Friday Update

Here is Connie’s house quilt and the pattern which actually came from a calendar by Lori Holt.

Claire and Gus arrived this morning for a week and the first thing they did was go outside and run with Telly – 

through the snow, on top of the snow piles and then to the barn where Claire met her first chicken and then she rolled in the stinky bedding – ick!

Yesterday I decided to experiment with a small rug frame that I had originally called a stair tread because I was making stair treads for the playhouse.  I wanted a small “table coaster” – not as big as a runner – that could also fit on my wide concrete windowsills.  The actual frame measures 8″ X 22″.

And you know how I like to buy shirts at the thrift store – well, those shirts are woven fabric, my favorite kind to work with when twining because the color is the same on both sides.  I warped with a plain ivory woven that was nothing special.

I completely forgot to take a picture in progress so here it is finished and coming off the frame.


Voila!  Here it is on my window sill!  I love it!

I’m actually going to give this one as a gift to my aunt, my mom’s sister,who is 90 years old today – she loves blue.

The book Rugs From Rags and the DVD are still available for $20.  Send check to Mary Etherington, 2345 Pal Ave. Garner, IA 50438.  You, too, can learn to twine rugs, placemats, runners and table coasters.  Directions to make the frames are found in the book.

23 thoughts on “Friday Update

  1. Lora Duffield

    Hello Mary! Happy Friday! I have to tell you, I LOVE this blog! I read every one of your posts!

    I am interested in your Rugs From Rags booklet. Can you call me? 785 819 6333

  2. Michele

    As wonderful as all this melting is, you are going to have wet dogs all weekend and next week aren’t you??? 🙂

  3. Dee W

    I’m also a thrilled reader. I live south of you in Shell Rock, so I didn’t get to come visit very often. Your blog gives me the goat/dog/quilting fix I need. The mat is pretty cool, they will look so nice in your room. Homey. Thanks for the day brightener.

  4. Liz Deluhery

    That is really clever and the colors are so pretty! I’m quite intrigued about your concrete windowsills-did you have them installed custom? What a cool idea!

  5. Micky Miller

    Mary ,that mat looks great. I noticed the jar with pin cushions and I am planning to make some, I know you made some to sell to get your Grand Piano. What did you fill them with? Love your blog and get many idea’s for quilts and quilting. Thanks and Peace Micky

  6. Pam Klemm

    I agree with Dee. I do love the blue shades in this one. But the quilt is outstanding! I adore seeing the pups having a good time in the snow. Thanks for your post-it lightens up our day.

    Pam Klemm

  7. Launa

    BRRRRRRRRR Mary, Love the mat you wove for your aunt’s 90th birthday….such pretty bright colors. Sunny clear blue sky here this morning and I have some fabric matching to play with for a project’s sew along. I’ve started two freebies online so need to get to that before the 2 granddogs and my helpers arrive after school. A little early Spring has so many fruit trees and others in bloom. Saw a huge, gorgeous Tulip tree in full bloom while we were out and about driving to and fro yest’dy. Orchards covered with pink and white blossoms; allergy season for many and nice bees doing their jobs. My favorite season will be here soon when the orange groves are in bloom…….the fragrance is wonderful.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Oh,Launa – I can’t even imagine things in bloom!we have several months of this yet so even though it’s almost 40 degrees here today, it’s not really a nice day. Winds up to 50 mph from the west!

  8. Becky Rose

    That’s for me, Mary! That is what I will start with next fall/winter, OK? Should I buy the book now?

  9. Mary McCarron

    PMGosh I’m teary eyed My Aunt Carol (MAC) had a jar full of tomato pin cushions too

  10. Betty Klosterman

    From Rapid City — our lilac bushes are in bud with the branches are greening, also the rose canes, too…. this may not be good, but God will have to take care of them. The first year I planted tulips they came up so pretty and the buds were just ready to open and then we got a big storm and they ended up under a 7′ snow drift. The plants were alright, but all the bud stalks were broken. Next year was better. Such is life!
    Yes, we do love to watch the antics of your visiting guests, the weather, your chores and all your projects and quilts. As I make quilts for our Project Warmth to give away, your simple scrappy patterns make up so easily and look wonderful. We give away about 300 every year.
    When is Rick getting home since he was behind with the storm? Long haul truckers should be blessed as they deliver so much freight all over the country.

    1. CountryThreads Post author

      Betty – I cannot believe your lilacs are budding! We are far from that – months away. Yes, Rick got home yesterday afternoon and we’ve had an adventure today that I will post about later. It’s always something!

      1. Betty Klosterman

        I didn’t mean the flower buds. It is the leaf buds that swell up before leafing out.

  11. Martha Engstler

    I have to ditto comments by your readers about how much I look forward to your blog every day. It really is a bright spot. I noticed the jar of pin cushions, that’s such a neat collection. Your pictures are all so clear and artistic , almost like they are ready to be published in a book.

  12. Rebecca H

    Love your pictures, love your quilting, keep it up. Those dogs are so cute, chicken poop and all…

  13. Diane

    Me, too, Mary!! I love that you keep coming up with new projects for my husband:). He made my rug frame so now he can make a mini! I’m at a quilt retreat in Coshocton, Ohio. Question, since our forsythia bloomed in November and we’ve had three snow since then, are we finished with winter? My theory, but no one else agrees. LOL. 54 degrees in Central Ohio today.

  14. Rhonda D

    Connie’s house quilt is wonderful, the colors are so bright and cheerful. Makes me wish I was a quilter! I love the mat and found myself counting nails and mentally cutting wood when I was looking at the pictures. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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