Thank You! 8-27-22

Exhausting! Chris from Jordan’s Way talked, cajoled, begged, explained, and chattered for four hours straight as he brought in donations for Patriots For Pets. I don’t have the final tally yet but this was an exciting experience – since I wasn’t there last year, I didn’t quite understand the premise BUT if you are a Country Threads blog reader and you made a donation – THANK YOU! Of all the staff and foster homes attending, my people brought in the most money!!! Those of you who donated yesterday weren’t even in that total but it doesn’t matter because your donation will be included in the final total amount.

It was such chaos of people and dogs that I honestly forgot about taking pictures. At one point we were locked in a kennel with the dogs and couldn’t get out until someone paid our bail! Haha! Clever, huh?

I wanted to bring home a foster to play with my pup, still unnamed, but in the chaos it wasn’t possible to sort it out so I think I’ll take my guy there some day so he can pick out a pal.

Shayla (I’m not sure) and Sarge

Here was the group of staff and volunteers waiting for burgers and dogs for lunch – a well earned lunch. Why didn’t I think of taking a picture of our fearless leader, Debbie? I will and post it another day.

There were many plates of Reddi-Whip pushed into people’s faces, eggs cracked on top of a head, and other pranks as money was raised for the dogs – always the dogs. As we gathered for the group picture and I was singled out as the highest donator through all of you, my loyal blog friends, I was asked why I supported this shelter. Off the cuff I stammered that I wanted to help find these helpless dogs good homes and families to love them and ended my short speech with “it’s all for the dogs. I just love dogs!”

Donations will be credited to this Jordan’s Way event through the next week. Checks can be mailed to Patriots For Pets, 805 N. 40th St. Clear Lake, IA. 50428. If you’d like to donate with a credit card, please call them at 641-357-8050. Please mention my name when you donate so I’m aware. Early during the fundraiser, your name was called out when you donated and I recognized my blog friends! I yelled “that’s one of mine!”

I cannot thank you enough for donating and supporting my love of shelter dogs! It’s been a grand day!

21 thoughts on “Thank You! 8-27-22

  1. Chris in Alaska

    What a wonderful event ! Bless you Mary for taking part . Wish I could have donated but we’re still paying off Bailey’s expenses 🙁

  2. Maryjane

    Neglected to get a donation in. Will be mailing a check next week. So glad they did so well.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Mary Jane – thank you so much for doing this! They’re a good shelter and I so want to help them stay afloat!

  3. Kathy in western NY

    Thanks for the address Mary so I can send this worthy organization a check. I will write on the check I am a blog reader of yours. This is the least we can do for all the dogs you continue to shower with love.
    My dogs are rescues so I am grateful someone took their own time to drive to get them in Tennessee and Miami and give them a life. Rest up

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy – thank you for sending them a check – they are doing a great job!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Ann – thank you so much, Ann! Most of “my” people are not local so I think they’ll figure it out! Bless you!

  4. Jo in Wyoming

    I’m so glad you gave the phone number…I don’t do Facebook so I can call in a donation. Are they open on Sunday or should I wait till Monday?
    Congratulations on a successful fundraiser and a big THANK YOU to all you do for homeless pets.

  5. Sandy

    Hi Mary, great job fund raising for the dogs! I support our local pet group and have sent a lot of old blankets and towels to them during our clear out and hope to make some dog quilts once l am settled..take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

  6. Gayle in Tennessee

    So happy to help such a worthwhile cause Mary. Your love for animals comes through in everything you do. ❤

  7. Beverly in O-H-I-O

    I’ll be sending a check out this week (in your name) for this worthy organization and all the good work they do. I, too, just love dogs! 💕

  8. Kathy Hanson

    Fantastic!! What a wonderful day and how wonderful that your “blog friends” helped to make it so!!!!😊❤️❤️❤️❤️

  9. Jo in Wyoming

    New name suggestion’s
    Barney…when Betty comes for a visit they can be Barney and Betty, like in the Flintstones.
    Jordan, in honor of the shelter.
    Rob, because he stole your heart.

  10. pam

    Thank you, Dear Auntie Mary . . . what a fun party you had on behalf of us canines!

    you da BOMB when it comes to rescuing/fostering/fundraising for/raising/loving all us unhomed dogs! We love and appreciate you right back and hope you know and feel our 🧡 EVERY DAY!

    Big licks and smooches ’til we finally meet,

    Your neph-dog,
    Spur (in Mpls)

  11. Donna J

    Love all the dog names for your little guy. I hope you adopt him, too. He really seems to have a connection with you. Any dog who remains at your side during an illness is a true buddy. I’ve had two dogs who did just that. It’s a God-thing how they perceive you need to be cared for.

    Now back to names. Like I said, I love all the names suggested. My favorites are Buddy (because he is and he’s a farm boy) and Henry (it does go well with Hazel and it’s a great farm name). Getting to name a new pet is such fun!!! I know you’ll pick the perfect one. He really seems to have settled into the flow of your farm life.

    Hoping you continue to improve each day. You know how coughs manage to hang on after any respiratory illness. Please relax and rest several times a day. Lots of fluids and good nutrition. Plus some chocolate every day. I have chronic fatigue that’s so debilitating. I have to take multiple naps every day. That’s when Sparky and Benny would snuggle up at my side to keep me laying down. Another Covid test would be good, too.

    God bless you and keep you.

  12. Jan Hebert

    So glad I caught the action on Facebook! It was fun to donate during the actual event. Thank you Mary for all that you do “for the dogs!” Jan in MA

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