Format changes

I sent the pictures of the 4 little girls this afternoon because I was practicing the new format of this blog. I just hate it when things change and I have no idea why. Yesterday I couldn’t post to the blog like normal so I waited until today. The format was still different but I tried that post anyway and it must have worked because I heard from several of you.
Hoping for one rainy day this week so I can sew something!

2 thoughts on “Format changes

  1. Ann Barlament

    Formats, computers, and printers are wonderful tools – when they work! When things change or hiccup or get lost in space, life becomes a bit more frustrating.

    I have a wonderful printer/scanner/ copier and the darn thing just refuses to work. I can send stuff to it, but it refuses to cooperate. It’s like a stubborn child!! LOL

    I’m working on 4-patch triangles and tonight was thinking of making a creative cover for the back of my wheelchair, letting the world know that creativity abounds in my life!

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