Wonder Dog and More! 11-28-23

Oh, what a day and you’ve all been praising Hazel for her extraordinary conduct this morning! She took down a fox – probably twice her size but then Hazel thinks she’s a pitbull or German shepherd – haha!!

Here’s the rest of my day – I’m transforming my office into a den.


Tomorrow my cable company is coming to move this tv to the wall opposite where my computer desk used to sit. You have never seen such a mess! This room is getting comfortable chair, a great floor lamp, my books, magazines, handwork and a new rug. I will finally have a room where I can relax and watch tv without having to compete with Rick’s living room tv. The only other place to watch is at my sewing table or in the shop and neither are all that comfortable. I will keep you up to date.

As I started moving everything in my office I came across so many great memories.

Oh, Connie’s going to kill me!
Yes, Connie got hurt water skiing!
Found this Grandma Moses coffee can!
My mom’s college binder from Cedar Falls – it’s so old it’s only a 2 ring!

Becky came and helped me move some of the furniture and she’ll come back when I’m ready to move more. I left the dead fox by the gate so Becky couldn’t miss it when she got here – haha! I think I’ll leave it by the barn so if this guy has any pals that head for the barn, they’ll think twice. The weather is going to warm up and I’ll head back to the grove – I walked thru today and looked into several brush piles but saw nothing.

So when I posted the Christmas patterns I skipped #6 – good grief! And I thought I was so organized. Here’s #6:

27” x 45”

Hang in there, Guys! We’re all in this together, right? Smile! And I’ll pass all your accolades on to the Wonder Dog named Hazel Jane!

58 thoughts on “Wonder Dog and More! 11-28-23

  1. Joy in NW Iowa

    That looks like a big job! It was 40 here today and windy. The sun was beautiful! Tomorrow is suppose to be 47! I’m so glad Hazel got the fox. Be on the watch for more tho. Wow! That is a nasty bruise! My hubby broke his tailbone water skiing!
    Hang in there!

  2. Chris Johnson

    My friend says the fox may have kids and a mate or it wouldn’t have taken so many chickens. Beware! This horror nay not be over! Do you have a trap?

      1. Chris

        Oh, good! I’m not a farm girl. I probably wouldn’t have the stomach for it. It makes me sad to think of your pretty chicken being eaten but it also makes me sad to realize the foxes have to go. Wish the old boy would have been hungry for rabbit.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Mareen – Ha! Yes, Hazel is a keeper for sure. Just another day on The farm!!!!

  3. Charlotte Shira in No. California

    Hazel the pit bull! I can’t believe she took on a fox. She has always been my favorite of your pets.
    Can’t wait to see your new den. They are putting in my new floors this week. My house is covered with dust. I’ll be glad when they are finished so I can clean and put up my tree.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Charlotte – oooh, new floors! So fun – yes, I can’t wait to clean up, too, put things away and get my tree up as well. I think I’m too tired to struggle with a large “real” tree however.

  4. Pamela Dempsey in Northeast Texas

    Yay for Miss Hazel!!! What a good, smart girl! Your den makeover will be so nice. We had our sewing group Christmas party today, so fun. I won the blocks last year and made a quilt I had to bring today. They were house blocks and I put a village at top blinged out with rhinestones, beads and sequins, never to be washed just a wall hanging. Will send you the pictures.

  5. Sandy

    Hi Mary, did you look and see if it was male or female? And if female, does it look like she has has babies, might give you a clue to how many are still out there.Dont know if foxes mate for life or not! Watching reruns of the golden girls on Disney,so well written and love the clothes too. Take care everyone, best wishes from Sandy

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Sandy – you know, I sort of looked but the body is still here so I will tomorrow. No babies in our area now – way too cold but I don’t want any this spring either.

  6. Marsha in Michigan

    Poor Connie – ouch. I’ve been hurt water skiing, downhill skiing & falling down ice covered steps. Thus big bruises are SO painful.

    Yes, Hazel is a hero! What kind of dog is she? I hope you don’t have more trouble with fox!🦊

    Your den sounds so cozy! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

    My husband goes in Thursday for bloodwork and a scan in preparation for knee replacement. We’re not looking forward to the next few months. He’s not a very good patient and I’m no nurse. I sure hope everything goes well because he’s lived with pain for a long time. We’re going to have to get someone to plow the driveway and I’ll be doing more shoveling and salting and driving and . . . he does a lot around here.

    I’m going to have to get busy sewing pillowcases for Christmas and sandwich, quilt and bind the table topper I made at quilt retreat.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Marsha – Hazel is a purebred Jack Russell Terrier with a broken coat which makes her look different than the JRT you’re probably familiar with. I’ve been where you are – looking at a replacement straight on and I don’t ever want to do it again. Rick isn’t a good patient either and like you – I’m no nurse! Hang in there! And let us know how you’re doing – too bad I’m not a bit closer.

    2. Diane and the gang in Central Ohio

      Marsha, My husband had both knees replaced–one at a time–and he did very well. BUT, he went to ALL of his physical therapy sessions! I have heard of husbands/wives who will not do the PT and it is hard on everyone. My husband couldn’t drive at first so I took him and I was happy to do it. It’s a win/win for everyone. Good luck.

      1. Mary Etherington Post author

        Diane – I am intimately familiar with someone who quit therapy. Don’t ask me how I feel about that especially now when he’s having problems walking. I’ve said too much already!

  7. Dianna in Wisconsin

    No rest for Hazel or Mary. It will great to have a place for you to relax.
    I have my own TV in another room too, I do like watching
    Youtube, Last Homely House, quilt shows, Escape to the Country to name a few.
    Excited to see the new room setup.

  8. Carolyn Boutilier

    I am so glad you got the culprit that was killing your chickens. Hugs to Hazel. She sure is worth her keep.Nice that you will have your own tv room. In our house he has his TV and the end of the house in the kitchen I have my TV. We are cold tonight at 11:09 we are 17 degrees. No snow here.
    Carolyn b Shenandoah Valley Va

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Carolyn – that’s pretty cold for you, isn’t it? We’re going to warm up tomorrow.

  9. Susan K in Texas

    My hubby and I watch TV in separate rooms. I don’t have to watch his constant channel surfing of sports and he doesn’t have to watch my murder mysteries with me. I have a comfortable recliner with lights so I can stitch on projects while watching.
    I know it’s a lot of work cleaning things out but I always feel so much better when a big project is completed. I’ve been sorting through things in the house lately – donating, reorganizing, giving things as gifts.
    Good for Hazel taking care of the Fox! She is one determined and fearless little dog!
    I finished a new stocking for a new grandson and a new grand puppy. I’ve also put labels on 5 quilts going to family members this Christmas.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Susan – you’ve been busy!!! I can’t stand the channel surfing either plus the volume and I’m tired of sitting the whole evening in my sewing chair!

      1. Susan K in Texas

        A comfortable chair in the evening is a necessity but then so is a comfortable sewing chair.
        On the clean out it’s been a little at a time. On the quilts I’ve been waiting to finish other quilts for the family so no one feels left out. Then decided to just give them as I finish them. They were taking up space. I’ve been trying to make a quilt for each family member and I have a big family that keeps adding. 😉

  10. Char in MI

    So glad you found your culprit and yeah for Hazel! I hope your animals are safe now!
    Have a great time with your new room! It will be so cozy this winter snuggled in with a good book or movie wrapped up in a quilt!

  11. patti

    oh my. i came on late tonite to find out all the excitement about the fox and hazel. weren’t jack russells originally bred as hunting dogs? not sure if i remember that right. i was amazed at the comments about coyotes. we have them here all the time. between the coyotes and the bears, they have invaded all the neighborhoods because the developers have taken all their habitats. it’s sad. and i live just outside orlando in the next county but the coyotes and bears are in orlando also. kudos to hazel and rick and to you for being so strong with the fox. hope there are no more. your ‘den’ will be so nice. i hate channel surfing with a passion. i cannot watch my basketball game if dh is channel surfing. i have to go in the other room. and to think, my parents had only one tv in their home in their life time. guess who chose what was watched? my dad. hugs to all, patti in FL

  12. Gloria from CC

    Hazel you are a super hero! I hope you got lots of loving and snacks. Ouch! Connie’s bruise looks painful. I had some water skiing mishaps but none that bad. She must have been slalom skiing.
    Your “she” den will look great. I hope you will post after pictures. Have a nice week.

  13. Susan in VA

    I am so happy to hear others say they need their own place to watch TV — I have hated watching TV with my husband for years. I used to tolerate the channel surfing and watching old westerns when I was younger, but I’m tired of that now! He has his “man cave” downstairs and I’m upstairs. It works so much better! And, your den will be so nice once you get it fixed up!

  14. Susan R

    My sewing room is over the garage and can get chilly in the winter. I set myself up in a warmer guest bedroom for hand stitching. Congrats to Hazel🦊

  15. Rosalie

    Well, I think the mystery of the chicken loss is solved. Mary, do you have to climb that ladder to get in and out of your office/den?
    It looks treacherous.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Rosalie – that ladder goes up to my bedroom and is seldom used except by kids who visit and think it’s great fun. There’s a loft upstairs,too, that they all just love. I installed that ladder when I was much younger – haha!!!

      1. Cynthia Sabinske from SW MN

        That is such a great looking space! I love rearranging rooms, etc, I think I am a rug fanatic too, so be sure to show us your process! And watch that first step from upstairs down the ladder…it’s a doozie! Today we put up the artificial wreaths under our lights at the garage, plus, the two sleds I stripped, stained and urethane, and two pair of snow skis from when Larry was a kid, they all look great! Not having snow is so wonderful. Plus I took down my autumn garden flags, put the winter ones on the holders and put out three suet feeders and filled up a couple of other bird feeders. I will go shopping to see if I can find a new bird feeder, maybe one with suet holders on the sides, so many deteriorated and I had to throw them out.

  16. Janet S

    Just wondering if you shouldn’t get that fox buried before other wildlife decide to come for an easy meal. Setting out traps for fox family is a great idea but I sure hope it doesn’t turn into a fiasco like the rats – just kidding. Your den looks like a great project. Once it’s done you will wonder why it took so long to see the possibilities. Enjoy the nice weather today.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Janet – I am planning on leaving the dead fox by the barn in hopes it might deter another predator. It would be hard to dig a hole this time of year. That’s why we dug Rosie’s grave while we could.

  17. JeanneH in the Finger Lakes of New York

    When you first wrote about losing your chickens, Mary, I thought what about Hazel? She was good at getting after rodents in the barn previously, and certain terrier and other dog breeds are known for going after certain vermin, so I am not in the least surprised that she got a fox. She is such a good girl, doing the job she was bred for. (Jack Russell Terriers were bred for hunting foxes, although primarily for flushing them out for humans.)

    What is it about men and channel surfing? Mary, I envy you for getting your den set up with your own TV. I wish my own house’s layout allowed a den for me. We have a basement family room, but the stairwell is open, so sounds from a TV upstairs and one downstairs would conflict. : (

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Jeanne H – I simply can’t stand the channel surfing and one of my biggest pet peeves is he turns the channel away the minute the game is over. I want to see the celebration, the interviews, all that fun! He’s already looking for another LOUD action movie. Ugh. This will be better than a marriage counselor. Haha!

  18. Kathy in western NY

    I am one of those who likes to watch my shows away from my husbands tv in the sunroom. He has hearing aids that allow him to sit in his chair without me hearing the volume in another room cause there is a setting where the volume just comes thru his hearing aids. I so enjoy the Christmas shows this time of year and the music and feel good movies. You will enjoy your time in your new room and I am sure you are having fun setting it up. Takes time but helps get your mind off all the chaos you’ve gone through. I bet Telly is thinking “ youth prevails” with Hazel hunting and Keeper being the puppy he is.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy – Rick and I are shaking our heads – we wonder if one of the big dogs got the fox first and then Hazel jumped in. And why was he in the yard in the morning? Was he sick? There is only a small length of 4’ fence with a trough on the inside for him to land in. It is such a mystery. I hope in time we can figure it out.

    2. Mary Etherington Post author

      Kathy – those hearing aids would never be considered in this household! Why would you get hearing aids when you can hear perfectly?????

      1. Kathy

        Oh gosh Mary I am laughing my head off!
        I hate repeating to him when he doesn’t put them in and he knows it.

        1. Mary Etherington Post author

          Kathy – and that’s why I want my own room!!! It will be cheaper and easier than a marriage counselor!

  19. Frances E

    Mercy! Hazel the wonder dog is truly a wonder! Perhaps you should send this story to the American Kennel Association. She seems to be the definition of a terrier. Love your den. Keep going.

  20. Janet Easley

    I’m so glad the mystery was solved. Hazel coming to the rescue reminded me of the dogs chasing off sly Mr. Fox in “The Tale of Jemima Puddle-Duck”, a childhood favorite. The fox had no idea who he was dealing with!
    Cleaning out uncovers unexpected treasures. My parents went to Cedar Falls, and just this Sunday I wore a silver pendant of the tower on the campus that they got while attending the 40th reunion of their class from the college. It was discovered among my Dad’s things when he died nine years after my Mom passed. (Interesting note: AARP, in a publication a few years back, named Cedar Falls as one of the great places to retire.)
    Cleaning and rearranging is good for the soul and creates unexpected new possibilities. Good for you to continue you to refresh the home you love.
    Jan in Arizona

  21. Linda in Michigan

    Poop and a dead animal. What more could we ask for from our favorite blog! LOL!!

  22. Dot in NC

    Regarding men and TVs: my sister told me that her husband always had control of the remote, and would fall sound asleep with the remote in his hand while his program was still running. She’d try to take the remote out of his hand, but he’d always wake up and say, “I’m watching that program!”

    Then one day the remote quit working, and they had to buy a new one. She later discovered that the old one only needed new batteries. So she got it working and then kept it out of sight, to change the channel whenever he fell asleep.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Dot – oh, I love it! What a clever wife! I hear the remote hit the floor throughout the evening because Rick falls asleep with it in his hand! When he wakes up he insists he is watching the show – husbands must be alike the nation over!

  23. Peg in MO

    You deserve a cozy spot to relax! I have a small chaise in our bedroom & that’s my “spot” to relax, read, watch tv or nap! I’m looking forward to seeing the beautiful finish!

  24. Diane in Maryland

    Well Bobby, Leslie and I have gotten a kick out of your post and you finding pictures of us celebrating my birthday one year. I was thrilled to win your smiling kitty cat pattern and loved making it! Every time I try to rearrange some space and find pictures, I never get the job done! Haha
    Hazel is definitely a little protector! She’s not about to let an unwanted critter get in her/your space!
    Hope you will be enjoying your den and TV tonight!

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Diane – my room isn’t quite ready yet and I’ve just gotten home from choir practice. It’s not arranged yet but I’ll figure it out. I thought you might be surprised to see those pictures! Haha!

  25. joy in NW Iowa

    Ah! Men and hearing aids! My hubby wears just one occasionally?? He says it is enough?!! Really? Then my kids think I need them too! 🙃. Maybe! I have hollered at hubby for years so now I think it is their turn…..turn up the volume! Heehee!
    You will be shocked, but we do not have a TV! Never have! If we want to see something it is on our computer or iPad readily available! Ur, hubby does watch land, farm and car auctions. That chant drives me nuts! Yabbayabba

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Joy – I think you’ve told me this before but I forgot. Rick runs it every second and then watches his IPad LOUD at the same time. I’m going to my room! I truly would miss television too much to be without – I watch lots of games.

  26. Chris in Alaska

    Happy for you to have your own space ! You will love it . I have a funny “ Iced Tea” story for you . I’m a wine drinker, not beer , and a cheap wine drinker . We started getting the Chardonnay wine box from Costco ( 2 hour drive each way ) when we go to Fairbanks once a month . Yesterday I opened a new box and after a bit noticed it was leaking !!! Hubby got a pitcher to pour the rest into and the only one I have is our pitcher for sun tea !! So I can truly say I’m having my iced tea 😂

  27. Polly Perkins

    The deb is a great idea. I get very tired of Bob’s farm shows so I leave the family room a lot. Saw the surgeon yesterday. Everything is healing perfectly. Now on to PT. I can walk on the treadmill and PT will tell me when I can start back on my ageless fitness class. Yahoo – freedom and independence are not overrated. I asked if there was anything I could do to prevent further surgery and he said no. Degenerative disc disease is genetic and just happens. Drat. Bob sees his surgeon tomorrow. He thinks he is folloiwing the rules. He is not! MEN. Now to get sewing.

    1. Mary Etherington Post author

      Polly – oh, good, you and I can complain about our husbands together – no, they don’t follow drs orders. They make up their own rules and literally don’t realize it. I’m glad you’re doing so well!

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