Free Quilt Pattern

Remember Mareen’s quilt?

Well, here’s the pattern for you to print out –

Over the years we made this in many versions – it started out being called a Bunkhouse Quilt.  Here was the most recent photo.






We altered Mareen’s quilt by making the center and the ends a couple inches wider and adding a 6”  border because she wanted the quilt to be bigger.

This would be a great charity or missions quilt – no much sewing experience required.

Connie and I are working non-stop marking items for the Gypsy Junk Fest on October 25 – 26.  Set-up day is Thursday evening and it opens at 3 pm on Friday, closing at 8 and opening again all day Saturday.  We used to get ready for shows all the time – but we’re older now!  So much work!

A friend of ours, Gloria, lost her little dog named Pooh Bear today and she is very sad.  Of course she realizes that not only was he very old, he was blind and she thinks he suffered a stroke on Sunday afternoon so he’s romping around Heaven with all the other dogs now.   It’s still very hard and I’m betting over 95% of you have been in her position.  Time will ease her pain but oh, it’s so sad to lose them, isn’t it?

Here’s another Dirty Dozen finish-

And here’s a funny cartoon of Connie and me – drawn many years ago!

I’ll be back tomorrow!


26 thoughts on “Free Quilt Pattern

  1. Annette Austin

    Thank you for the free pattern.
    I got my book A Country’ Call this morning. Looking forward to seeing and reading it and the free pattern that was enclosed.
    Enjoying the blog.
    Thanks again for everything.

  2. Gloria from CC

    Thank you for your heartfelt comments. You can’t imagine how much I appreciate them. They mad me cry but crying helps heal the heart. I’ll never forget my little boy – 17-1/2 years is a long time. Special thanks to Mary for the pep talk last night. You made me feel much better. Gloria

    1. Janice Hebert

      Oh Gloria, so sorry for your loss. My daughter lost her sweet cat, Caldor this past weekend. She is so very sad. Caldor was 19 years old! Been to California twice with my daughter – driving in a car! She has so many good memories of that kitty as I’m sure you do of your little pup. She insists she won’t get another pet but I hope she changes her mind. And I hope you will open your heart to another. Jan in MA

  3. Felicia Hamlin

    What a great cartoon! You really can tell that is you and Connie. I feel for Gloria losing her baby Pooh, it is always sad to lose those little sweethearts. Thank you for the quilt pattern.

  4. Sally J.

    Thank you for the pattern. I like Susan’s idea to make as a bed runner! So sorry for Gloria’s loss and I do feel her pain. I have been there too many times over the years. Love the cartoon! Thanks for the great blog.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Lorene – no, it’s not too late! Just send a check for $33 to Country Threads and when we get our book shipment, we’ll send it right out.

  5. Angie from Baltimore

    What a beautiful quilt and thank you so much for the pattern. What a beautiful problem of running out of books! I was one of the procrastinators but I will cheerfully wait for my copy. It will be like a surprise.
    Thanks again for your efforts

  6. Mrs. Goodneedle

    The pattern is terrific! Thank you; I love the rounded corners on the one pictured— so much so that I might get over my aversion to bias binding in this case! 😂 My heart breaks wide open thinking of your friend and the loss of her precious pup; that pain is sharp And deep, and does dull over time, but it’s so, so hard. I remember that drawing of you and Connie, it was in one of your books; it’s very cute.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      You can’t see it very clearly but it’s a black and white check for the binding which is always nice if it’s cut on the bias. The rounded corners are nice but we didn’t round them on Mareen’s quilt just to make the binding easier which Mareen wanted me to do and I wouldn’t do all the handwork – haha!
      I love that cartoon! Oh, so many years ago!

  7. Debbie B

    Thank you so much for the pattern. You are right, it will make a great charity quilt. I received my copy of your new book yesterday. Thank you for the sweet note, Mary! I can’t wait to dig in! I love the cartoon of the two of you. So cute. Have an awesome day!

  8. Penny C Maryland

    Thanks for the bunk quilt pattern. I remember you talking about the bunk quilts a long time ago! The cartoon is wonderful

  9. SUSAN B

    I’m so sorry for Gloria’s loss. We had a wonderful dog named Pooh Bear. He was a yellow lab mix. My then nearly 3 year old son thought that yellow puppy looked like his favorite character, so Pooh Bear it was. We called him Pooh. We had him 13 years. Losing him, like losing any of our pets, was so hard.
    Thank you for the quilt pattern. I’ve been thinking about making a simple bed runner to add some color in our bedroom. I think this may be the answer — and, the best part is I can do it quickly. Add some coordinating pillows and I’m done. Thank you, thank you! If I’m ambitious enough, I could make seasonal ones! Now to actually get down and get the work done!

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      A bed runner – seasonal! What a great idea! It will be a quick quilt to make and easy to do straight line quilting on it, too. We get many good ideas from our readers! Are you inspired to start pulling fabrics? You only need a 2-1/2” strip for the small ones and they don’t have to necessarily match.

  10. Charlotte S

    Thanks for the pattern. Love Mareen’s color choices and the Christmas tree quilt and your cartoon. It looks like my sewing room. So sorry for Gloria’s loss. I have been there too.

  11. Jeanie, Central IL

    Thanks for the pattern, Mary. I am so sorry for Gloria; it hurts so much. The cartoon of you and Connie is great!

  12. Bobbie

    Thank you so much for the pattern, it’s adorable. Next time I need a quick easy quilt I’ll pick this pattern.
    So sorry for your friends loss, our fur baby’s are so special. You always know they loved you with all there hearts. The love just shines from there eyes every time you pet them. I had 2 sisters and the one Sugar passed over the rainbow last year. It’s been hard on Baby without her, she is 16 this year. I have 2 more that are 9 Penny and Ginger who is 1. Ginger is like Hazel she is a mess and into everything and chews up everything. But when my babies come to my home they are at there forever home.
    Hopefully in a little while she will give a shelter dog a new forever home. There are so many who need good homes.

  13. Diane Bauer

    I’m so sorry Gloria has lost her treasured friend. Yes, I’ve been in that position too often. It’s harder than most other things I’ve ever faced.
    Jenica just suggested I order Akira a jacket for winter. I have never put a dog in a coat before, so the thought never even occurred to me. However, with her thyroid issues and the medication affecting her shed cycle, her coat is extremely thin right now. As we seem to be facing an early and harsh winter this year, I’ve ordered her a coat. We shall see what she thinks of it when it arrives!
    Mareen, your quilt is beautiful. I love the colors you chose.
    The early snow froze the unchanged leaves on our trees and the wind over the weekend blew them all away. It feels like this could be a very long and harsh winter, so I am grateful to have a few new quilts in my collection to toss on the bed!

  14. Margie from Ohio

    Thanks for the free pattern. I received my book in the mail today. Am currently cleaning my sewing room so won’t allow myself to look at it, but I did take a peek at one quilt, it will give me incentive to finish! Gloria, sorry for your loss. It is hard to lose a family member.

  15. Kathy in western NY

    I feel Gloria’s heartbreak. Why oh why can’t our pets live longer than they do.
    It’s so very hard adjusting every day without them so i pray Gloria finds some peace.
    Thanks Mary for the directions to the quilt pattern and yes, it will be a great charity quilt! I appreciate you taking this time to share with us when you have enough on your plate with the upcoming sale. Wish I lived closer!

  16. Mareen

    This was my second attempt on making a quilt. Several years ago Mary also helped me make a quilt for my grandson. I enjoyed making it and it really was not that hard. Although I did have a few moments right Mary? Thanks for your help!

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