FOX!!!! 11-28-23

Hazel nabbed this fox by the house this morning, mortally wounding him so he couldn’t walk and Rick was able to shoot him. We are all exhausted! My next step is to take the flashlight and look into the brush piles out in the grove. Remember me saying I found no feathers in the yard? Only inside the barn were there feathers so now I’m wondering if the brush piles hold clues.

Hazel has redeemed herself for any and all obnoxious manners. Here are a few more pictures of the whole ordeal.

I was terrified that Hazel would get bit! I had to scream at her to get her into the house!

Gross but this poop by the barn was my first clue that the predator had been there earlier today.

After seeing this I went on to do chores when I heard Hazel barking incessantly by the house. When I investigated I found Hazel attacking the fox by the house.

I did call the vet – Hazel’s rabies is up to date but I do not think she got bit. I told my vet to put a gold star on Hazel’s record. She earned it.

I think I need an ice tea and it’s just noon!

108 thoughts on “FOX!!!! 11-28-23

  1. RuthW in MD

    Wonderful little dog Hazel!! Is this particular post actually in the “Uncategorized” section?!?! Time to move it into the one labeled “WonderDog!!”

  2. Kim from Wi

    Hazel to the rescue! she is fierce for her small size. I hope you have your answer on what was happening to the chickens. I would need more than one ice tea, lol.

  3. Sue in Marion, IN

    Good for Hazel! Terriers are amazing little dogs. I hope you don’t have any more trouble, but…nature.

  4. Linda in MI

    Way to go Hazel! She deserves more than a gold star. She and my Sammie would be buddies because they are both good hunters, except Sammie has had two close encounters with skunks lately, skunked and killed the first one and just skunked by the second.

    I knew it was a fox that got your beautiful girls and I don’t think you will find feathers, I never found any on my farm at all. Keep up the good work Hazel girl!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Linda – we have so many questions – did that fox jump over a 4’ fence? Is his den in our grove? Did one of the big dogs get to him first to cripple him and then Hazel joined in? We rarely “see” foxes around here because of all the food supply for them – dead hogs around every hog confinement so why would a fox bother with a skinny chicken? We are mystified. Oh, Sammie! How about the other dogs? Did they join in? Ugh

  5. Patricia

    All I can say is wow. The fox must have been the culprit. But how did it get in the barn? I amazed that little Hazel could kill the fox. I would have thought the fox would run away. Brave Hazel. Yes that would be my concern – rabies. But did she bite him in the neck and break the skin. I’m sure you are relieved. Hope there are no more.

    Pat in Md

  6. Betty Klosterman

    I’m with Sandra Goddard. The fox doesn’t look very healthy. It is hard to tell in the pictures. The chickens were an easy meal. There are probably more foxes around……. Just what you need. Another of God’s creatures?

    Mary, I think it is great that you are making some of your patterns available for your readers. We “older” readers were so lucky to have your quilt shop and all the wonderful patterns and the collection of critters, too. I always thought it was an old age farm for animals? This way, you get a whole new following. They missed the shop but get to enjoy your creations.

    Now we get to enjoy all the great Christmas decorations. Take care. Betty in Rapid City

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Betty – I’m going to show a picture to my vet – why is his tail so sparse?

  7. Rosemary W - Iowa

    Now to find out how it got inside your yard!! Any digging under the fence?? Kudos to Hazel!! What an Animal!!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Rosemary – no digging but could it have jumped up and over the picket fence in the yard? That’s only 4’. I haven’t figured that out yet but I hope to. The chain link fence has another 6-10” piece at the bottom that goes down into the ground – there’s no gap big enough.

  8. Dianna in Wisconsin

    How scary for you, I would being in a panic.
    Good job Hazel!!
    Hope you sleep well, now you know the other chickens should be safe.

  9. Gayle Lacey

    Gold Medal for Miss Hazel! And I bet she found your culprit! We have lots of foxes here in town that go after the rabbits. 😢. They are beautiful, but not when you have barnyard friends.

  10. Sheila in WI

    This is the blog about nothing? More like… never a dull moment!
    Kudos to Hazel for her brave but maybe slightly crazy act. Hope things calm down again

  11. Rita In Iowa

    Mary I’m sure Hazel was protecting you. She did a wonderful job. Glad she was not hurt and you were able to get rid of the culprit .
    Last night we had a coyote go between the house and garage. Walk down the sidewalk to the back yard. The is a mere 25 feet between the house and garage. I hate that it gets dark so early. Stay safe and carry a club with you or a heavy flashlight.

  12. Linda from Georgia

    What an amazing dog Hazel is. The superhero of the dog world! Someone just donated several boxes of fabric to our quilt guild. We plan on selling part of it to our members and the rest will be used for charity quilts. Hidden between the fabric was a kit for Country Threads This Old Farmhouse with pattern! I am jumping on that purchase and the money will go to a good cause. Enjoy your evening. I am off to watch Miami play Kentucky BB.

  13. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    OMG, Mary! That Hazel is really something! It’s too bad innocent chickens are so vulnerable to a variety of prey. Take Care, 🥰

  14. Kathy Buryon

    Wow, I do believe Hazel caught your culprit. That’s amazing that Hazel did what she did for such a little dog. She deserves a gold star for sure! Maybe you can rest a little now.
    I’ve lost my two dogs in seven months and reading about your dogs and farm life has enriched my life. I’m so sorry to hear about your Rosie. Pets make our lives so rich. I love pets so much. I’m going to take a break from getting another dog right now. This latest loss still hits me pretty hard.
    I so enjoy your sharing with us all. Hazel is your hero this week!!!!
    Sincerely yours, Kathy Burton from Ohio

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Brenda – tell Ron I always knew she was something else! Haha!! I’ll bet Ron wants her, doesn’t he? Too funny!

  15. Jill Klop

    I’m hoping that fox was your culprit!! So hoping that Hazel will be fine! That’s a big animal to take on!!

  16. Marie C

    I echo what Sandra Goddard wrote. If you haven’t done so perhaps ask your vet if there is anything you can proactively do for all your dogs. I’m glad Hazel didn’t get bit. It’s always scary when our dogs take on wild animals

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Marie – I did call my vet and she said Hazel’s rabies is up to date and we’re good! I told her to make a note in Hazel’s file and give her a gold star!

  17. Susan in VA

    You’ve probably got a fox den somewhere near. We had foxes with kits under one of our sheds. The kits were cute to watch. We had chickens then, but for some reason, they didn’t bother our chickens. Probably because of our dogs. But, my husband found chicken heads out behind the shed that they had been eating on. The chickens probably came from our neighbor’s farm. They carried them about a 1/2 mile.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Susan – it’s the wrong time of the year for babies but you can bet I’ll be on alert next spring!

  18. Sheila

    Way to go Hazel!! Definitely deserves a gold star. So glad the mystery has been solved and the chickens are safe. Mary your days are certainly never dull. Thank you for sharing all your adventures on the farm with
    us readers. Get some rest tonight you all deserve it.

    Sheila from MA

  19. Sandra Goddard

    Mary the pictures look like the fox was mangy? Watch Hazel for any signs of itching etc.

  20. Tammy Guerrero

    I thought it could be a fox. I mentioned it in my last comments. So glad your pup is fine. We had a red fox grab a call duck once right in front of our eyes. They are bold little critters! Problem solved thank goodness!!

  21. Beverly in Texas

    Kudos to Hazel ! So happy she didn’t get bit in the melee! She is a wonderful farm dog !

  22. Jeanine from Iowa

    So glad this nightmare is over. We had a fox get some of our chickens in broad daylight several years ago. It did come back, but my husband did put an end to that. Since then I do not like any fox. That Hazel is a brave dog to take on something a little bigger than her. I, too, hope there are not more around there.

  23. Launa Peters

    Good for Hazel, the protective fearless hunter! Could have been a Beer moment later?
    Been a quiet day here with the service for R.Carter on CNN!
    When the two men were hunting Deer n Elk yesterday there was a Deer being chased by a Fox across a field; then the Deer started chasing the Fox 🦊!
    Was a chilly 12o this morning here.
    No new snow!

  24. Sherri Huff

    Wow Mary, what an exciting morning for you and your sweet Hazel! An ice tea or two were all earned today for you and a special treat/toy for GUARD DOG HAZEL! Hopefully you will find some clues in the bushes…
    Make sure there are no more foxes, they tend to be in pairs or families.
    Enjoy the rest of your day!

  25. Sharon Geiger

    Wow!!! Good job, Hazel! Hey, it’s 5:00 somewhere so enjoy that iced tea anytime you want to!!! You had an exciting day.

  26. brendalynne1

    yaaaa Hazel and Rick !!!!!!
    thanks for the glass case idea. Still in the process of copying your idea. some went as hostess gifts at the Thanksgiving gathering. All very well received. Some will be cradling cellphones as well.

  27. MissyAnn in KS

    So sorry for the loss of your chickens, but glad Hazel eliminated the thieving culprit. I hope that fox was the only one. A couple years ago, I lost an entire flock to predator(s). Was either a fox or coyote. Like yourself, I was grief-stricken. A chicken has no defense. Since then, I’ve acquired a Great Pyrenees…he has been a great guard dog at my farm.

    Thank you for offering your quilt patterns. I’ll be sending you my order. I may be mistaken, but I only see 7 Christmas patterns: Out on a Limb, Christmas Morning, Star Quilt, Noel, Uncle Santa, O Holy Night, and Candy Cane. Maybe one of the pictures didn’t load for me. What one am I missing?

  28. Sally

    Wow that is amazing!!! Good girl Hazel! So glad the mystery is solved! What kind of terrier is Hazel? I’m so impressed by her hunting/attack skills! What a great protector she is! Enjoy that tea or two 😊

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sally – Hazel is a purebred Jack Russell Terrier born in Colorado to a friend of a friend. We drove there to get her, picked her up and drove back the next day in March 2017

  29. Chris in Alaska

    Good girl Hazel !! Our former neighbor has chickens and moved away from where we are (middle of nowhere ) closer to town . More Fox in town evidently because they lost chickens too 🙁
    I’m drinking an iced tea for all of you !!

  30. Moe in IL

    Omg Mary! What an exciting morning. I hope it’s the only fox around. Hope your chickens will be safe now. Hazel is an amazing dog! Enjoy your “iced tea”.

  31. Sue

    Hazel! What a rock star. I was nervous reading your story. I can only imagine how you felt. I think I need an iced tea. Hopefully mystery solved.

  32. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    Omg, make that ice tea a double! One fox and all those chickens? WOW! What a pain in the butt for you, Mary, and heartache; extra treats for Hazel tonight while you indulge. What a good hunter she is! Glad the only one hurt was Mr. Fox!

  33. Kathy in western NY

    We’ve had foxes run around by us carrying critters in their mouths to feed babies so we won’t let our dogs out without being near them anymore even with a fenced in yard. Honestly I’d be barfing my brains out watching all this unfold so kudos for your toughness Mary.

  34. Another Shirley in Oregon

    What a morning! So glad everyone is OK. Please keep an eye out. Foxes tend to live in pairs or small family groups, so there may be more. I hope not for your sake. Is there a new toy in Hazel’s future by any chance?

  35. Bonnie McKee

    Hurrah for Hazel!!! 🦊 And Mary, you are a great detective! I’m anxious to hear the report on what you find in, or near, the brush piles. Enjoy your iced tea! 🤗
    Bonnie in Oregon

  36. Kris in WI

    My husband, Robert, says Hazel must have been watching the AKC National Dog Show last week. He said Hazel just won the Best of Show Trophy for Iowa farm dogs! Ha! Kris

    Way to go, Hazel, way to go! (Chant that in the cheer leader cadence!)

  37. Shirley Andersen Smith

    Yes you and Hazel and Rick all need an ice tea. Hazel might enjoy red wine better though.
    Glad you got this problem solved.
    So sorry for the loss of your dear hens.
    Shirley fro. OREGON

  38. Alice in SW Ohio

    Great job Hazel!! She did just what comes natural for Jack Russell terriers! She’s worth her weight in gold!! I thought it had to be either a fox or coyote that got your chickens. We have both here in SW Ohio in a residential neighborhood. I’ve only seen a fox here at dusk. Coyotes I’ve seen in broad daylight. I’ve also heard them at night. I no longer walk my small dog (on a leash) at night. So happy you have answers to the disappearing chickens! You’ve earned that ice tea, & Hazel has earned a new toy!!

  39. Margie

    Wow! That Hazel is brave! I think I would have had a heart attack fearing for Hazels safety. Hope there are no more problems. You could use some peace and quiet.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Margie – I was screaming at the top of my lungs to get her to come with me to the house – she did finally come with me but I hated to deny her the challenge and “fun” that she, as a JRT, deserved!

  40. Sue in Oregon

    WOW!!! I felt in my heart that it was a fox. They are so sly and sneaky. Also smart. I guess you need to look for more of them, especially a mate. Take Hazel with you. You must have been terrified for Hazel, and very proud of her at the same time. She got a Fox…that’s amazing. Gold Star for Hazel!!

  41. Debbie G in SE WI

    Perfect terrier behavior!! Kudos to Hazel! Mary, I think you deserve a beer or 2!!!

  42. Candy

    Hazel saves the day again! She deserves more than a gold star … and you deserve more than 1 iced tea … enjoy!

  43. Diane Deibler

    I bet he’s your culprit especially if he was in your yard. Hazel should get the royal treatment from now on. Hope this will end your chicken problems.

  44. Jane

    I need an “ice tea” just reading this and looking at the pictures. Hazel, you are the best!

  45. Melody in Wisconsin

    Hazel has earned her keep and then some! Wow, she is amazing – I am so glad the fox didn’t hurt her. I wonder if the fox carried off the chickens to feed young ones? It doesn’t take away the pain of losing your chickens but at least now you know who the culprit was and what happened.

    Very cold here today but at least the sun is shining so that helps and we have a warm up on the way.

    Hope you can rest easier knowing what predator was responsible and go ahead and enjoy that “iced tea”!

    I didn’t comment earlier regarding the condolences I received regarding the loss of Snickers, but I want to thank you all. It means alot and day by day it will get better.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Melody – I hope each day brings you just a bit more peace – I know it’s a long process and doesn’t really ever end

  46. Pattie from PA

    That little Hazel is an amazing dog. Her size doesn’t measure up to her strength and tenacity. Is she afraid of anything? ? I truly admire her but am so glad I don’t have to clean up after her hunt! She puts many hunters to shame. lol.

  47. Brenda in Iowa

    Great job, Hazel. She’s worth her weight in gold. I suspect a fox (or a family) is the one who killed and took your chickens. I wonder if this was a mother who was hunting for her kits? Hope you can eliminate them if they are present. Drink the ice tea – you deserve it.

  48. Diane, Squeak, and Buddy in Central Ohio

    Whew! Hazel Ali! She is very brave. Did the Fish and Game people come get the fox to check it for diseases? Good thing Hazel has had her rabies shot. I am so glad this may be over for you and the chickens.
    Cold here today—23* with a few flakes.

  49. Chris Johnson

    Great news! I hope that fox has no cousins or friends out there! Extra treats for Hazel today. And a good night’s sleep for every creature on the farm!

  50. Sandi

    Hazel is so brave!! I’d need2 teas and a nap.😂😂 I’m down in lower Alabama and we’re getting warnings of coyotes being seen and to keep a close eye on our small animals and dogs. That worries me, one of my fur babies is only 6 lbs. You also have to watch for hawks.Take care. Hugs,

  51. Amy F

    Hurray for Hazel! That fox won’t be stealing anymore chickens. I’m glad you found your culprit!

  52. Sandy

    Wow Mary! Hazel is such a brave girl! Let’s hope that is the only fox around! Extra rations for Hazel tonight! Take care everyone, who said this was a blog about nothing?,!. Best wishes from Sandy

  53. Linda in So CA

    Yeah Hazel! You go girl. So glad the mystery creature is no longer. Mid 70’s but rain for next few days. The roses are still blooming. I hate to cut them back. It’s an ice tea day!

  54. Janet S

    That sure was more activity than you needed but the end result is all positive. You and Rick deserve 2 iced teas and Hazel deserves a new toy to destroy.

  55. Marsha in Michigan

    Oh, wow! What a brave dog! In spite of the trauma, I imagine you are relieved to have a beginning of understanding what happened! Whew! I think I’d need an ice tea, too!

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