Free Online Block Pattern – October

You have to be excited – assuming you’ve kept up with this and done at least 2 blocks every month, you have quite a stack of blocks ready to put into a new quilt in just a few months. Wow!

And for October, here’s a picture of the 12″ block:

Here’s a picture of the 6″ block:

To download a printable version of the patterns for the 12″ block and the 6″ block, click on the following link: CountryThreads-2013QuiltAlong-October 2

7 thoughts on “Free Online Block Pattern – October

  1. Denise

    I have done them all and I am doing them all scrappy but reds blues and off white/ cream can’t wait to see the finished quilt I am bound and determined to put a dent in my “stash”
    Thanks do much for offering this BOM

  2. PegD

    I’m doing all my blocks in tans, browns and grays. It’s the perfect “neutral” quilt. I also love trying a new block every month. Your cutting instructions are great and really like the fact that they are only one page! Takes up less room in my notebook. Thanks for this BOM. Looking forward to putting it all together.

  3. Lee

    Question: Why do I always like other colorways and not my own? I am a little bit behind, but hope to catch up this week. Thanks for the patterns. Lee

  4. Beth Laverty

    I was going great guns until August when we started our “travel season.” After a trip to Maine, a trip to a blue grass festival in Maryland and a trip to a Nascar Race in Delaware I am home for awhile so MUST get back to it. I have enjoyed this BOM series so much. Look forward to putting it all together.

  5. Jeanine Waal

    I am enjoying the BOM…thanks for doing that for us. When I saw the October BOM, I was concerned about getting the corner blocks done correctly. So, I sketched it out on graph paper, and paper pieced them! They turned out great! I am all caught up.

  6. Terry Johnson

    I noticed when I cut out and sewed the # 7 pieces for the 12″ and 6″ blocks, you need 4 squares instead of 2. These are the four corner pieces. This was a fun block to make. Thanks for sharing this BOM.

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