Friday night, 9-30-22


Was the date just a typo? Or something more.

I will investigate as best I can. So sorry.

10 thoughts on “Friday night, 9-30-22

  1. Sandy

    Sorry you are having these problems Mary, time to sit down with a beer, bowl of potato chips and some mindless tv! Take care Mary, best wishes from Sandy

  2. Lynn h

    Quick observation-when I first open up your email on my iPhone the pictures don’t come up. however, when I go to Comment, and scroll back up to read comments and see your blog again, then the pictures also appear. Don’t know if it’s the same on my laptop cuz I usually read this on my phone.

  3. Jo in Wyoming

    I read the post on my iPad. I have to go to comment section to see pictures. No big deal for me. I go there to read the responses from your followers.
    I wonder if Keeper has done a little chewing?

  4. Jeanine from Iowa

    It works great for me but I read it on my computer. I always click on the heading and read it on your blog, and I, too, like to read all the comments. I have never had a problem. I think if everyone would click on the heading, they would not have any problems seeing the pictures. At least that’s how I do it.

    1. Brenda Ks

      I agree Jeanine and I read that way on my iPhone never any problem. As far as the date typo don’t go crazy we all know it is 9/30.

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