Blog Issues

Sorry it’s been awhile – I couldn’t get the pictures to upload.  Sure enough – I’ve posted so many pictures I have to buy more space on the server.  Dilemma.

Hazel is delightful – I love holding her on my lap and we have now established a schedule.  Like a baby, she needs lots of sleep and in between naps she plays hard!  Over,the weekend I watched lots of basketball with Hazel on my lap.
Well, it’s still happening – no pictures.  Back to the drawing board.

9 thoughts on “Blog Issues

  1. Marilyn

    Me three! I’d love to donate of set up a regular subscription – what ever works. Can’t imagine
    having your energy but I love seeing and hearing about your activities!

  2. Diane

    Me, too. We all love hearing about you, your quilts, your pets, and your busy life. I love that Hazel sits on your lap to watch the games:)

  3. Suzanne Kent

    PLEASE! If you decide to accept donations for your blog, I’m adding my name to the list. You will never be able to know how much I value your writings (and pictures). I share your love of quilting and animals soooo…..count me in.


  4. Denyse

    May we send donations to help defray the server costs? I don’t mean to offend you nor make you feel obligated to write. Your blog is so very welcome in my home. I really enjoy your animal stories, dating back to the Goat Gazette. (You once sent a box with patterns and kits I’d ordered and packaged in Goat Gazettes. I carefully smoothed the pages, put them back in order then sat down and read them all. They were an unexpected treasure!) I can’t have animals in my apartment, and I live vicariously through the stories you share. Please let us know if we can help. Whatever you decide, thank you for opening your home and heart to all those wonderful animal family members and sharing them all with us.

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