Repeat Post, 9-30-22

I have no idea why these pictures didn’t post but I’m going to try again.

Will some of you let me know that you received these pictures – although if you didn’t I don’t know how to fix it.

122 thoughts on “Repeat Post, 9-30-22

  1. Ann

    I got the book and pictures the first time. Book the 2nd time and now all the pictures again.
    All is fine with me.

  2. Vicki in Seattle

    Mary, I got these pics and all the previous ones. I use my

    Karla T’s quilts are great!

  3. Gloria from CC

    I’ve received the pictures every time. I read your blog on my iPhone. All the quilts are just beautiful!!!

  4. Chris in Washington

    Got them but I also got them in your original post. I’ve decided that sometimes you can’t bend the computer to your way of thinking (unless you throw it across the room! LOL

  5. Jeanie S, Central Illinois

    Hi, Mary. All is fine with my post, also. When I open your email posting, I touch the title, which seems to cause the pictures and ads to load.
    The projects are beautiful. I need to make something for fall. Thanks, 🥰

  6. Rita in Iowa

    Mary the pictures and comments show up when I click on the title/date.
    I love your desk and flowers. Ladies the quilts are wonderful. Job well sewn!

  7. Diane, Swuesk, Buddy

    I did not get the pictures on the post, nitbwhen I clicked Comments and scrolled back up to the top, there they were! Not sure why🤪🤪

  8. Henners

    Pics don’t show on original email but if I go to comments & scroll back up the quilts show. Same issue as your previous email regarding the book.

  9. Carol at Pin Oak Quilting

    The email doesn’t show photos, I always tap on the “Comments” box and it takes me to the blog and I see them there. Easy peasy,

  10. Bonnie McKee

    Once again, the pictures didn’t appear with the email, but they did when I opened the comment section.
    I know this is frustrating for you Mary. Just so you know, I don’t mind the extra step.
    Bonnie in Oregon

  11. Susan Wise

    I received the photos this time and also the previous message with them! You have such wonderful postings and I am truly inspired by all the quilts!

  12. Pattie

    I can’t see the pictures in the email I receive. But if I click to go to your blog, I can see all of the pictures.
    Thank you for all that you do for us.


  13. Sheila in MA

    All pictures came thru just fine. Beautiful quilt show, and I love the antique desk. Perfect!!

  14. Dena

    No photos in the email but when I tap the title, it does link to your blog and the photos are there. I am using an iPad.

  15. Rosalie

    I find my internet has a hard time loading the pictures from the email but if I click the heading of your blog post it goes to the internet browser and the pictures are there.

  16. Jo in Michigan

    Still no pictures in my email but when I click comment they show up with your post. 🤷‍♀️

  17. Debby Krzyston

    Weird…pictures didn’t show up. Then I scrolled up to above all these comments and there were your quilt pictures. I don’t know electronics either. So weird.

  18. Glenda Fletcher

    No photos in email. I clicked on comment and then it goes to Safari and I have them there.

  19. Vicki

    I use an iPad and the pictures came through in all 3 emails as well as on the blog without having to click on anything.

  20. Marj in Western Wisconsin

    I got them all, Mary, wish I had the answer. I usually click on the title which takes me to the blog, because sometimes the print is too small on my android phone email.

  21. Mary Beth

    Love the pictures of the quilts. Date is also fine. Thank you for always sharing with us.
    I have not read the book you posted. I love to read but am not a fast reader. Sometimes it takes me six months to read a single book. I love to do too many other things and working full time only gives me so much free time in the day.
    Take care and will chat with you later.
    Mary Beth from Missouri

  22. Elaine Welda

    No pictures in email but they appear in the comments. It has been like this in the previous 2 or 3 emails.

  23. Susie Lenz

    I did not receive the photos in my email, but if I go to the page through safari I can view the photos.

  24. Dee Winter

    You said repeat post. I didn’t get the first post. Odd, who knows.? Today my family has Life 360, tells where everyone is. One was at work it said, the other one who was at work with her, was supposedly on her way home 20 miles away . Another one who lives 3 miles from the 2 at work, was supposedly 2hours away. Who knows what is going on? Take care, love our plant pictures. I got my new grow lights up and my plants moved inside.

  25. Jo in Wyoming

    I’m on my iPad, no pictures. But…other emails didn’t show the pictures they referred to either. My suspicions is it’s something to do with apple.
    Wait a few days before pulling your hair out trying to fix it.

    I came down with a cold, yuck. I tested for Covid, negative, so it must be a rotten cold.

  26. Linda in So CA

    Received pictures. Did you move the desk w/ flowers by yourself? I hope not. It looks heavy. My Orange tree has one green orange! The Santa Ana’s were blowing while it was in bloom. It’s in a very large pot due to our bad soil. The ants are everywhere.

  27. Sharon

    On iPad,the pictures only show when I click on blog title( repost) no pictures in email.Glad others said that so now I can see the pictures if I click!!

  28. patti leal

    Mary, i wish you would not fret so much about people not always getting pictures in their email or notice or however they get them. i would think most everyone could click on your blog name or subject to be taken to your web site on their browser. there is no perfect mail or notification program. it is such a small thing for all of us to do. then you would not be stressing and getting down on yourself. i don’t say this to be mean but to just suggest that we could all help you by doing a bit more on our parts. hugs, patti in florida who will go to her room now

  29. Dorothy

    Now I know what you’re talking about. I got pictures in this post (original?) but not in your next post
    where you are asking what’s going on

  30. Charlotte Shira

    I got all 3 posts with pictures. I always use my desktop or laptop for your emails. I can get the pictures on my email by clicking on download pictures but I always just click on the title and it takes me to your blog. Great pictures!!

  31. Crystal

    I got the pictures of the beautiful quilts. Thanks for sharing yours and others creative works and for sharing your country life with all of us.

  32. Vicki

    I never open from your e-mail. When I see you sent an e-mail, I go out to your blog and read and see pictures from there.

  33. Marilyn Miller

    Apparently some received your pictures the first time you posted them and some did not. I DID receive them the first time. This info is probably not helpful at all, but thought you should know.

  34. Ann in PA

    Photos appeared each time I clicked on your email.
    (others said they also had no problems with iPhone. Maybe it depends on what device readers are using.) Thank you!
    Beautiful succulents and beautiful quilts.

  35. Lesa

    I have an iPhone & an iPad. When I check my email by going to my provider’s site, I see the pictures. When I load my email through the app on my devices, the pictures do not come through. I think possibly the issue is with that app & not at your end, Mary. I have other messages come from other sources that are the same way.

  36. Janice Shock

    The reason for pictures not posting is the little man who lives in the computer listens very close to you and if it will really bug you, he makes it go that way. He has closed computer labs at colleges, closed my sister’s while I was playing hangman, closed my daughter’s at the factory support office she worked at, and can change the printed word to hieroglyphics at his will, all the at the same time you are trying to go to a quilt site looking for a certain quilt pattern you bought and downloaded. He is very sneaky.

  37. Anne

    Received it. Your pictures, plants and quilts are really beautiful! Thank you for all the effort you make to delight us with your posts. YOU are appreciated!

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