Miscellaneous Tuesday Night

I know Gloria appreciates all your sympathies – I personally loved the story of the yellow lab named Pooh Bear.  I think it’s always sad when someone says they’ll never have another pet because how can you not remember all those wonderful years that you shared with your pet.  I might think it but I will never be without pets.  I just couldn’t live without them.

https://www.country-threads-chicken-scratch.comAs Connie and I were filling orders today we began to talk about quilts in our books that we’d like to make again – in a totally different color way.  When making the quilts in A Country’s Call, Connie made a supreme effort to lighten them up compared to typical Civil War quilts.  There are so many quilts we’d both like to make that we think it’s almost miraculous that after almost 40 years we are still enthralled and excited by quilts.  We think we were in the right business all those years, don’t you?

I cleaned the garage today

and this is the reason – cats who don’t pee in the litter box!  Just look at this – completely new litter in this box and the cat never set a foot in it!  Just peed on the cardboard that I was smart enough to lay down.

There are five litter boxes in the garage alone – all clean!  Why won’t they use them?????  Help!!!

Now THIS looks like the perfect cat to me!  This is Squeak, Millie’s look alike in Ohio.

Two more finishes and a batch of chocolate chip cookies!

11 thoughts on “Miscellaneous Tuesday Night

  1. Marsha from Kansas

    The complete post just appeared on my website, too, from the clean garage to the cookies.

  2. Kathy Hanson

    This came through just fine. The cookies look yummy! Squeak is beautiful!
    Cats can be so particular – certainly with litter! Annoying! Nice clean garage, you have been so busy!

  3. Susan the Farm Quilter

    The email for this post appeared in my inbox at 8:07 PM on 10-22-19. There was just the teaser few lines in the email and then the link to read the whole post. Cats who don’t use the litter box frequently have a urinary tract infection, they don’t like the litter or they don’t like sharing their box with another cat. Other than that, I have no idea…these are just the reasons my cats decided to pee elsewhere. Oh, my daughter’s cat peed in her brand-new suitcase she got for a deployment…the cat didn’t want her to go!!

  4. Tammy

    Mary, I got your post and all the pictures!
    Nice clean garage,, beautiful finishes and yummy cookies!

    Tammy from WI

  5. Barbara Bennett

    Since none of the boxes are being used, my first guess would be they don’t like the way the litter feels on the feet. I had a cat that preferred the dining room carpet.

  6. Diane Bauer

    Nice, clean garage!! Wow! I worked on cleaning up my sewing space yesterday as it had slowly taken over my house. Nothing like the threat of company coming to get a few projects completed!! I’m still working on my #7. I am hoping to ‘finish’ this weekend when a friend is here to start on her own t-shirt quilt. I am finding it very difficult to finish someone else’s project and will be happy to hand it off!

    So grateful we never had any issues with Gizmo using his litter box! Our issue with him is he prefers scratching on the furniture instead of his scratching post. Jenica is fostering a gorgeous orange and black kitty she found wandering the campus on a Tuesday afternoon. The prevailing theory is a student found they couldn’t keep her and so dropped her off on campus, hoping someone would find her and take her in. A local vet checked her and confirmed she was not microchipped, so they’ve put up signs and Jen is asking everyone who comes into the coffee shop where she works. In the meantime, she is warm, dry, fed, and well-loved!!

  7. Karen

    Hi Mary! Nice clean garage! I had a cat who would get in the box but her bottom would be over the edge and she would go outside the box. I think she had balance issues and rested her back end on the edge of the litter box. Because of that, she didn’t go in the box, even though her body was in the box. So I put piddle pads around the box to catch it. Oh the things we do for our babies.

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