several people who have had Covid twice even though they were fully vaccinated. How about the name Scamp for your puppy?

  19. Pattie W from PA

    Sorry to hear you are under the weather again. I had Covid a couple months ago in spite of 2 vaccines and 2 boosters. Makes me wonder what is the point other than maybe the fact I wasn’t exhausted. Unfortunately after the symptoms improved, I was left with a cough that lasted several weeks. That is a very common complaint afterwards.
    What a mess to clean up after your storm. I’m sure it looks discouraging when you feel so bad. We could use some of that rain here in central PA. The grass crunches when you walk on it and even the weeds have slowed down. My perennial garden is permanently wilted. I’ve already started to cut some of it down. But that is difficult since it is a steep hill and I lose my footing because the soil is so loose and dry that it causes me to slide down.
    By the way, we have finally figured out how to turn the solar off in the RV and use the shore power without tripping the breaker. I know am successfully running 1 AC and the frig and the TV on 30 amps. Now I feel comfortable planning my next trip.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Pattie – such good news about the RV! Are you already planning another trip?

  20. Mary Ann

    So sorry to hear you are not feeling great. It does sound like Covid but could it also have been the flu. Talking to a health care person sounds like a good idea.

  21. Marilyn Cook


    Yes I had the flu, COVID and the cough. I have had it since the middle of July. I call it the COVID cough!

  22. Diane, Squeak, Buddy in Central Ohio

    Our grand daughter had long haul Covid in 2020 prior to the vaccines. It sounds like what you have, but since you have had shots and boosters, it should not be as bad as hers. Do call the Dr in case you did have a tick bite. REST! Sorry about the yard clean up. My check is going to Patriots today.

  23. Kathy in western NY

    My brother was diagnosed with long haul Covid due to the cough that weakens him. The vaccine and boosters still give added protection against severity as a man from our church was not and is still hospitalized with pneumonia, not able to walk and on a ventilator to help breathing. At least there are meds now to help us recover but I will continue to get boosters and vaccines as needed as I had to anyways being in medical field. Knock on wood, so far okay. I hope you get some answers today to help you get some rest.
    Checks for Patriots for Pets and your book are going out today in my mail.
    Wish we could get some of your rain to help our drought here.

  24. Sue in PA

    Mary, it is very possible you have Covid and it would be a good idea to be tested and ask your doctor if it is too late to receive an antiviral medication if you are positive. I think it is usually started within five days of the start of symptoms but I could be wrong about that. You and Rick can get free at-home Covid tests sent to you and then you would have a supply to use whenever you are feeling any symptoms that are questionable. I think you can also get free ones at some of the chain pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens. It’s best to find out right away so that you can get the antiviral and also so that you can quarantine yourself.
    We went on vacation the end of June and when we returned I felt “off”. I took a home test and it was positive, I went on an antiviral and quarantined and had a mild case. I have had all my shots and boosters which I am sure helped. I did have an intermittent cough for a couple of weeks after but not too bad.
    I hope you start feeling better soon and best wishes on your new book! That new puppy is looking pretty comfortable in his new surroundings!

  25. Marlea

    With 4 white paws he could play for the White Sox.
    White Sox or Shoeless….
    Prayers for your health and recovery.

  26. Jeanne H in Finger Lakes of New York

    So sorry you aren’t feeling well, Mary. Rest when you can, even if it’s do something, then sit and rest for a few minutes, then do something else and rest for a few minutes. Pace yourself and don’t overdo it.

    Over 30 years ago, at age 35, I got mononucleosis. I wasn’t that sick when I had it, but it took a year before my energy levels felt back to normal, and I didn’t seem to catch every little bug that came along. It was the pits. Research is still being done on long-haul COVID, so they don’t have all the answers yet, but it’s thought that certain conditions: overweight/obesity, diabetes, possibly Epstein-Barr virus (which causes mono) could be underlying issues. But then there are long-haulers without those issues, so it is not cut-and-dried. I find that research being done reassuring because now perhaps fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome will be taken more seriously. Not that I have either, but have known people who did.

    Just like it’s recommended that we get flu shots every year, probably it will be recommended that we get COVID boosters. For some lame reason, I put off getting my 2nd COVID booster. When I finally did get it recently, I had the next-day reaction of tiredness and feeling achy that I’d had after the initial vaccine shot. I think like the flu shot, the effectiveness wears off after 6 months, so perhaps it’s good I did have it recently before going to DH’s high school reunion. I am still wearing a mask when shopping since it’s impossible to know others’ health conditions.

    I hope you do see a doctor soon so you can be checked to find if you did have the flu or if it was COVID.

    Hest – Jeanne

      1. Kathy in western NY

        Jeanne, when my family went to the nascar race in Watkins Glen in your beautiful Finger Lakes, I packed two Covid test kits along as our Dr said to test immediately several times if we felt off as medication has to started within 5 days to reduce severity. Unfortunately people rebound after the meds but symptoms are less and you can bounce back quicker. We too continue to wear masks in stores and are avoiding large groups so no NYS fair for us as I don’t chance it.

  27. Diana in Des Moines

    When you spoke of your symptoms last week, it sounded like what I had in May. I did test positive for Covid. I still have a cough and it took a month or more to get over the fatigue.
    At this point it won’t make any difference to get tested as you have passed the worst of it.
    Prayers for a quick recovery and rest when you need to. That fatigue is a booger!

  28. Diane Deibler

    My sister had Covid,got over it and then got the cough. So did a friend of hers who had Covid about the same time. It is getting better with over the counter meds. Hope yours goes away soon.

  29. Betty Seefeld

    Could be COVID, or it could be a rotten cold. I had the cold and it took over a week to feel better

  30. Kathy Duval

    Good morning
    I’m sorry you’re not feeling well. After I had covid, the cough lingered and the only way to stop it was to take a teaspoon of honey. Luckily, it went away after a while. My husband had the third variation of covid with the terrible sore throat, temp, vomiting. He ended up in the hospital for three days because his blood pressure was so low. Our family Dr. also came down with covid and he’s had all the shots and boosters. Awful, awful covid.

  31. Susan K in Texas

    I had covid before the lockdown. Before they knew what covid was. The fatigue and the lingering cough were the worst symptoms.
    My youngest brother had covid in January. He spent a week in the hospital suffering from pneumonia. The pneumonia was after he was over covid. It was from the cough.
    So take care of yourself!
    I’m sorry about the storm damage.

  32. Lynette in Orlando

    Mary, one of my church friends had the same flu with the EXACT same cough. She kept telling me she thought she was going to cough up a lung. ugh. Took about 1-2 weeks for it to go on it’s way. Wore her out as I’m sure it is wearing you out as well. Sending get better prayers and wishes!

  33. Gayle in Tennessee

    Glad you are calling your doctor. A dry lingering cough is an acute covid and post covid symptom. Take care of yourself Mary. 🙏

  34. Alice SW Ohio

    Mary, your symptoms sound just like what I had this past week! I didn’t think much about it as I have spring/ fall allergies, but when my neighbor across the street had the same symptoms I became very concerned. He texted me his fever was 103! I tested him & it was positive. He was having trouble walking& breathing was very laboured, since he’s almost 90 I texted his kids that live in the area that I was taking him to the hospital. He was diagnosed with AFib as well as Covid, & will be getting a pacemaker very soon! Somehow Covid seems to bring this on. He’s not the first person I know that’s had this happen. Yes, we’ve both been vaccinated & boosted, but were waiting for the new booster coming out in Sept. All the friends I was with are all fine, so have no idea where this came from! My temperature never got over 100 & mostly was in the 99-98 range, just this awful dry hacking cough! My ribs are so tender! Your symptoms are the same as mine & I feel very tired. Am finally able to sleep most of the night. This is the first time I’ve had Covid & also my friend! Maybe if our resistance is down it makes it easier to contact it?? My friend’s on meds, I chose to just drink plenty of fluids & eat light. Things like Covid makes it scary living alone. At least here in a senior community we look out for one another! I hope you begin to feel better, Mary!! And yes, you could have contacted Covid again. Have you tested to see if that might be the case? I just ordered 8 free testing strips from the government to have on hand.
    That puppy is absolutely adorable, love those ears!! I have a soft spot for rescues! My last 3 dogs have been senior rescues. My last one I’ve had 4 yrs & turned out to be the sweetest little guy! He was returned to the shelter 3 times in less than a year!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Alice – I just hate hearing stories about dogs being returned to shelters time and again. People have no hearts! The cough is brutal, isn’t it? I am better today – not coughing quite so much but in the night I could hardly breathe for coughing. I have a clinic appointment Thursday – why would I bother with a home test? Just to say I know what’s wrong with me? I think I do know so what’s the point? I’m clearing my calendar for the week. I. am. so. Tired!

  35. Kim from TN

    I’m sorry to read that you are not feeling well, so glad you are getting it checked out. It may be Covid again and I pray it is not…..I feel terrible about your yard being hit so hard by the storm that came through. The picture before looks so serene and lovely. Best of luck with the cleanup. It has been terribly humid here in TN and rain is in the forecast for today, we need it. I can’t wait for the fall weather to arrive. Take care of yourself.

  36. Karen

    I had diverticulitis the end of June and got dehydrated and needed to be hospitalized due to the infection. I experienced overwhelming fatigue while recovering sleeping 8 hours and being ready for a nap by 10AM. It did go away. I attributed the slow recovery due to age! We do not have the reserves we had when younger.

  37. Kris in WI

    My inner MOM is coming out but all I have to offer is to check with your clinic, drink fluids, and rest as much as you can. Being sick is just the pits and having to think about the wind damage, besides caring for your fur and feather friends, must make it even worse. Please take care.
    Oh! I’ll bet it was sweet to see “your” donations come in for the puppies! Thanks for bringing us along on your all your adventures. Now catch a nap with Mr. Longears. No, not Rick…your newest family member!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kris – It WAS so sweet to recognize those names when they were called out!! I felt like a celebrity!

  38. Glenda Fletcher

    Mary, Sorry to hear you still aren’t over the coughing. Hope you get to feel better soon.
    That was quite a storm you had. Saw from the news/weather that your area
    was going to be hit. We got 2 1 minute spirts of rain on Saturday. South east South Dakota is still in big
    drought, along with a lot of other areas. I am glad no one was hurt including your livestock. It is a big job to get everything cleaned up again. It was looking so nice. Send a little rain our way. I have been still working
    on getting all my pictures sorted, reprinted, and in 4 piles for my kids. It is a bigger job than I first thought. But will be good once it is done. So no sewing or cross stitch at this time. Ugh. Take care now, Mary.

  39. Lorraine

    So sorry you are still not feeling good. I had your same symptoms in January, 2020. No one knew of COVID yet. I went thru 3 or 4 doctors and could not get a good diagnoses. Now my doctor thinks I had COVID before we knew of it. I was down for about 3 months. The cough lingered and I still had no energy but I decided to heal myself by drinking protein drinks and lots and lots of water. Ate lots of fruits and took vitamin C. Sometimes I feel the doctors just give you a pill and send you on your way! At one time I had 6 bottles of meds to take and they didn’t help. So sorry to rant on but I feel so bad you are not feeling up to par. You are like me and we have to always be going and keeping busy. Please take care of yourself and get well real soon.
    I love to read your posts all the time but hardly send a comment but this post hit home.
    Sorry about all of the storm damage.
    Take care and get rest and hope you recover soon.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Lorraine – I so appreciate your comment – I had a long nap earlier but I’m already wanting to return to my chair. I’ve never felt this tired in my whole life – I don’t like being tired!!!!

  40. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Sorry you are still sick, Mary. Take it easy; I am sure Puppy will volunteer for healing naps with you. 🥰

  41. Marie C

    Hope you start to feel better, and on top of it tree damage. Take care. When we got out last dog he knew nothing about stairs. He was scared of them. It didn’t bother him to go up and down large stacks of hay though. He figured out steps of only 2 or 3 risers quickly. It took him a year to go down stairs to the basement. We had to put treats on the stairs starting a couple of steps down and then further as time went on.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Marie C – amazing! He will come to my sewing room with only 3 steps but no further. He’ll get it eventually.

  42. Launa

    There are pills to take if Covid returns! Best to go to your doctor or clinic! Why suffer? Idaho sent one C19 test to every family member in our household!
    Good wishes for a speedy recovery!

  43. Jan Hebert

    So sorry for the storm damage, your farm was looking so pretty! But please take it easy, the branches can wait. This Covid is nothing to take lightly, maybe a call instead of waiting for the visit would get medication started earlier? And as everyone is saying, take it easy. Get lots of rest. Give that puppy a hug from me, he’s just so cute! Can’t wait to hear what you decide to name him. Jan in MA

  44. brendalynne1

    it certainly sounds like Covid. Are you taking any Zinc supplements?
    Also, have you see the ads for free at home covid tests ??? I am sorry I do not have an email address for you but i would imagine googling would get you some info. I am told they arrive quickly and come in sixes per person living in your home.
    Hope you feel better. coughing is so exhausting. and the headaches from coughing can be a beast as well.

  45. Carolyn Barnett

    Mary, I am so late to the game… have not had a chance to read emails for over a week but can I suggest a puppy name? Is it too late?? What about the name Radar for the new pup?? His ears stand straight up and reminds me of a radar receiver or an antenna but the name “Antenna“ just doesn’t roll of the tongue ya know? My daughter Lauren got a cutie of a dog that had big flappy or floppy ears and I suggested the name “Pilot” because it reminded me of Snoopy with his ace flying cap!! Remember?? He is such a cute dog!! I volunteer to baby sit all my neighbors and friends dogs when they go on vacation so they don’t have to pay $ for boarding. I just love puppy breath!!

  46. Jo in Michigan

    Mary how are feeling today? Hope you are on the mend. You have been in my thoughts.
    Also seems like the pups name has already been chosen“Pup” ♥️ Has a nice feel to it.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

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