This morning the black lab puppy named Bo arrived for an overnight stay.  Hazel was afraid of him at first because he’s big and he can run over her.  I want Hazel to be well adjusted and socialized to lots of other dogs and other experiences so every day there’s something new.  Bo jumped in his favorite chair as soon as he got here.  Look at this sweet puppy!

Once again I tried to get binding sewed on but Bo wanted to lay across my lap!

We watched the ballgames  last night – pulling for Kansas and Gonzaga to meet in the final.  Hazel was not as interested in the games as I was.

Having trouble uploading pictures – will post as is and investigate – sorry!

14 thoughts on “Friday

  1. Jane dumler

    Love all the puppy action. Teach Hazel to pick up her toys and put them in a basket–sort of a r verse fetch but thy have fun king it. Our lab, Minnie, likes to help do this. Dogs keep you young, kitties are more reserved and aloof–at lest the kitty at our house is, Kansas rally took a beating last night as did Xavier. Now on to the games today.

  2. Launa peters

    A little snow this morning, but most is melted off the trees. So much for another spring day in Idaho.
    So good Hazel has other dogs to socialize with.

  3. Diane

    Wow–a 50 lb dog must be a big help with bindings!! Hazel will be best friends with Bo soon:) Our Irish Setter always set the pace for cats, dogs, and gerbils. He was so gentle that everyone got along.
    Love all the pictures of your four legged and two legged gang:)

  4. Carolyn

    We had Max, Lab and Yoda a Chihuahua at the same time. Yoda was sure he was as big as Max and Max thought he was Yoda’s size. Those two were best buddies. Am enjoying Hazel as she adjust to her new home and all the new friends she will make. Bo may be pouting since he isn’t the only baby there.

  5. Carolyn barnett

    I love lab puppies. They are the sweetest lap dogs ever. I am always in love with fur… Have fun with Bo! Is Hazel to young to be jealous???

  6. Diane M

    I was looking at your previous posts and the pictures of Hazel. What a lucky dog to be at Lucky Dog Farm! I like the picture of Bo on your lap: it doesn’t get any better. Your runners and quilts for the sale are beautiful.

  7. Pamela

    Love all the action at your house and I can certainly understand Bo’s wanting to sit on your lap when you wanted to sew. He sounds just like my adult kitty Miana. I’m not sure where you get all of your energy, but all of your correspondence is motivating as well as entertaining. I’m under the weather here. Had to see the dr again for a urinaty tract infection. And here in northeast central IL the sun came out and temperatures have risen to almost 80. But I understand a sharp reduction in temperature is on the way with 3 days of unrelenting rains. At times like that it would be difficult to have puppies around with several trips outside and cleaning their muddy paws. Have a great weekend.

  8. Lisa Chaplin from Washington state

    Go Zags!! I really want them to go all the way to win the Final Four!

  9. Martha Engstler

    Your pictures are always so clear and the color great. I wonder what you take them with. I’d be afraid of Bo too if I was as small as Hazel. She has so much to learn in her little life.

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