Second Post Tuesday Night

I am just sick!  I wrote a post called Miscellaneous Tuesday but I don’t see it in my published file so I’m afraid something happened.  I’ll try again in the morning – I don think I can face it tonight.

28 thoughts on “Second Post Tuesday Night

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Can’t believe you got it – was the picture of the garage included?

  1. Marsha from Kansas

    Your first Miscellaneous post came through to my email but isn’t there when I go to the website. I have had Gloria in my thoughts and prayers as well. We have lost furbabies, too, and know the special place they will always have in our hearts. I received my book and am enjoying reading it and trying to decide which quilts will get on my to do list. Thank you for the free pattern.

  2. Jo in Wyoming

    All I got was a very short note in the email section. When I clicked on “see all comments “ it went to your post but no news was there. ☹️😩 I do hope it is something simple.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Sadly I had worked on it for over 45 minutes! – while watching the World Series. When the game ended, I quit and went to bed.

  3. Shirley

    I received the Miscellaneous Tuesday post as well, but it’s only one paragraph long. Is that right?

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Seems like that’s all that posted – there really was more than one paragraph!

  4. Charlotte S

    I got your Miscellaneous Tuesday email but when I got to the website there is nothing there. I hope it’s something simple.

  5. Beth T.

    I received your email, but the link takes me to a message on the blog saying the page can’t be found. I’m so sorry, as I’m sure that’s not what you want to hear. Sending my condolences to Gloria. Such heartbreak.

  6. Cinders

    Received your email with paragraph about Gloria and the loss of her dog Pooh Bear. Hopefully she will have another dog as well, once one has a pet it takes time to heal your heart from the loss. Pets are such wonderful companions. Regarding your first message, it had your opening paragraph, but when I went to open the message the note said it wasn’t there. Hope you can locate it and find out what happened. We had about 3″ of rain on Monday with lots of constant rain and high winds. Lots of leaves are down, we raked twice yesterday, will no doubt do more raking on Wednesday and continue until the leaves are all down. I got my wonderful quilt book in the mail on Monday, so excited to look through it, and hope to do a couple projects soon, so glad I ordered it! Still reading through it yet!

  7. SaNdy

    Hi Mary,we appreciate your blog very much,, I am reading all your old ones, right back to 2013! Thank you!

  8. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    Link says we’re embarrassed something went wrong no message….

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Carol – how’s your hubby doing? And please send a picture of your mom in her costume next week – we ALL want to see her.

  9. karen

    Second post came through, first “page cannot be found” as others have said. Hear and feel your frustration 😢 I changed email addresses so am getting your emails fine without the assistance of that “other person.” Closed 5 ads.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      That’s great, Karen! None of us need any more tech problems, do we?

  10. Joyce from NY

    I also got your first post, but when I hit on continue reading it said sorry we can’t find what you are looking for. Closed 5 ads.

  11. Kathy in western NY

    Same as the others Mary for me as well with just the one paragraph of our condolences to Gloria in an email so I hope you can share today’s miscellaneous okay with us and catch us up.

  12. Diane Bauer

    I had the same as most above—brief email but not able to find post when I clicked to read more. I tried going directly to the blog online and got the ‘we’re so embarrassed’ message. Glad to see this post seems fine! So frustrating when tech doesn’t work as it should!
    We are windy and cold here with the leaves mostly off the trees already, so plenty of raking to be done. Snow coming again this evening

  13. Margie Braaksma

    Same as all the others, hope it’s not serious. I think we all have a love/hate relationship with computers!
    Another question I have is, are there any suggestions for handquilting a piano pieced border?

  14. Beryl BC

    I got the Miscellaneous Tuesday Night or Evening; there were pictures of the garage cookies, quilts, cat, and all. Even a couple ads. It wasn’t there when I looked last night, but I may have looked too early.

  15. Fiona at Ice Bear Quilts

    I got the mics. tuesday post too, pictures and all, and I can still look at it.

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